Spirit Signs & Spirit Guides

How do you know if Spirit or your Spirit Guides are trying to talk to you? 

In this article, I refer to Spirit as Spirit Guides, Galactical Helpers, Angelic Beings, Elementals, and all types of High Vibrational Helpers who want to help you succeed in this life, and get to Ascension. Sometimes “Spirit” is Spirit Guides, sometimes it is God/Goddess/Angels/Other High Light Beings.

Psychic Senses & Spirit Signs

Did you know that all humans can access their psychic senses? We call them—our psychic senses—the clairs. We can also access signs from our Spirit Guides– spirit signs.

The most commonly recognized psychic clairs are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairtangency, clairsentience, and there are a few more. All of these clair senses are available to each of us. 

The amount of access we have to our clair senses just depends on how open they are, because sometimes we close them as children. We close them because people tell us that they are false, that they aren’t real, or it’s our imagination, that we are making it up. Or sometimes, we get scared by what we see and close them.

Then we begin to say that same narrative to ourselves— “I’m just making it up, that’s not real, I’m not really getting that.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are getting messages & spirit signs from your psychic senses & Spirit Guides.

You are getting it. This is huge. You are getting information from your Spirit Guides all the time. Either in imagination, spirit signs, or just clear information through psychic clairs.

Spirit Guides & Spirit Signs

Imagination & Spirit Signs

The imagination is not a made-up thing. There is no such thing as you making up all this stuff in your head. That’s not a thing. That is gaslighting.

You actually are getting spirit signs and information from your Spirit Guides. It’s either coming to your through what seems like sort of fantasy thought of what you could imagine, what you could bring to yourself, or something that pleases your mind that could be true from another lifetime, another plane of existence or an alternate reality. 

In this state or plane of existence, the messages you get might seems fantastical or they couldn’t be true— but it could absolutely be true in another realm.

Or, these signs might be pointing out a way to manifest something you want in your life.

Spirit Guides & Spirit Signs Claircognizance, Mediumship, & Dragons

It could even be all kinds of light beings talking to you, giving you messages and showing you things that are possible—showing you all kinds of things in a clairvoyant way.

All of this is not a made up thing.

Imagination is how we are in touch with our Spirit Guides. What we’ve been led to believe it is, it isn’t!

Imagination is how we are connected. We can open our psychic clairs more, we can open our psychic senses more.

I love to help people with that. Mainly I help them with that in my TAG groups—Transformation and Ascension Group for Lightworkers —which you can find at soundwavesheal.com. We work together on this in many ways. 

Spirit Guides & Spirit Signs

Believing Spirit Signs

So one thing is that many times we get a message from Spirit or our Spirit Guides— and we don’t think it’s real because it relates to something we just heard or we just saw. And so we think, “That can’t be real! That’s just coming up because I just saw a blue butterfly and so that’s why I’m getting this message about a blue butterfly.” But that is not how it works.

You see, we are in 3D time, but our Spirit Guides are not. Our Spirit Guides are not in any kind of time constraints. There is no real time as far as they are concerned. It’s very easy for them to go back 10 minutes and make sure that you have somewhere in your consciousness the message they are trying to give you. 

So if the message has to do with transformation and for you transformation means a blue butterfly, and they want you to know that, then they might put that spirit sign in your consciousness ten minutes ago, one minute ago, five seconds ago, earlier today. That is so that it’s fresh in your mind— so it comes to you faster. They think, “That’s great! Now she’s going to get it!” but we think, “Oh no. I’m making it up because that just happened.”

So that’s one of the things we have to kind of change in the way that we’re thinking as beings who have abilities that are bigger than this 3D world.

What are Spirit Signs?

How to begin to use Spirit Signs to get in touch with your Spirit Guides

No matter how open your clairs are—or even if you don’t feel like you have much open in the way of psychic senses—you can still communicate with your Spirit Guides with spirit signs. 

So spirit signs are when you set up with your Spirit Guides a language of symbols or feelings that mean something to you and once you decide what it means it always means that. 

Many people get the chills from their Spirit Guides when something is true. So this is the first thing you need to set up is your “yes.” /” Yes, that’s true.” So when you say something and your Spirit Guides give you chills or let you see a flash of light —that’s another one people use— then you know that you have spoken the truth. 

Sometimes people sneeze out of the blue, as a spirit sign. Sneezing can mean the truth, as a spirit sign. It depends on what you set up with Spirit/ Spirit Guides

If you accidentally set up something you don’t like, then you can ask to change it as well. 

And then you need to set up images such as butterflies for transformation, like I am using. That is a really good one. Or you might come up with a symbol for everything. 

Spirit Guides & Spirit Signs

Just start coming up with symbols and decide that’s what they are, and then your Spirit Guides will show them to you, with your decided translation. This is the way that you build with your Spirit Guides until you can see the pictures they are giving you; so you can hear what they’re saying to you or know what it is. For instance, if you decide a rabbit means Abundance, then you will start seeing a Rabbit when your Spirit Guides want to show you Abundance is coming!

Or even if you do have all those senses open, sometimes having this language is what helps you connect the dots and get the message faster. 

I use spirit signs with my Spirit Guides and I use all kinds of ways to help me connect the dots to make sure I’m getting a true message for my clients and myself.

I have all kinds of ways to double check information I am receiving from Spirit: I have the chills; I have a deep sense of knowing; I know that it is correct. I have ways that I can check to make sure that this is all coming from Spirit & Spirit Guides and not from my Ego Mind., as well.

That’s really important for a Channel to learn how to do— and for anyone to learn how to do— so they can speak to their Spirit Guides because your Spirit Guides can help you so much in this life

That’s why they are here— and they can’t wait to help you. They help you reach all your dreams and all your goals. 

Your Spirit Guides want you to know that they are always with you. They are always giving you information. They have come to help you.

So I hope that you will learn to talk to them and listen to them. If you want more help opening your clairs— then come join my Transformation & Ascension Group Community. I’d love to have you there or to see you in my Accelerated Advanced Channeling Course, Reiki or Light Language Attunement Courses.

More information about my TAG Memberships below, as well as a free Spirit Guide Masterclass which teaches you all about your Spirit Guides! learn about your Inner Band of Spirit Guides, Outer Bands and how they help you!


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