Rachel Chamness

Psychic Mentor & Lightworker Guide, Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Channel

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Empowering you to channel messages & healing from fae and other light beings

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Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a Fae Oracle Deck - Manifest with the Fae!

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Psychic Development with the Fae Retreat April 2023 - All Inclusive in the Smoky Mountains 

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22 Liquid Reiki Sound Healings from 22 different fae from the Elemental Magick & Manifestation Oracle Deck

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Elemental Magick & Healing Program: Connect & Heal with Fae Elementals! - Become a Fae Healer!

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Elemental Magick & Healing Book - Learn about the Fae & how they help!

Coming 2023

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Transformation & Ascension Group Library & Community for Lightworkers - join for connections to Fae, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, & more

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Oracle Deck Attunement for the Elemental Magick & Manifestation: A Fae Oracle Deck



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Psychic Spirit Connections in TAG

Transformation & Ascension Group for Lightworkers

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