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What To Expect When Getting A Psychic Reading From A Medium

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Rachel Chamness

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April 07, 2021

Are you curious about getting a psychic reading from a Psychic Medium?

Would you like to know what to expect during your reading with a Medium, what types of questions you can ask, and more?

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Tips for getting a good psychic reading 

When you are scheduled to have a psychic reading, you can do a few things to prepare. Make sure you have a calm environment before the reading, maybe even meditate or sit quietly with a candle to still your mind. Ask your Spirit Guides to please help you get the information that will help you for your Highest Good. 

It is a good practice to begin to get messages from your own Spirit Guides in any way that you can, even if you do not yet have open psychic clairs.

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You can build connections with your Spirit Guides by asking for signs and learning to build a language with them to interpret signs in the same way.

An easy sign is to ask for chills or something specific like show you a tiny orb of light or sparkle to let you know you have gotten a true message.

During the psychic reading, make sure you have some water to help you process emotions. Let the reader talk and be careful not to use up most of your time talking or asking too many questions in a row. Let the Medium have space and time to give you the messages coming to them.

Also, don’t be too cryptic. You can judge whether the psychic is good or not because they will pick up on things you are not telling them, but telling them nothing or withholding information won’t get you a complete picture or answer.

When a psychic tells you something that is true, you should confirm or even clarify the situation they are referring to, so that they can get and share a complete message for you. There are other ways to tell if you psychic is a good one without withholding information. 

It is also good to understand the best way to ask a question for a psychic reading. An open ended question will retrieve more answers than a yes or no question. For instance, “Will I get this job I am applying for?” vs. “What do I need to know about this job I just applied for?”. Another good example is, “Will I find love?” vs. “How can I find love?”. The second answers will give you a more complete picture and teach you how to go about achieving your goal, if there is an obstacle.

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Can Mediums tell you the future in a psychic reading?

Psychics aren’t perfect fortune tellers. There are many ways your life can go. A good Medium can warn you of dangers they see coming up for you, if you don’t change your path. They can also tell you what most likely will happen if you keep the same course and see what might happen if you decide to change your course. We live in a world of choices, so you may change or alter your course. Your choices will naturally affect what happens to you in the future. 

In my experience, Spirit Guides usually tell me a future that might include a stipulation of some action the person I am reading for must complete. If the person never completes that action, then they won’t go down that path to the future they are trying to manifest.

There’s also the matter of alternate realities. There are many different timelines and possibilities for a person, and it is not always possible for a Medium to know which one Spirit is showing them. Remember, the Medium is the messenger of Spirit only. Sometimes your Spirit Guides give you information to make you ACT.

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Can a Medium always pick up specific information in a psychic reading?

It’s important to go into a psychic reading or healing session with a good idea of how the Medium works. Many Mediums give healing information, helping their clients find closure and getting messages from loved ones who have passed on. Others channel specific information and can give names, dates, and specific scenarios that will help a person with their life.

If you are looking for someone who can channel a message for you, make sure you find a Psychic who specializes in connecting with the sort of spirit you’d like to work with. 

Some may work best with past loved ones, or channeling celebrities. Some Mediums may be best with Spirit Guide connections, spiritual healing, business related information, missing persons or things, or specific healing such as connecting to Divine Feminine Energy or Healing for Ascension.

Every Medium has their specialties, and what they are best at channeling. Sometimes though, if you feel drawn to have a psychic reading or healing with someone and you don’t know why, that could be your Spirit Guides urging you to know or heal something you didn’t even know needed healing. You should follow your gut instinct in these cases too!

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Can Psychics give you lotto numbers from your Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are not normally known for giving you the easy way out. They are here to help you learn the lessons you set forth to learn in this life’s journey. Before we come into this life, we actually set up disappointments, problems and even traumas for us to work through and learn from in our lives. This helps us learn and grow and become more enlightened.

So no, Psychics generally don’t give out winning lotto numbers, the name of the horse that will win the race, or other information that will give you an easy way to abundance.

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How can you tell if the Medium you are getting a psychic reading from with is the real deal?

As a spiritual person, you must learn to practice discernment. Trust your gut feelings and ask for a sign from your Spirit Guides to let you know that what the reader or healer is telling you is true information. Use some of the tips I give above on how to prepare for a session

Learn to get your own messages in a course to learn Mediumship. This will help you build a relationship with your Spirit Guides, get some of your own messages, and to help you a great deal with discernment in all areas of your life.

Signs you might not be working with a TRUE Psychic Medium 

Learning discernment about who you choose to work with is really important, as well as learning to trust your intuition and learning to get a few signs from your Spirit Guides, like I mentioned before. Some psychics might be more clear than others, and some might be a straight up scammer.

Here are a few things that might signal you are talking to a Psychic Medium who may be a scammer: 

  1. Most of their message makes you feel bad or guilty about yourself.
  2. There is a large message of fear, doom, anxiety in their message. A lightworker should have a message with the focus of love, self-care, and being kind.
  3. That message of fear is usually tied to an action of spending more money. Sometimes this could be legit if you have taken a very small psychic reading and are told you need a healing. But if the message is more like, “A woman named Mary is trying to ruin your life, pay me $500 and I will bind her from doing you harm”, then you should RUN.
  4. They claim they will do some action to another person for you, for instance make someone love you. This is not an action of a lightworker but of dark magic, which you do not ever want to be any part of. Again, run, run, run from this person.
  5. They threaten you in any way, maybe even claiming they have ties to dark magic or people who will harm you if you speak against them.
  6. They may tell you that to be a true seeker you must do certain actions but a true psychic knows that we have choices and many paths and it is not black and white- plus this message returns you to #1.
  7. They may offer you a “free” session then come back with some terrible prognosis that needs a deeper clearing, which is not free.

I love to find a Medium who is also a Healer. This could be because that is how I identify with myself, and how I also teach mediumship. But also, it’s nice to fix problems and blocks when you find them.

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A good psychic healer doesn’t act in any way against someone’s free will, even if that person hurt you. Instead they will work on healing what is in you that attracted that behavior.


Getting a psychic reading or healing session from a legitimate and caring Medium can be a great experience. You might be able to find closure or get great advice about moving forward in your life. A good session with a Medium will usually leave you feeling full of hope and better. Of course, you should watch out for scam psychics and use your best judgment. Trust your inner knowing.

Do you have any stories of working with a great Medium or horror stories about a bad one or scammer? Feel free to share your stories in the comments below.



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