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Intuitive and Soulful Personal Sessions

Get connected with your Spirit Guides & Helpers and receive guidance about your Light Path (Life Purpose). Receive deep healing to resolve blocks, wounds, past life trauma, problems, and more. Be attuned to Spirit Guides, Starseed helpers, Galactic Moons and more who will help you. I blend Mediumship, Reiki, and Light Language into a modality I call Liquid Reiki Sound Healing. It heals you across distance, on Zoom or in a recorded session.


Psychic and Healing Programs

Step into your psychic power and safely access psychic messages and healing from your Spirit Guides to help your journey on this life and be able to use to help others as well. From TAG monthly Group for personal connections with high vibrational beings, to personal help in Learning and being Certified in Mediumship, Reiki and Light Language Courses, I want to support your Light Path Journey and help your monetize your dreams.


Transformation and Ascension Community

Spiritual Connections that will help you open your psychic gifts and guide you through the Ascension process. Open your Psychic Gifts with these powerful offerings and connect with many High Vibrational Beings such as Archangels, Galacticals, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your Spirit Guides. Learn Lightworker techniques and expand your transformation and Spirit Communication with these powerful connections.

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Transformation & Ascension Group


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