I’m Rachel Chamness, a Lightworker & Ascension Guide, and I want to help you discover your soul’s authentic Light Path, connect to high vibrational Light Beings, learn to heal and manifest with sound and light, ride this beautiful wave of Ascension with purpose, and to create flow and alignment with your highest self.

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Channel and Trance Medium

I channel & bring forward many high-vibrational Light Beings who can reveal your unique gifts for helping yourself and others in this life. Among these are Angels, Ascended Masters, Elemental Beings, High- Vibrational Galactic Friends, and more! They speak through me to help you find your Light Path, your Life’s Mission here on Earth. I also teach this in my Trance Channel Mediumship Courses.

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Connector to Spirit Guides

I help connect my clients through sound healing attunements with Mystical Beings, Galactic Beings, Spirit Guides, Elementals, and Angels who stand beside us as guides and helpers, but vibrate at a higher frequency. Once attuned to their energy, you will learn to receive messages from them for yourself! I can also help you open your psychic gifts to receive the messages more strongly.
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Transformation & Ascension Groups

The Transformation and Ascension Groups (TAG) together are a powerful membership community and mentorship program that supports your Ascension journey. TAG Beginners can help you find your path, open your Psychic Clairs, prepare for Ascension, and connect to higher realms for everyday guidance. TAG Lightworkers connects you to many Light Beings for an increase in your abilities and knowledge each month with a powerful Lightworker Community.

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Liquid Reiki Sound Healing

I was a professional Opera Singer. Now, I use my trained voice and musical instruments as tools to provide Spirit-guided Liquid Reiki Sound Healings. I am able to channel energy healing, sound healing, healing songs from your Spirit Guides, and messages to advance you on your Light Path in my Light Path Sessions and TAG Membership groups. I can also train you in this technique through my courses!

How can I support you?

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Sound Healing Light Path Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your Helpers & Spirit Guides, helping you get information on your Light Path (Life Purpose), deep healing, clearing, & resolving wounds, past life trauma, problems and more. Attune to Spirit Guides, Starseed helpers, galactic moons, solfeggio tones and more.

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Psychic Mediumship Development

Step into your psychic power and safely access psychic messages from your Spirit Guides to help your journey on this life and be able to use it to help others as well. Open your Psychic Clairs and learn techniques to help you form a business as a lightworker and bust through your insecurities.

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Light Language Attunements

Learn to bring forth profound Multi-Dimensional and high vibration Healing and Divine Light Codes in just two hours, using channeled sound healing. This attunement will have a profound action in magnifying your skills as a Healer and your Psychic Senses will be enhanced. This class helps anyone, from beginner to advanced Lightworker.

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