20 Ways to Use Light Language

By Olivia Page and Rachel Chamness

20 or More Ways to Use Light Language

Do you use light language regularly or want to know a variety of Light Language uses? This blogpost will help you come up with twenty or more ways to use Light Language!

A Language of Energy Healing

Light Language is a modality of channeling light codes and sacred geometry that can heal and transform you in the form of sound, art, and movement.  Additionally, this type of energy healing is also one of the most simple healing modalities to use. Because, once one is attuned to the frequency of this language, your intention is all that is needed to wield it. To learn more about what light language is, you can read my blog here.  In this article, we will be focusing on what you can use this beautiful modality for.

Light Language Geometry image
Light Language Light Codes

What are the types of Light Language? 

You can use this modality in many ways.  The frequency of these channeled light codes allow you to tap into your creative side and express your passions through your creativity. You can use light language through:

  1. Singing, chanting or toning the language as it comes through you. 
  2. Writing codes you either see or intuit. 
  3. Dancing and movement of the body. 
  4. Drumming or other instruments such as piano or guitar. 
  5. Drawing or painting onto any media by channeling the geometric codes or writing. 
  6. Signing or arm, hand and finger movements. 
  7. Speaking by channeling a language you may not be familiar with.

You may use this channeled modality to heal physical, mental, ethereal, and emotional problems or clear energy blocks. 

The most important step to using Light Language is setting your intention before expressing your unique form of it.

How Can I Use Light Language?

Clearing Energetic Blocks

You can use these channeled codes to clear energetic blocks.  What is an energetic block? A block can be a feeling there is something preventing you from moving forward — from healing. What is preventing you? Perhaps it is an energetic block you have that needs to be cleared, a thought process that is no longer in line with your current vibration, an emotion bleeding through from your past life that needs to be cleared, or some energy you have picked up from someone else.

Having energetic blocks can leave you feeling disconnected from your body, feeling stuck in a situation that’s not changing, or feeling fearful about certain aspects of your life.  Clearing blocks can help you advance in your life goals or even feel better physically by feeling refreshed, energized and improving your sleep.  

Balance Chakras

Chakras are energy points within your body — energy centers that are supposed to have movement within the energy point.  Each chakra is associated with different body systems and circumstances.  These energy centers can become blocked or stagnant.  If you have blocks in certain areas of your life, they are probably connected to a chakra that has become blocked or stagnant.  Clearing and balancing your chakras can allow you to have an easier time with forward motion in your life.  It can also help you to find your center and feel more at peace.

If you are an energy worker, you likely find that you can find most blocks within a chakra, or associated with a chakra. For instance, you may find blocks to the client standing in their full power in their throat chakra — the energy center of communication.

Perhaps this client isn’t speaking up for themselves in their every day life, and therefore giving their power away. The energy healer can bring this problem to the attention of the client, clear the chakra with energy work, and clear the way for the client to stand up for themselves in their communication and words.

Attune Other People to Light Language or to Concepts or Beings

An attunement is the process of upleveling someone’s energy field to hold more light, information or healing abilities.  You can use this language of sacred codes to attune people to other healing modalities, to spirit guides, to certain energies such as abundance and you can attune people to the light language modality itself. 

In my Light Language Attunement Course, I teach you how to attune others. However, I would advise that you wait a short while before you attune others, after being attuned, so that you learn how to work with the energy you are channeling.

Some would advise that you should expand your mediumship/intuitive abilities when doing any type of attunement, because it’s important that you are able to hold the energy of performing an attunement.

I believe this is a matter of discernment of what is the highest good of all, and what is a feeling of personal egoic power.

Learning discernment of what is from the light and what is not takes practice. I would suggest working with a clear medium with experience that you trust stays in the light. There are many levels to this and I do teach it in my mediumship courses.

To attune others to high vibrational Beings, you can simply make the intention, and channel the light language from that being to the person. Since this modality is purely channeled, you don’t need to do anything but let it flow through you.

Upgrade your DNA to Hold for Light for Ascension

Sometimes our DNA becomes stagnant and blocked with past life and ancestral energy causing disruptions in your present life.  Upgrading your DNA allows your body to heal all the way to the molecular level, which allows your DNA to hold more light.  It also allows you to create deeper connections with your spiritual gifts, spirit team and soul self.

Many times in my TAG Community membership, beings of the light come forward to upgrade our DNA for ascension. They may use their own language to do this through Light Language.

Earth Sun Beam image

Environmental Clearing

You can use it to clear the energy in your home, vehicle or workspace.  If you are planning an event at a certain location, you can clear the area before your event takes place — whether it is outside or inside.  Clearing your home or any other environment you spend time in, helps get rid of any unwanted residual energy that could have a negative effect. 

You can also use this energy modality to clear the Ley lines within and around the Earth.  This will help clear out old third-dimensional patterns so that the Earth can ascend with us with ease and grace.

Releasing Resistance

In one’s daily life, one can oftentimes feel resistance towards taking the next steps.  This resistance could be holding you back from your next greatest adventure.  If you are aware of where you have some resistance, you can channel these codes to clear that resistance with your intention.

I do this in my classes often! When you clear resistance for people, you can really help them learn better! You will find that it is a very effective tool to use in your practice.

Help you to Connect with Spirit

You can use this modality to open up a line of communication with your spirit team.  You can channel it with the intention to create a deeper connection with one of your Spirit Guides — or all of them.  Having a deeper connection with your Spirit Team will allow you to co-create your manifestations with spirit.

Release Anxiety 

Having anxiety seems to be a natural part of being a human.  It is something we work to overcome with Trust in the Universe, our Spirit Guides, and even ourselves. But, anxiety and stress can create imbalances within many systems of the body.  Channeling these energy codes allows you to get into a creative space.  Getting into a creative space can slow down your sympathetic nervous system, allowing your anxiety to dissipate.

Raise your Vibe

Channeling light language brings more high vibrational and cosmic light into your body, and you channel it through your body.  By bringing more light into your body, you raise the frequency or vibe of your current state of being.  Raising your vibration helps you feel more vibrant, full of life, and ready to take on the day.

Dwarves & Stone Spirits TAG Masterclass and Crystal Grid Image

Clear and Program Crystals

When you purchase a new crystal it has probably been held by several people and has picked up energy from many places and people.  It is important to cleanse and clear that crystal from any residual energy and programming.  Channeling these codes to the crystal with intention can cleanse and clear it. And, it can help you to program your crystal to the desired effect you’d like your crystal to have while using it. Just use intention.

Attune Children

Crystal children are highly evolved beings who were born from the early 90s to the late 2000s. These starseeds are all about bringing humanity back to the idea of love and unity. Crystal children are here to birth new life and awareness into the collective consciousness.  I talk more about Star Children in this article about Starseeds

Crystal children are helping to build a better world.  They also have the ability to teach others how to build their light bodies.  Crystal children are born into the world with the natural ability to hold more light.  You can also use light language to attune children to the modality itself.  You can also attune children to healing modalities, their spirit team, or to crystals by channeling this modality. 

This can really help a child navigate the stressors of growing up.  It gives them tools they can use to feel more safe and secure. Attuning children also helps them stay connected with the gifts they were born with so they don’t forget their gifts and have to go through the process of remembering, like so many of us have had to do. It is very important to do healing work and attunements on children.  This will allow them to have less shadow work to do as an adult so they can focus on their mission to raise the frequency of planet Earth and all life upon it.

Bless Food and Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the nature of water and in particular how water was affected by different words.  Each word carries its own energy and frequency. Positive words have a positive effect and negative words have a negative effect on water, the food we eat and how we feel mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically.  Dr. Emoto showed how water crystals that were spoken to kindly were beautiful and the water crystals spoken to unkindly were misshapen and  distorted.  You can read more about programming water here How to Program Water for Manifestation.

Dr. Emoto’s work shows the importance of blessing your food and water before consuming it.  You can use light language to change the energy and vibration of your food and water.  When you consume the food and water that you have blessed and thanked, that energy and vibration enter into your DNA and brings a positive effect on your overall well-being.

Healing Horses and Healing Animals image

Animal Communication and Healing

Animals need just as much love as we do, whether they are our pets or out in the wild.  You can use light language to communicate with an animal, to ease any tension an animal is feeling or experiencing. Just like you can use light language to cleanse your energy and chakras, you can use it to cleanse the energy and chakras of an animal. 

Obviously, always use caution when around wild animals, but if you see an animal in need you can send them the channeled healing from a distance.  Animals can be much more sensitive to energy in general. I suggest that when using any energy healing with a pet, you might find that the animal can only accept the healing from a distance verses being close to them or even touching them. Some pets like to get close, and some want some distance.

Focus on a Task

If you are feeling scattered in your thoughts or you have become overwhelmed with multitasking, you can use this modality to help you focus. This can help you slow down your mind and body so that you can focus on the task at hand.  You can use it so you can think more clearly and not be so scattered in your thoughts and feelings.  You can also use it to get deeper into why you are feeling something — so you can get focused on your triggers, and so you can heal on a deeper level. 

dream realm image
Enter your Magical Dream Realm

Help with Rest and Dreams

If you have a hard time sleeping at night or you have disruptive dreams you can use light language. Before you go to bed, bring it forward to help you get into a relaxed state and easily fall asleep.  You can use light language to clear your 5th Dimensional Time Transcendence Chakra and your pineal gland to help you have a positive time in the astral realm.  You can also set the intention that you have good dreams and restful sleep.

Enhance Sex

You can use light language to enhance the energy of your sexual experiences with yourself or a partner.  Light language can change the energy in the room you are in and within yourself.  It can help you release any inhibitions you have while engaging in sexual activities.  If you have permission from your partner you can use light language to help them feel confident in their abilities as a partner. 

Light language can make your sexual experience more enjoyable.  Remember to only engage in sexual activities you want to engage in, and know that you can never use light language or any other modality to impede anyone’s free will. Doing so would indicate you are not working with light or actually using light language, and possibly have an entity attachment. Light Language, like Reiki, can only be used for the Light. Otherwise, you are using something else.

Manifestation and Magic 

Manifestation is the process of trying to create a certain outcome or circumstance for yourself. You do this by trying to release whatever block is in the way of your manifestation, for the Greatest and Highest Good. You can use light language to enhance your manifestation process. 

It can help you connect with the divine and cosmic energies so you can co-create with Spirit while you are trying to manifest your heart’s desires. I have created an oracle deck for manifestation which also includes light language healings and attunements.  You can find out more here Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a Fae Oracle Deck.

Doctors Appointments or Health Procedures

If you are feeling nervous or anxious about a doctor’s visit or procedure, you can use light language to balance your energies.  If you have a child who needs to see the doctor, to get blood drawn, have a dental or any other procedure, you can use light language to help them through the experience.  You can also use light language to bless any equipment or medicines being used.  If you don’t have the opportunity to do this while in close proximity, you can use your intention to send light language to the equipment or medicine.

A Note about Reiki & Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing

It is worth mentioning that I use Light Language + Psychic Reiki Healing to do all of these things mentioned above. My psychic healing work is a blend of Angel Fire Modality, Channeling, and many modalities given to us from Light Beings in my TAG monthly group, such as the Blue Light Healing from Arcturians, the Elven Magick Light, the Rainbow Healing Light from Archangel Raziel and so many more!

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing is what I call my blend of modalities. I love to teach every modality I use to my students in my courses such as Psychic Reiki Healing Courses, Light Language Courses, and Trance Channel Medium Courses, as well as in TAG Membership.

I truly believe that everyone has their own modality and that attuning to Light Language or Reiki can help strengthen it. As you learn to wield the healing ray of Reiki or the light codes of Light Language, you are mixing it with all the modalities you possess, including the ones you brought into this life.

How to know if you are Attuned to Light Language

If you are wondering if you are already naturally attuned to Light Language, it is possible! There are millions of languages and you may be attuned to some or many! You may be attuned to your own personal language of your Higher Self, or to many languages of your Spirit Guides and helpers!

Do you feel the language of codes coming through your body and coming out of you in song, or speech? Perhaps you draw codes in your art? Do you feel codes coming thorough your body as movement?

I would describe the feeling as though it is just flowing through me and the source of the language is not within me.

Many people will ask,

Questioning Crowd image

Am I just making it up?

This is such a normal and common question. I spend a great deal of time in my mediumship courses and healing modality courses helping people give themselves proof that they are NOT making it up!

One way I help my Light Language students is by asking them to switch to TRY and make it up — and see what happens. This is most effective in audio Light Language. Now you have engaged your brain to flow through some made-up sounds and words… can you do it? You’d be surprised how hard it is to do such a thing! It’s a great way to show you the difference.

You may ask, What about Art? Could I just be drawing — making it up? This might be harder to prove. But I find that all artists and writers are just channeling what they are drawing. Here’s a good question: Do you sit around consciously deciding what you will draw — in complete detail — then draw it?

If the answer is Yes– does that feel like a meditative state? Or does that feel like conscious brain activity? You are likely channeling more than you realize in everyday activities.

If the answer is No – do you feel like you aren’t even thinking but drawing the symbols right on the page, without much thought? Then you are just channeling it through. Are you often surprised at how it goes — many times different than how you thought it might? There is your answer then — that is what it feels like to channel messages, too.

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions in the comments or in the chatbox of my website, here.

Conclusion & Learn More

Light language is an amazing healing modality and a fun way to get creative.  Your particular form of light language is unique to you because we all hold different light and frequencies within us. 

Light language is a great healing modality to use on yourself.  Whenever I’m feeling down or stressed out I just start singing light language and my mood elevates very quickly. 

Light language can be expressed in many ways and can be used for many things.  Setting an intention for your light language is what gives it its ability to heal what you are wanting to heal. Even if you use light language for multiple things and have used different intentions — but your light language sounds the same, that’s okay because your intention and the words used in your intention give your light language its power. 

There is no pressure to do light language a particular way as long as you are using your light language for good and that you’re coming from pure high vibe intentions then your light language will shine.  The most important part is to have fun!

Would you like to learn more about Light Language?

I detail all about Light Language in this Blogpost (and in the button below).

Do you have questions about things like:⁠ ⁠

What Light Language is?⁠
How can you use it?⁠
Can you naturally channel Light Language?⁠
What do Light Language symbols mean?⁠
What does Light Language look like?⁠
How to Learn Light Language.⁠
What is Light Language Activation?⁠
How do you know if you are attuned to Light Language?⁠

Then definitely check out the What is Light Language? blog post! and podcast.

Learn More about Sound Waves Heal Light Language Attunements

This Modality is a powerful combination of different uses of channeled Languages from various High Vibe Beings. While you might not be able to exactly interpret it using logic, you can often understand its intention. This Language comes through in a variety of different ways, and a person can be attuned to work with different forms and expressions of it.

If you are interested in being attuned to this Language of Light, check out my Light Language Classes below including Sigils & Numbers and the Advanced Attunement!


  1. Lily

    I’ve been channeling light language in my Reiki and massage work for 2.5 years. Ive only really come to realize that’s what is happening I recent months, though. Do you think there’s be any benefit for my clients if I were to record the session for them to listen back to? Do the codes/tones/ songs keep their healing properties after the session if played back?

    • Rachel Chamness

      Yes they do Lily. When i record for clients I do not record any release of entities or psychic implants in the field though… I only record positive energy healing so they can listen again.


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