What are Psychic Attachments or Entities in Auras

+ 7 possible symptoms of having a psychic attachment in your aura

+ What to do and how to get rid of psychic attachments

+Why we get negative entities in our field

Did you ever wonder if you might have something negative in your aura, feeding off of your energy?

Have you been guided to this article because you want to understand entities or psychic attachments that can attach to your aura? These low-vibrational entities can feed off your energy, depleting you, and making you feel like you are not yourself.

I see these entities often in auric fields. I used to think they weren’t real. But as a psychic healer, I have realized that these entity attachments are all too real. Anyone can get them — especially Lightworkers and Empaths because we are a bright light.

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What is a psychic attachment, anyway?

Psychic attachments are low-vibration entities that have found a way to get into your auric field. To me, they often look like shadows that are wiggling around the head and neck area usually. Although, I have seen them in other areas of the body, as well. Or sometimes just in the auric field—if the person is successfully fighting it off, I definitely see it this way. I have also seen them as other beings as well.

Is this a demonic possession?

Yes and no. It depends on the level of the entity. Some entities are very low-level—caused by your own feelings or reactions to trauma. Many of these are easily dissolved and transmuted by a shamanic/psychic healer or Reiki Master. Some look like an octopus or are beings with suckers or a gooey tar-like substance they leave all around the auric field. These cause a lot of clean-up for the psychic healer after they are transformed.

However, some entities are high-level entities you would likely call a demon. They are more difficult to remove. I’ve seen them come for a specific purpose that must be acknowledged. Or I’ve seen them come to those who crave importance and power (more about that later). I’ve removed these in distance and even in-person sessions of full-on possession that resembled something between The Exorcist and Ghostbusters.

How do psychic attachments or entities get into your aura?

If your vibration was low enough, an entity or psychic attachment might be able to get past your normal energetic defenses and attach itself to your energy field. Taking opiates, psychiatric or mood-altering pharmaceuticals, or using any street drugs is a big reason this can happen. If you are engaging in low vibrational activities or addictions, this can also cause your vibration to be low enough for an attack.

Or perhaps you were doing Light Work without protection because you forgot to properly prepare, or you didn’t realize you needed to protect yourself! These are the main reasons I teach Protection and Shielding and recommend Psychic Reiki as a Protection and Healing Modality for Lightworkers!!

Perhaps you had an energy-clearing session with someone who had a psychic attachment. They may not have known it, and it hopefully was accidental. But if a person has an attachment and steps into your auric field without knowing how to protect you or themselves, that attachment can also grab onto you. It can happen in many different ways. These are some of the cautions that I teach in my psychic healing courses, such as Psychic Reiki healing, light language, and Accelerated Channeling Mastery (which includes psychic trance healing and protection as well).

What do Psychic Attachments have to do with Shadow Work?

I have been talking about Shadow Work lately. You can read my Shadow Work blog post here—It is so important because clearing your shadows can help to protect you from getting attachments in your aura.

When we get triggered, or go into shame, blame, victim mentality—any of the low-vibrational feelings—we invite negative entities into our energy field. When we start thinking about feelings or things that happened in the past, we should learn to do so with self-love. We need to remember these 3 things:

  1. We did the best we could with what we knew at the time.
  2. We are only human and we can make mistakes; it is part of our path.
  3. When bad things happen, we need to take a moment to detach and ask ourselves “What is this here to teach me?”, not victim mentality such as, Why does this happen to me??”

Then we can begin to work on healing our shadows. You can find techniques I recommend for Shadow Work in this Shadow Work blogpost.

Ultimately, we need to explore our inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings to find out what is causing us to feel guilt, shame, anger, and victimization and work on fixing it—a.k.a. do the Shadow Work.

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How To Get Rid of Entities in Your Auric Field

Step 1: It’s important to know the signs so that you know when it’s time to get help.

Here are 7 possible symptoms of having a psychic attachment in your aura:

  1. Feeling unloved, worthless, or that life has no meaning.
  2. Thinking about suicide or hearing yourself say in your mind, “I should kill myself”.
  3. Being unable to get out of depression.
  4. Hearing yourself spew low-vibration words as if they are coming from another part of your brain.
  5. Hearing a voice in your head when you are in rage, anger, deep victim mentality as if you are not the one thinking but the one observing it happening.
  6. Headaches or the feeling of something wriggling around in your head.
  7. Extreme mood swings—rage, anger, shame, cruelty… that never swing up to happiness, light, and joyful feelings.

You may feel all these or one of these symptoms happening, depending on how well you are protecting yourself from it, unconsciously.

Spiritual Attachments and Entities and what to do image

You Must Seek Help if this is Happening

Yes. Get help. A healing session. Self-care. You will likely need another lightworker to remove attachments from your auric field. Trying to remove it yourself will be difficult—since it will stop you from being able to reach a vibrational signature high enough to remove it.

To explain more—when an entity is in your field, it will prevent you from coming up to a vibration that is needed to remove entities, even if you are a highly skilled Reiki Master Teacher, or Psychic or Shamanic Healer.

Some healers with Shamanic Psychic Healing training are sometimes able to release the entity for themselves, or at least keep the entity at bay, as long as they continue to vibrate higher. This can buy some time for a while.

You can try:

  1. Beaming pure love to the entity and to all surroundings and to the self for as long— and as often—as you can.
  2. Asking Archangels & highest light helpers you work with closely to remove it.

If you do these things, will you know if you are totally clear? Because that is the real question. And, if something happens—for the 3D world is full of ups and downs—will the attachment reattach itself? Sometimes you can keep these entities at bay for a little while—but you will likely need a full clearing eventually. Most likely the clearing will come with information on keeping clear — changes in your lifestyle.

I know people who can clear themselves of attachments, and I can do it sometimes, as well. I also know MANY people who think they have cleared themselves and have not actually done so.

Why do entities attach to us?

Shouldn’t our Spirit Guides protect us?

We get these entities in our field for a reason. There’s a lesson there, your Spirit Guides are guiding you to find out! What’s the lesson? Why do you have it?

Sometimes I see they are guiding you to get a session because you need to clear something out of your field for an upleveling — a completion of soul contracts and work, and more that needs to be dealt with.

Sometimes it’s to truly understand a piece of your shadow work, or something you need to change in your lifestyle.

Your healer should be able to tell you WHY you have this attachment, this is important — you need to know, or your Spirit Guides will repeat the allowing. This is why I teach these techniques in my courses. This is what is needed at this time.

Having an attachment is not a reflection of you, so don’t beat yourself up.

Remember that you shouldn’t feel ashamed or look for someone to blame. It happens to everyone. You are a bright light, and that is VERY attractive to low-vibration entities!

It would be impossible to be “Love & Light” all day long. We are humans and our struggle is to work through our problems on this Earth, so of course we can get triggered!

I have been seeing many, many attachment entities in sessions, lately. It could be because we are so close to ascension. Or it could be because we are all diligently working on ourselves for this stage of Ascension.

And you may have mental habits that lead you to feel shame or blame that need to be worked on.

Clearing Spiritual Attachments and Entities with channeled healing light image

If you are looking for a session to deeply clear yourself, I do offer sessions — they also include upleveling! Or you can check out the other Sound Waves Heal Practitioners’ calendars as well – they are trained in my method. After you are clear, though, you should work on improving your life and continue to do deep work to clear the cause of your low-vibration feelings so you don’t end up picking up more quickly after your session. You will receive instruction from your Spirit Guides through me to help you do this.

Ultimately, it will be a combination of doing Shadow Work and getting sessions that will help you heal your aura so that it is strong enough to deflect or push out any entities that might try to attach to your aura. You will receive information in a session from me or any Sound Waves Heal practitioner to help you learn to empower and help yourself in this situation.

Why do some people get new entities right after they are cleared?

There are many reasons why a person could get another attachment almost immediately after one is cleared. I see this often in my work. Here are a few reasons I have witnessed.

  1. They may have gotten something unconsciously from the entity such as a feeling of importance or a feeling of power. Sometimes these feelings of importance can be centered around light work and therefore don’t sound like they are egoic, but they are.
    Here are some common misconceptions where a lightworker becomes stuck in their ego:

    To feel that you are the only lightworker who can do certain techniques, or who has certain knowledge, or is connected to a powerful higher being (this higher being in itself could be a demonic entity). Beware of “only me” syndrome.
    -To believe that the psychic healing comes from YOU. It is important to realize that the psychic healing “power” comes from a higher source, not from ourselves. And that many people can do this. In fact, anyone can learn and be attuned.

    To feel a certain feeling of power or importance from the light work—this is important to look at and adjust. This comes from an unhealed wound of feeling less than or unimportant.

    If you have a client who suffers from these symptoms, try and clear the emotion of unimportance or unacknowledged or something similar to help the client.
  2. They may go right back to the action that caused the entity to come in the first place. Such actions could be: excessively using psychedelics to see higher dimensions instead of using meditation, skill, and patience. Psychedelics can put holes in the auric field and open you up to entities.
  3. Another reason could be: Identifying with Victim Consciousness.
  4. The inability to face the shadow work presented—these things happen for a reason. It is important to release and heal the triggers.
  5. As a lightworker, if you clear someone from an entity, you MUST inform them what was done, and how they can prevent further attack, and relay messages from their Spirit Guides, and protectors. Clearing someone without giving them this information will not help them stay clear.
  6. Sometimes excessive psychic attacks on a lightworker can indicate the lightworker needs a new system of protection as they are upleveling to be able to bring through more healing for others. In this case, a lightworker would need to find a better system and find all the reasons for so many attacks.
  7. They could have an auric void or entry point in their auric field that needs to be healed (yes I teach these techniques).
  8. They can have a portal in their home where they keep getting more entities from. (Clear your home too!)

Psychic Attachments, Spiritual Attachments, Entities, and Psychic Implants

Definitions and Conclusion

Psychic Attachments could also be called Spiritual Attachments, as they can be Spiritual in nature. It is important to understand that spiritual or psychic attachments will always be low vibrational entities.

An entity is merely a separate being, in definition. So there can be high-vibration entities and low-vibration entities but we are talking about low-vibration ones, in this article.

Psychic Attachments are different than psychic implants, which are tiny hardware, devices, seeds, eggs, or implants in the etheric field or in your auric field. If you would like to know more about psychic implants you can read this blogpost below.

I hope this helps! Blessings.


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