Sound Waves Heal Question Mark With Human Face mixed

One – Question

Get an answer to a burning question, a quick healing, connection to a spirit guide, or be connected to your Starseed Moon or Beings in this short but powerful healing or reading session.
✨ Get Answers from Spirit for a Question
✨ Meet a Spirit Guide & get a message
✨ Healing a Chakra
✨ Cutting cords
✨ Clearing aura
✨ Starseed Connection
✨ Starseed Moon Connection

I will connect with your guides and address your main concern and answer it in detail. You will NOT get a short sentence or two; you will get depth, honesty, and accuracy you can trust!

Sound Waves Heal Feather and Birds

Energy Clearing

If you are feeling low vibration, anxious, or not yourself, this remote session can deeply clear your auric field, 13 Chakras, cut cords and remove attachments & psychic implants, clear past lives & negative energy blocks that are causing trauma and, as time allows, bring forth a message from your Spirit Guides.
Sound Waves Heal Meditation

Light Path Sessions

This Light Path Healing & Guidance will come from a place of truth, light, compassion and support. This deep healing will be channeled and supported by high vibrational Spirit Guides and Illuminated Masters with channeled help and advice for your Light Path and Purpose in this life.

This inner focus time will support you by connecting to your higher self and Spirit Guides as well as making sure that blocks and problems are cleared to give way to deep healing. This session begins with an energy clearing session, then gives way to deeper healing and information for Soul Guidance.

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