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Hi, I’m Rachel

Deep within you, you feel longing to LIVE in the flow of MAGIC and ABUNDANCE, on your TRUE LIGHT PATH. Join me and I will help you bring joy to your everyday life by guiding you to find and follow your Light Path – Spiritual Life Purpose; and to connect you to your Spirit Guides & High Vibrational Helpers.

My work involves having a heart-to-heart with your soul and then lovingly coaching and guiding you through how to manifest what your soul wants for you. 

How can I support you?

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Intuitive and Soulful Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your Helpers & Spirit Guides, helping you get information on your Light Path (Life Purpose), deep healing & resolving wounds, past life trauma, problems and more. Attune to Spirit Guides, Starseed helpers, galactic moons and more
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Psychic and Healing Programs

Step into your psychic power and safely access psychic messages from your Spirit Guides to help your journey on this life and be able to use to help others as well. From TAG monthly Group, to personal help in Mediumship Courses, I want to support your Light Path Journey.
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Transformation and Ascension Community

Spiritual Connections that will help you open your psychic gifts and guide you through the Ascension process. Open your Psychic Gifts with these powerful offerings and connect with many High Vibrational Beings such as Archangels, Galacticals, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your Spirit Guides. Learn Lightworker techniques and expand your transformation.


Psychic Programs

What would you like to DEVELOP?

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Intuitive Awakening

Begin your psychic journey by learning the fundamentals of connecting with your Spirit guides, Angels, Spirit Fairies, Spirit Unicorns and so many wonderful beings. This course will allow you to learn to protect yourself and your energy from negative energies by connecting safely with spirit with proper protection. This can be done through various techniques that will be shared with you in this program.

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Intuitive Expansion

Learn many techniques to become a Lightworker and Life Coach including opening the psychic connection to Spirit Realm, opening your psychic clairs, banishing negative thoughts for yourself or others, using oracle cards and pendulum, releasing yourself and others from past lives & releasing energy blocks for moving forward.


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Trance Channeling Mediumship

Your Guides, energies that are an integral part of you, have the core purpose to watch over your life and give you guidance. These programs will allow you to Explore different ways to Channel your Guides and be able to receive and give messages, and healing for yourself and others. 

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Light Language Attunement

Learn how powerful soundwaves can be in healing not just yourself but anyone. This program teaches you how to become a sound healer without needing to sing. Healing power comes from being able to tone healing sounds and bring forth light codes for healing and attuning others with your voice. Learn how to apply this so that you can use this for any purpose and can also attune others. Join this 

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Elemental Alignment

Learn all about elementals and their healing modalities including Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Dolphins & Whales, Tree and River spirits, Elves, Giants, Trolls and Balboans (aka bigfoot or sasquatch), Lephrechauns, Gnomes and Nature Fae and more. In these attunements, you are attuned to the being- meaning you will be connected to them in a way that you may call on them at any time. The more open your clairs are, the better connections.

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Reiki Attunements

The Reiki attunement is a ritual that allows you to connects with the Reiki source, allowing you to access an inexhaustible supply of healing energy, and to practice Reiki and share it with  others. This means that anybody, from children to senior citizen, including those who are differently-abled, can learn how to channel, or flow, Reiki. Get attuned get properly trained in the practice of Reiki  to become a Reiki practitioner or Teacher.