Rachel Chamness
Liquid Reiki Sound Healer,
Channel Medium, 
Spiritual Teacher & Counselor 

I want to help you bring Joy to your everyday life by helping you find and follow your Light Path (Spiritual Life Purpose); and to connect you to your Spirit Guides & High Vibrational Helpers! Join me for a Session or in TAG-VIP! I want to help you shine your light!

Most Popular Offerings


Connect with and get help from all types of High Vibration beings to move forward with Ascension and Spiritual Transformation!! Each 4 weeks, a Masterclass to LEARN, a Sound Healing Attunement to CONNECT, a Meditation to HEAL, a Manifestation + 2 Lives for Spirit Answers & Messages!

The Ultimate Spiritual Mini Course

Are you ready to connect with your Spirit Guides, open your 5D Soul Star Chakra, attune with Fairies to get their help—and protect yourself and your energy from any sort of negative energies? Are you just starting this journey and don't know what to start? This is the class for you! Join now!

Open 8 Clairs Meditation

Open 8 Psychic Clairs in this meditation with the help of angels. This is my most POWERFUL & POPULAR meditation! These open slowly but surely, for safety. It is time to step into your natural power! You won't believe the results from this powerful meditation!

Transformation & Ascension VIP Group


What Are My Meditations?

My Guided Meditations are channeled Meditations. With Hypnotherapy, I guide you to these places though a relaxed and safe state of mind. They may bring you to new places, new experiences, connect you with a new Spirit Guide or a new psychic skill. They will bring you messages & information you need to move forward!


What are Sound Healing Attunements?

My Sound Healing Attunements are CONNECTIONS! Connecting you to beings who can help you with Transformation, Ascension, your Light Path, and every day Spiritual Help. With this connection, brought to you through Sound Healing and Light Language Light Codes, Sacred Numbers, and more, you will be able to connect and communicate freely with these beings after you are attuned to them!

  • They are 20- 30 minutes of Liquid Reiki Sound Healing, often with Sacred Numbers & Channeling 
  • I have them for Angels & Elementals such as Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, and more Elementals!
  • Galactical Beings such as Blue Avians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Anshars, Arcturians are available in TAG-VIP! Also included are Attunements to many Goddesses including Celtic, Avalon, Goddess of Light, Native American, and Greek Goddesses! All available in TAG-VIP!

"Joined a few of her classes and have received several attunements and I have been receiving nothing but blessings! I recently had an angel channeling which confirmed so much for me. Thanks Rachel!"


"It is my pleasure to recommend Rachel Chamness. I received an Angel Channeling through Rachel about 2 months ago and the experience was truly remarkable. Further, the shift in my life, my aura and my mental space has been both tangible and extremely positive since then. First, the price was so reasonable, I feel like I got so much information, support and guidance for my money and it was a great deal. Within the first 10 minutes of the session I was brought to tears due to the vibration, clarity, comfort and support that came through in the transmission. The level of depth and detail that was provided gave me full confidence in the information. Rachel’s positive, open energy allowed me to really let go and show spirit what I needed to hear. Some of the questions that were answered, I hadn’t realized were in my heart until the answers came. Afterward, I felt renewed and empowered and ready to move forward with peace and confidence toward my goals. I am so grateful and I highly recommend this incredible and magical service. Since then, I’ve received a number of other transmissions via Rachel….liquid reiki, guided meditations to connect me with my support team, attunements to elementals and angels and some powerful education and counseling as part of the TAG – Transformation 🦋 & Ascension VIP Group with Rachel Chamness, the layers of which have been building and increasing the awareness, abundance, magic and joy in my life. I highly recommend requesting a Channeling service from Rachel and moving forward with whatever additional services that come through as offerings for you."


"This class is amazing. Yes, you do learn to Trance Channel your 6 spirit guides and allow them to speak through you. However, it is much more than that. It puts you in touch with that which you thought was unreachable, it gives you the confidence to perfect what you just learned and continue harnessing your gifts and it gives you a priceless gift...a new family. THANK YOU RACHEL. Infinite blessings to you and yours.🤗😇❤️"

Lis T.
Trance Mediumship Course Student

"I recently stumbled upon sound healing, and have been so intrigued. Rachel crossed my path and I had to schedule a session with her! She is like a ray of sunshine! So inviting and comfortable to be around. She has such a nurturing and calming presence. Her voice, honestly words would not even do justice. I loved it, and cannot wait for our next session."


"I just experienced Rachel's Angel Ascension meditation that helps usher you into fifth dimensional vibration, and it is incredibly powerful. I feel so at peace and joyful, despite all the chaos in the world. AND I get to revisit it whenever I need a boost! Anyone who is on the Lightworkers' Journey and could use a profound boost to help you along your path should purchase this and give yourself the gift of feeling supported by Archangels!"


"This is a life changing experience. I highly recommend it. I would even like a part two... I was sad when it ended! Amazing group and Rachel Cobb Chamness is a gifted one of a kind teacher/caretaker/ facilitator. I will always treasure this experience. Go get in touch with the Beyond in a safe knowledgeable kind environment."

Silvina A.
Trance Mediumship Course Student

"This [Trance Medium Channeling Couse] is a beyond amazing class with an exceptional teacher. I've been able to do the unimaginable as a direct result of her guidance. She is truly magical. And, I can't get enough of my classmates who are turning out to be a family. I am blessed and would highly recommend this class. 💖"


"I recently had a life coaching and angel channeling session with Rachel. Right away, she set me at ease and I could tell she tapped into my current situation... I felt very connected and understood. She helped me cut a karmic cord which relieved a great amount of emotional distress. With her guidance - and her guidance from the angels - I was able to make an important decision about my career path and also work on healing myself and my relationships. Rachel is the real deal!"


"The attunements and stuff from the TAG group has increased my intuition in a big, big way. I am now aware of the fairies and the unicorns and mermaids that surround me. I'll have moments when I can feel nudges, as if the unicorns are nudging me in a certain direction. They have truly been helping me live a more focused and inspired life. The fairies bring me joy. They are so light and fun. And just the other day I became aware of a mermaid (because of Rachel) and later had a mermaid healing! It was amazing! And then there's the galactical beings that have pushed me to do some deep work on healing my past. I can feel them surrounding me when I go to sleep at night. It is such a weird feeling, but they have really helped me tune in to a part of my past that I wasn't even fully aware of. This has been a blessing 😍"

Rachel B.

"Rachel has Transformed my Being in so many Profound ways!! Through her Sound Healing, I have let go of what is not necessary in order to Rise, Rise, Rise. Through Rachel's Meditations & Attunements, I have met so many of my celestial & galactic team including mermaids, unicorns, dragons, dolphins.. & the list goes on!!"


"I loved Rachel's fairy attunement, just as I love all her sound healings and attunements. As someone with a lot of air element in my makeup, this attunement was exactly what I needed for grounding and being in my body. What followed has been a time of creative inspiration and manifestation with these fun, magical beings. They awakened my inner child. And did I mention how beautiful her singing is? Thank you, Rachel!"


"I received a channeled angel message from Rachel and it was unbelievable! I love the format and that it is recorded so I can listen to it over and over again. The messages were so powerful and exactly what I need to keep on track. I go back and listen to them often. The channeling is so fascinating and her methods are very unique! I also purchased activations for 5 angels and the ones I have listened to are powerful. Highly recommend and encourage you to take the leap if you’ve been been on the fence!"


"I released a self destructive pattern I’ve been carrying for 30 years during an intense personal EFT session a few weeks ago. I am experiencing freedom like never before. Very grateful. Rachel - thank you!"


"The Blue Avian video was AMAZING!! I saw so many colors and vibrations. I slept so well. And woke up feeling so clear and connected to energy flow."


"My Sound Healing session with Rachel was amazing! Her ease of releasing and moving energy was subtle yet very powerful. Her most beautiful voice as a healing tool created such clear tones that I could get lost in the moment as I felt my body become lighter. Rachel's connection to spirit and messages of reassurance helped me get back to a better headspace and diminish my negative self-talk. Before the session, I had been on the verge of tears for days with many things that were weighing on my mind. In the four days since the session, I have been much lighter, less worried, and a lot more smiles! My family has noticed a difference. I've also felt more balanced and back to normal. Everyone could benefit from a session with Rachel!"


"Since I joined the TAG group a few months ago, I feel like so many things have changed for the better in my spiritual growth. The first thing that changed was that I learnt that I am never alone and it is possible to communicate with all kinds of elementals, guides and guardians that do actually seem to intervene and want to communicate. For myself, I have also learned how to be more at peace, find calm, and center which makes me more pleasant to be around. So no matter what you are searching for, there is something here that can help you."


"I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on several occasions. I purchased her unicorn, dragon and fairy activations. Let me just say, I was skeptical at first...who knew these really existed? Now I am a true believer and so ecstatic to have met these three guides of mine. My unicorn serves an important purpose of helping me heal my physical ailments. My dragon uses his breath of fire not only for me, but for my clients, helping them cleanse and release. My fairies are always there during my sessions, working hard at also clearing chakras and extracting what no longer serves them. I feel blessed to have met Rachel and to have received these powerful encounters!"


"Rachel, I am so grateful for your talent and help! Since our [Family Relationship] healing sessions, our kids are playing with each other again!!! For the last 2 weeks, we have noticed a significant shift. We are all lighter and more connected as a family. I thought we had lost those close sibling relationships forever. It is amazing and I am so grateful!!"


"These beings help me with so much in my daily life. The mermaids help me flow with a hectic schedule, the fairies make me laugh and they play jokes here and there, and I feel all of them helping me to both keep my heart open and see light in everybody, especially in situations where I would have struggled previously."


"All of the elemental and ET attunements and meditations have given me greater access to my entire team, which I use during healings and also access to communication with the clients’ team 🙌🏾"


"The meditations especially the Lyran and Blue Avian ones cleared up so much for me. Often I fall asleep so soundly at least for two hours after Rachel's meditations and feel like things are healed. I can even feel my guides standing over me as well during that time. Also love the dragon and dolphin attunements. They both make me feel more positive. Elementals totally changed my life, I just see more love and positivity."

Megan H.

"As hard as it is to describe the refinement of energy into communication, I’ll try. The Unicorn Energy, If I had to put it into words: sweet, playful, nurturing, warm, refreshing, enthusiastic, hopeful, reassuring, unique It was a journey through a field of delicate flowers and the Divine Feminine. It’s similar to fairy energy in the sense of how words would describe it, but in the sense of refinement, it is absolutely different. So, it is only the experience that tells the tale."

Rishi V.

"I absolutely LOVE Rachel! What she offers is so needed at this time! I've attended Spirit Circle on multiple occasions and was blown away! At one point, I felt my core / spine vibrate from top to bottom and felt I was meant to be there in that moment. I have had many healing experiences with her sound healings, etc she offers through VIP on her site. Thank you for all you do Rachel! You are a diamond in the collective and you are valued and appreciated!"

Melanie L

"Spirit Circle with Rachel and Janene: I was the last one to get a reading in my first Spirit Circle, they were spot on. Their information was rich and dense, I am still uncovering the connections. The veil has been opened and I will continue to make the connections that they outlined for me. Also the validation that I received gives me a calm knowing that I can trust my intuition. Plus, you will meet some of the most caring women in town."

Meg G.

"When I attended my first Spirit Circle, I had no idea what to expect. I had hoped I would have some passed Loved one step forward and tell me everything would be ok. Instead, I was introduced to one of my spirit guides and told of my spiritual protectors. It encouraged me to attend some of the other classes and healing sessions she offers. It is a GREAT experience."

Lorraine C.

"I have recently been attending Spirit Circle. Rachel and Dr. Janene are amazing with their gifts. They are so in tune with each other! I feel renewed after I attend their class, and that I have learned something new about myself. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, I highly recommend you attend Spirit Circle! You won't regret it!"

April E.

"After attending an Elemental Master class with Rachel (my first introduction to her) I couldn’t wait to go to the Spirit Circle hosted by Rachel and Janine. I had already connected to the other side through claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsalience and I’ve always known my grandmother (who died before I was born) was with me. In Spirit Circle I sat next to a lawyer working on a case that got the most amazing message uncovering something huge for her! Following that I was like bring on my message! Janine picked up my grandmother right away. Rachel confirmed my strong clairs and even told me my guides were reassuring me I was a good mother. That week I had doubted myself and it was the perfect thing to say at that moment. I’ve been back to 4 more gatherings and if I could go every month I would. I love every message I’ve received through Janine and Rachel, thank you both for what you do."

Jenn D.

"I love that she makes spiritual growth and healing fun. She is truly magical. Her meditations have helped me access the best parts of me. ❤✨"

Shannon P.
TAG-VIP Member

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