I’ve always believed in the mystical, the worlds we cannot see, the power of love, and in trusting my inner voice (and you trusting yours!).

I’ve always been attracted to energy work, and have always counseled and worked energetically on my friends. Recently, I was told to follow this as a true career path.

Since I started on this journey, I have felt such true happiness and joy in my life. It is an incredible feeling to use my voice for healing.

I blend my Sound Healing techniques with Reiki for a truly relaxing and healing session, in person or on Skype. I call it Liquid Reiki.

I am also a trance medium. I can channel my guides, and other helpful entities. My guides come through with their own healing sounds, in a sound healing session.

As a Sound and Reiki Practitioner, I will help you re-align with your true self, and leave behind what is blocking your path to happiness.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I am a non-judgmental listener. I will keep your confidence, and give you techniques to do to help you improve your situation for after the session is over. I help clients release old thought patterns, old ideas, and stories that just aren’t helping forward movement in life.

I use my senses of claircognizance (the knowing of truths), clairsentience (empathic and getting information in form of emotion), and clairaudience (hearing solutions to problems or ideas from my guides) to guide and help you. I give visualization techniques to help you in your daily life, and healing in many modalities to help you heal and move forward.

You may schedule and book any of these sessions by clicking on “Sessions” in the top menu bar for distance healing, or contact me for local sessions.

Some of the modalities I use in a Life Coaching Session:

Liquid Reiki – Healing Sessions with Sound Healing & Reiki

Spiritual Guidance and Coaching
Visualization Techniques and Meditations
E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique
Imaginative Solutions
Messages from Spirit
Sound Healing with Toning, Voice, Light Language, Sound Waves
Tarot Guided Readings
How to utilize help from Angels in your daily life

Liquid Reiki Sessionan hour distance session using Reiki and Sound Healing which includes Voice, Toning, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Light Language, Channeled Healing, Drums, Shakers, Tambourines, and more. Over Skype or speakerphone or you may relax alone and I can send an MP3 of session afterwards.

E.F.T. Session: Emotional Freedom Technique, or E.F.T, is a technique of erasing negative thoughts and memories in the mind, and replacing them with positive thoughts and statements. It works by tapping on acupuncture points.

I have been working with E.F.T. for for 16 years, with great success. Let me help you get to the root of the problem, and help you find peace, with E.F.T.

Sometimes, E.F.T. works like this: Say your problem is a forest of trees. Sometimes doing E.F.T. can remove most of the trees and then you find that other “trees” (problems) are more angles of the problem to resolve. Sometimes, you remove just the right “tree” (problem) and the entire forest is clear.

It’s possible you may need a few sessions with a big problem, or only one.

E.F.T. works so well, sometimes you can’t even remember why it was so bad in the first place and  may completely forget about your problem, after.

Some problems that E.F.T. works especially well with:
Audition or Job Interview jitters, Heartache, Disturbing Memories or Images, PTSD, Energy Blocks, Acceptance, Limiting Self Beliefs, Depression.

Heart Song Balance Session: This hour long session includes over 20 essential oils applied on spine, along with special hot crystal stones. With crystal wands applied lightly along the sides of the spine to balance the Masculine and Feminine within, this session is very relaxing & healing.  There is some toning and Sound Healing applied through the session and it and ends with a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Heart Song.

Important to know: I cannot “read your mind” and I do not get clear pictures of people’s past, like some people do. I only get messages for your circumstance now, and possibly future, and sometimes feelings of your past pain. I may pick up on some emotion of your past that resonates with something in my past, but that’s about it. My talent is helping you move forward, ideas and clarification of what is happening in your life, helping you find solutions to your problems.

Disclaimer: **I do not claim to diagnose or cure illness with Sound Healing, Energy Work, or Reiki treatments, nor do I advise replacing medical care from a licensed and educated medical doctor or specialist. Reiki and energy therapies are intended to be used in combination with and as a compliment to modern Western medical treatments.

Terminology: Healing vs Curing- Healing has many outcomes. Sometimes healing can lead to acceptance, to peace of mind, to finding the right person or doctor to heal you. I’ve had sessions with healers that lead to finding a supplement on my own that cured me of the problem, several months later. Sometimes miraculous healing can occur, although I do not guarantee it, nor claim to completely cure you. We are made of energy and sometimes blocks can be dissolved with the right energy or releasing of stuck thought or energy patterns. It is with this prayer that I start each session. Blessings to you, thank you for reading.