Why you Should Channel your Spirit Team

By Rachel Chamness & Olivia Paige

Why should I know my Spirit Team? Why should I channel my Spirit Guides?

Knowing your Spirit Team help guide you to your best life

Everyone is born with a team of spirit guides.  Anyone can access their own personal guides and spirit team at any time.  How? Just by knowing that you can (your welcome!) and learning the best way to communicate with your spirit team.

You and your Spirit Team have a soul level agreement, to work with one another.  They are here to help guide you through your experience as a soul having a human experience.  They want to help you find joy in a human form, learn all that you can from this experience and live your best life.

Why you should have a Relationship with your Spirit Team

Having a relationship with your spirit team is the equivalent to having a supportive, healthy partnership.  Connecting with your spirit team allows you to feel empowered and gain guidance for your life’s choices.  They offer solutions to your everyday problems. Perhaps as simple as your favorite song coming on or an idea to do an activity you love to make you feel better. Or maybe they offer a solution or a person to help you get through it. They also send you signs and guidance to avoid problems, sticky situations and other time-wasting episodes you could just skip— to get to more important and fun things.

5 Ways to Channel Your Spirit Guides

By connecting with your spirit team, you begin to develop a sort of language with them.  This information can come forward in synchronicities, signs, dreams, oracle cards, and more. You can even take a bigger step to learn to channel them directly by channeling their words in writing or speech, channeling their symbols for protection, and even channeling their healing to help others and yourself. I include all these types of channeling in my Trance Channeling Mediumship Course because I think they are very rewarding.

  1. Channeling directly— getting the message through words, feelings, pictures, symbols, knowing and more.
  2. Channeled writing— Pen to paper, asking your Spirit Guide to send messages through your pen. Takes some practice sometimes.
  3. Channeled symbols— asking for specific symbols to help you, channeled from Spirit Team
  4. Channeled healing— learning to channel healing from your Spirit Team
  5. Trance Channeling— Bringing your Spirit Team forward to speak directly through you.
Ancestor Spirit Guide Trance Channeling Spirit Team image

Channeling your Spirit Team and Guides for Information

You can even connect with your spirit team in a very deep way, called Trance Channeling. This is a type of channeling where you let the Light Being speak through you— so that you can get their message very clearly. You can do this for yourself or even do it for others. This really enhances the connection between you — and I do teach this in my first level of Trance Channeling Mediumship Course. It’s a great way to remove your own Ego from the message (as much as that is possible).

The more you connect with your team and ask for their assistance and guidance, the more you align with the co-creation of Source.  The more you connect with your team, the easier it is for you to develop a language with them.  This language allows you to fully understand what different signs or synchronicities mean to you personally.  This way you know when you are on the right track or veering in the wrong direction.

Your Spirit Team is composed of many Bands or Circles of Guides around you.

The Spirit Team you were born with is your inner circle or inner band guides— and you have at least five guides in your inner band of your spirit team.  Aside from having at least five main guides in your inner circle, you can have several more bands of guides in your spirit team around that. This is what your spirit team is— these bands of helpful guides.

The guides within your outer bands— or circles of your spirit team— may come for a long or short part of your life. They may come for just one period, then leave. Or, they may show up and stay for your entire life span.  New guides will come in for you depending on what needs you have in your present situations and who you call in. Your Spirit Team can change along these outer bands, but not very often will you get a change in the inner band of your spirit team.

The individual guides in your spirit team can have specialties, things they are the best at helping with.  Therefore, our guides can change often.  In fact, it’s possible to change your inner circle guides as well.   When we are born with a certain set of helpers in our spirit team, they are here to help us in the best way possible, but sometimes they need to be changed out, because we’ve learned all we can from a particular guide.  You can learn more about this in my blogpost, Is it Time to Upgrade Your Spirit Guides.

Condor Animal Spirit Guide Spirit Team Image

How your Spirit Team help you Flow through Life with Trust

By channeling your spirit team, you also allow yourself to be vulnerable— because you are learning to connect with the energy of faith and going with the flow.  When you open your heart so wide to these beings and put your trust in them, they can help you navigate your life in a way that brings much joy and peace to your every day.  They teach you to flow with energy, to be in the flow of the life they know will work out for you in your best interest. Your best interest is their job!

Going with the flow allows you to understand the importance of divine timing.  Humans want things to go fast— but divine timing allows time for certain growth, so that you can bloom into the beautiful flower you are meant to become. Learning to communicate with your spirit team will bring in the energy of transformation.  You will co-create with Source and your soul self.  You will be able to hold more light, raise your vibration and create your destiny. 

I Speak from Experience of how my Spirit Team helped me in my Life and Business!

Channeling your spirit team is also very exciting.  Your spirit team is waiting for you to open a line of communication with them so that you can feel safe, supported, connected, and loved. Going further to learn to channel their messages in many ways will open up your whole life in new and exciting ways!

This is how I built my business, from asking my Spirit Team what to do every step of the way. I hope you will learn to do the same with your Guides, as well! Then I opened myself up to more bands and circles of my outer band guides. I now know most of my spirit team, and they help me every dat!

Your Spirit Team wants you to know that they are always with you. They are always giving you information. They have come to help you.

Spirit Team Guide Image

Would you like to Know your Spirit Team?

I hope that you will learn to talk to your spirit team and listen to them. If you’d like, try my free Meet Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation.

If you want some help opening your psychic clairs — then come join my Transformation & Ascension Group Community. I’d love to have you there or to see you in my Trance Channeling Mediumship Courses, Reiki or Light Language Attunement Classes.

I also have a Transformation and Ascension Group for Beginners as well. This group covers basic topics like protecting your energy, learning to connect with your guides and spirit team, opening your clairs, balancing your Chakras or energy centers, and even connecting with Elementals like FairiesUnicorns, and Elves!

If you’d like to learn more about your Spirit Team, watch my free Spirit Guide Masterclass which teaches you all about your Spirit Team— all the different kinds of helpful guides you have.

Want to read more more about the Guides that are in your Spirit Team in these other Blogposts and Videos?

My Blogpost Channeling Spirit Guides goes deeper into learning about your Guides. Spirit Guides & Spirit Signs helps you understand how to build a map with your Spirit Team for Communication. And, don’t miss the lively chat about Spirit Teams & Guides with Shannon Ortega on my Ascension & 5D Chat Show!


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