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Earth Elementals Channeled Messages TAG Masterclass PREVIEW

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Welcome to our Earth Elementals Channeled Messages session. Hi everyone, I’m Rachel Chamness, a dedicated shamanic medium and lightworker guide. Today, I’ll be trance channeling some intriguing fae like gargoyles, gryphons, gremlins, and creek boogies—each of them holds unique insights that are both enlightening and captivating. They will share valuable information about the 7D Earth Center Grid, a new energetic grid that has emerged to help us anchor into the new Earth, enhancing our dimensional connections and aligning with our new timelines. This enlightening session is a part of my monthly membership TAG Masterclass, and I invite you to join me to delve into the messages and insights they are eager to share with us.

Insights into Earth Elementals and Their Nature

Are Gremlins Malevolent fae?

Let’s delve into some insights about these Earth Elementals. They embody the essence of light, gremlins included. Unlike the typical portrayal, gremlins are neutral fae with a penchant for mischief. They may play little tricks, yet their intent is to foster learning. Rest assured, their actions harbor no malevolence nor evil intent. Their playful nature often comes to your aid with troublesome electronics or garden equipment, be it your lawnmower, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, iPad, or phone.

[00:01:24] This is the kind of thing that they help with. They’re, kind of tinkers and they can be really helpful if you get to know them. They don’t like to be seen too much. Well, I’ll let them tell you more about them, but they are not, Bad or evil, but they can be a little tricky. And I’d like to also just let you know that sometimes if you’re like, no, I’ve seen these guys and they are bad fae, I just want you to know that there are a lot of shape-shifting things out there that pretend to be fae creatures that are not good.

[00:01:53] And so often if you see that you should look a little bit further with your third eye and see if there’s maybe something else that is there, that is pretending to be fae. Because the fae tell me that the Unseelie and any of the negative side of fae, that that is all in the past and that doesn’t exist anymore. So if you’re dealing with Bad fae, then it is most likely a trickster, much more sinister energy pretending to be fae. I’ve looked into these cases many times and that’s what I find every time. It’s definitely not my ego. It’s definitely something that. Is really happening out there. So I just wanna preface that with this.

[00:02:30] Stay engaged as we explore more about these Earth Elementals and the benevolent Light fae. Evaluate for yourself, as the recurring positive encounters unveil the true nature of these entities. The quest for understanding the elusive dark fae continues, yet every exploration reaffirms the benevolent nature of the Earth Elementals. Let’s continue unveiling the mystical realm of fae together.

Gryphons, Gremlins, Gargoyles and Boogies

Earthly Fae

[00:02:53] So gryphons spelled two different ways. We’re gonna use the first one. Gryphons are of course, this being that is part lion, part eagle. So these Earth Elemental creatures, you also see them in my deck, Elemental Magic and manifestation. And this is one here. Of course, these are just, you know, cartoon or anime sort of pictures of them. But here’s one from my deck, Mattail, if you have my deck, and then also have a, a gremlin called Jumpagsh.

[00:03:23] So this is Jumpagsh, the gremlin that’s in my deck, Elemental Magick and Manifestation, and they’re really hard to describe to an artist. So sort of like this, but kind of also not. I don’t have any gargoyles in my deck, and I don’t have creek boogies, but I do have a picture of a creek Boogie.

[00:03:39] So here’s one picture of a creek boogie that I had done by Shannon Oliver, who also did [the art for] my [oracle] deck. They’re these little bitty beings and they help us with a little more earth grounding. They live in Tennessee and they live in other places of the world. The creek boogies that came today are from Tennessee. We actually have a few pictures of them. I’ll show you. Here’s another one. Kind of looks like that too. And they little look a little bit like Groot. Here’s another artist depiction of a creek boogie that I had drawn and uh, pretty interesting. 

[00:04:12] So all of these earth elementals are beings that have come to me since I started making my deck my Oracle card deck, which you can find on Amazon or on my site, and there’s a lot in there, like 37 different kinds of beings. And I keep meeting more types of fae. And so these are just kind of the weird fae and they’re coming forward to help us and they want us to know them better and not be afraid of them. Especially gremlins. And I think most people think gargoyles are cute little creatures and most people don’t have a problem with gryphons. But you know, let’s just. Bring them in. Let’s get to know them.

The Creek Boogies are totally new. I met them right before my very first retreat, which I did in the Smoky Mountains last year, and that was really amazing to get to know them. And they are so helpful. I love them. They’re just the cutest things.[00:05:00] So let’s begin. I’m just gonna start bringing in these guys and let’s talk to them. We have quite a few.

Creek Boogie Elemental inage

[00:05:05] So we have two gargoyles, Mac and earnest. I really don’t make up these names, I swear I’m always laughing when they give me their names. We have Shalati, the Griffin, and we have Tcha-Tcha, the Gremlin, and we have a Creek Boogie named Shelaynee who is a Female Creek Boogie. All Earth Elementals!

Elemental Gargoyle image

Channeling Gargoyles

Telepathic Beings of Earth Elementals

[00:05:21] Earth Elementals. So I think we should start with the Gargoyles. I’m gonna bring in Mac and let’s see what they have to say about the Earth Center grid they’re calling it, and – is it new? And how is it strengthening our dimensional connections? And things like that. So let’s let Mack come in and answer that question.

[00:05:36] I am Mac. And I am what you call a gargoyle. Many of you have seen us in stone and seen us come alive through the stone in movies and screens. We are very grounded stone creatures. In a way, it is our essence, our spirit that inhabits these stone artist renderings to be on your earth and you will only find us where artists have made us.

[00:06:15] That does not mean that they created us, but that we came through them as a channel to help them make our liking so that we could enter the vehicle of their stone masonry. Even where there are molds, there we are. It does not need to be a gargoyle that is made painstakingly by hand, but wherever they are made we take the opportunity to come within and view the world. You are asking. Will the stone then come alive as you’ve seen depicted?

No, we are not moving. We barely move and so we do not feel the need to move the stone or become an animated third dimensional creature on your earth. If your third eye is open and you see us, you’ll see us in this form, but we do not move a lot.

[00:07:22] We are telepathic beings. You would call us slow and methodical. Our purpose here is to connect our stone and what we are made of in your third dimensional reality materials stone that is like or same. Deep into the earth and we create a grounding connection, and that is why builders like to put us high, high in the air on buildings because that is where we can enact more grounding to higher levels, and it is very helpful to those who work on high floors or live in high floors.

So if you have an apartment or office building or condo high in the air at the top, or even partway of a large building, if you are higher than the first floor even, and you do not have earth elemental gargoyles on the outside of your building, we suggest you buy one and place it outside if you can, if you have a balcony. If not near the window, the door, or the corners of your home to create more grounding in your space.

[00:08:50] This is Rachel. I just have to interrupt — what? That’s so cool. Who knew? Oh my gosh, that’s really neat. I love it. And I love that they’re like, he was also showing me like when the masonry, so he is kinda showing me like a long time ago people would painstakingly make the gargoyle out of stone and they would like attune that person to them and come through them and have them be channeling them to make them in their likeness.

And even when, you know, nowadays we’re probably using more molds or things like that, those are also channeled. Okay, I’m gonna let Mac talk a little bit more, so interesting. Okay.

Mac the Gargoyle and the Seventh Dimensional Center Earth Grid

[00:09:25] Let’s talk to these Earth Elementals about the seventh dimensional center grid.

Yes, it is a new grid for you. We have brought it online to help you ground deeper. We know that most of you. Ground deeply into the fifth dimensional grid of Gaia, however you see it. Heart of Gaia, crystalline grid, new earth grid, or Gaia, and her crystalline heart. And yet there is so much distortion on your earth now.

[00:10:03] We have brought this online as always intended to help you go deeper if you will, like to envision it or if you see it now, you will see it nestled right under Gaia’s grid. It is more earthy. You may see it. Plants and you may see how it interconnects and it will have you grounding much, much deeper. This helps you stay on the timeline you wish going forward into ascension and disconnecting you from the third dimensional timeline, which is not beneficial for your heart space.

[00:10:47] You are listening to this, and so you are already moving towards the ascension timeline. You must continue to work on yourself releasing your attachments and emotions and working on your fears and distrust and clearing and all that you do already and more. You must remember that you put yourself first.

[00:11:17] You must help yourself to help others. There is no one here who does not need help every once in a while, no matter how high your dimensional space and light is, or how many clients you serve.

[00:11:39] He is gone. That got deep, huh? The way he was talking. Whoa. So we’re gonna go to earnest.

[00:11:45] Okay, let’s bring in Earnest and see what he has to say.

Earnest the Gargoyle

lighter materials, Earth Elementals

[00:11:48] This being asks, why do I also come for, there are more than one type of gargoyle as we are often made from different materials. I wanted to come and talk about a lighter side of gargoyles.

[00:12:07] I am made of porcelain on your earth and there are others that are not made of heavy stone. And when this happens, We have a lighter vibration, and so if you feel that heavy stone is too grounding and you wish for a lighter touch, you may choose one of us for your home or garden, which is made of porcelain or other lighter material. Or is hollow or you may make us yourself. Yes.

Are you thinking that now? Would you like to make one of us out of any material? We are allowing. We like earth-based materials and do not care for polymer or plastic. If you can make us out of whatever you like, but that is mostly from the earth, we will certainly come to your version. We will help you craft it to look like who is going to inhabit the product to help you. And you may make these for others as well.

[00:13:59] Okay, that’s cool. So if you’re an artist and you’re like, Ooh, could I make myself an [earth elemental] gargoyle? They keep trying to make me say some other word. I think they must have another name somewhere else anyway. Then you should. I thought they were gonna say polymer was okay, but they’re like, no.

[00:14:12] Too bad. ’cause that’s what I was thinking. Ooh, maybe they could make you outta polymer or like something like, you know, like Play-Doh-ish stuff. I don’t know. I’m not an artist. They’re like, no, so not too much plastic guys. Okay. Anyway, that’s kind of cool. But they’re kind of saying if you did wanna make like something small, like a key chain or something out of plastic polymer or something like that you know, it’s nice to have, it’s nothing wrong with that.

[00:14:32] They just they need to be in something that’s also reflected deep in the earth so that they can be connected, like they said. So let me see if Ernest has anything else to say. Ernest feels more feminine to me. So Interesting. I guess. Well, whatever names don’t mean anything. I mean, you know, if they sound masculine or feminine, that’s just old programming. Right? Okay. Lemme see.

[00:14:53] Ernest: We like to also inhabit the light, and so it’s not just, The connection to deepen the earth, but the light that we bring through this connection. And we can grow this light through our being, through our housing, as you might call it, and bring it out throughout your home. And so, yes, you can make a grid of gargoyles. Yes you can.

creek boogie image
Earth Elementals: Creek Boogies Art by Amanda Felicia

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I hope you enjoyed this preview of this month’s masterclass in TAG. I hope that this gave you a lot of food for thought and I hope that you really enjoyed what they were saying. I learned a lot and I thought it was really cool. I’m looking forward to the attunement where we can attune to a lot of these things.

If you’re interested in joining TAG or want to see more about it or hear more about it, please send me a message or check it out on We’d love to have you if you’re drawn to it. So thanks so much for watching and see you soon. ​

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