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Beginners Package

The world is changing and many of us are being strongly called to Spirituality. Our Spirit Guides want to help us do well in this life! This TAG Beginners Program helps you learn all the basics about becoming a Lightworker and connections. to the Elemental and Angelic Realm.. If you feel you aren’t quite ready for the TAG Lightworkers Program, then start with the TAG Beginner Program with 11 full programs to help you begin your journey!

This is now just a Program Bundle of 11 Programs, not a membership. Please note these programs are also INCLUDED In TAG Lightworkers Membership.

This is for you if :

🌟You are new to spirituality and wonder if you are experiencing ascension symptoms.

🌟You are already getting downloads and information from Spirit Guides, Elementals, and Angels, but want to open your psychic clairs more to really understand them.

🌟Or you might have shut down your gifts because you were afraid to use them as a child, and are ready to re-open them to hear your Spirit Guides.

🌟You struggle with issues of shadow work, empath boundaries, protection, or abundance and want to learn how to spiritually overcome these issues to live your best life.

🌟You are feeling the call to help and heal others and to do something meaningful with your life.

🌟You know there is more to your life than what you are experiencing now.

Transformation and Ascension Group Beginners Program

Imagine :

🌟 Learning to connect with Angels, work with Elementals, and even make a safe energetic space for yourself and your family.

🌟 Learning about the basics of working with your energy system—your own aura and also basic healing techniques to use.

🌟 Raising your vibration and frequency and opening your psychic senses.

🌟 Learning to protect your energy and the energy of your space.

🌟 Connecting with Spirit Guides, Archangels and Elementals, Unicorns, Dragon, Mermaids, Dolphins, and Fairies.

🌟 Joining a community of like-minded people who are on a spiritual journey, too!

🌟 Helping raise the vibe in your home community and in the world by sharing your Light with others!

🌟 Healing any abundance blocks you have—not just money, but all areas of lack in your life.

🌟 Learning how to call on Elementals and Angels to help you in your everyday life.

🌟 Meeting your Personal Unicorn and Personal Dragon to help guide you in this life.

are you ready for trance channel image

Do you think you might be a Lightworker?

🌟 You might be entirely fascinated by being a Lightworker, but you don’t know where to begin your education or studies.

🌟 You might have read some books about ascension, transformation, or even galactic origins and lightbodies, but you aren’t fully sure of yourself yet.

🌟 Or you might be worried that this whole thing is evil and you are going to face hellfire and damnation if you learn more (what I refer to as Religious Trauma).

🌟 Finding a group of like-minded people who are on the ascension journey is like finding gold.

🌟 Learning to connect with your Spirit Guides and Psychic Senses is pretty awesome, too!


Hi! I’m Rachel Chamness, Lightworker and Ascension Guide

I love helping Lightworkers step into their Light Path!

I want to help you discover your soul’s authentic Light Path, and to create flow and alignment with your highest self

I help connect my clients through sound healing attunements with Mystical Beings, Galactic Beings, Spirit Guides, Elementals, and Angels who stand beside us as guides and helpers, but vibrate at a higher frequency. Once attuned to their energy, you will learn to receive messages from them for yourself! I can also help you open your psychic gifts to receive the messages more strongly.

This is Right for you if :

🌟You are just starting to learn about working with your psychic senses.
🌟 You’d like to learn techniques to easily raise your vibration.
🌟You’d like to start learning to work with simple tools like oracle cards and pendulum.
🌟You’d like to learn to connect with Elementals and even loved ones who have passed on.
🌟 You are interested in easily manifesting abundance.
🌟You love fairies, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, and other elementals and want to learn to work with them.

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over 11 programs including:

Chakra system image

3D Chakras Master Class + 4D & 5D Chakras

Guardian Angels and Angels ingage

Connecting with Archangels, Learn How Angels Help

Protection, Shielding, and Angel Fire Master Class

Deepening Your Connection with Spirit Attunement

Abundance image

Full Abundance Program

fairy door tag beginners image

Connect to Elementals: Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Dolphins, Dragons

Trance Channeling Psychic Medium Image

Open Your 8 Psychic Senses Meditation

pendulum image

Beginner & Advanced Pendulum Techniques

Trance Channeling with Oracle Cards Image

Learn To Use Your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards

11 full programs PLUS BONUSES!!!

Psychic Attachment and Entities and what to do image

Clearing and Shielding Techniques with April Lindevald

Dream Protectors and Protection of Dreams from Megan Heldens

Eagle Spirit Animal Channel Image

Working with Our Animal Helpers Masterclass with Maggie Wolf

Channeling Archangels, Stellar Gateway 5D Chakra clearing and Extra Protections with Megan Heldens

Traveling, Protection, and Shielding Techniques with Dragons with Kim Erickson

How To Work With Archangels Master Class

Clear and Ground in Less Than 11 Minutes Video

Releasing Karma with Megan Heldens and Archangel Faith

Shadow work How image

Shadow Work 12 Part Series with Kim Erickson


Does the Beginner Bundle have access to the TAG-Lightworkers exclusive Facebook page with weekly lives?

This is no longer a membership, but now just a stand-alone package of the first 11 programs of TAG and a few TAG examples.

How can TAG Beginners help me with Ascension?

TAG helps you to be able to tap into and understand your light bodies, receive and understand your gifts, heal yourself and share healing and messages with others. Click the button below to explore the 11 programs inside.

What is a Sound Healing Attunement and how will it help me?

The Sound Healing Attunements are connecting you to concepts and beings by raising your vibrational signature to match what you are attuning to- whether it is to connect to unicorns or to attune to higher abundance!

When you are connected with a Light Being through an attunement, you will be able to connect with them— either through Spirit Signs, or direct communication— depending on your level of how open your psychic clairs are— attunements really help open these connections & clairs as well!