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Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic Multidimensional Healings & Readings

This Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing and Guidance is channeled from higher vibrational Beings of the Light to help you vibrate at your highest level. It is time to find the vibration that aligns with your Soul’s Journey in this lifetime.

This deep upleveling healing will be channeled by Rachel Chamness, to help you clear, uplevel, and heal more deeply — to shine as the Lightworker you are.

This inner focus time will support you by connecting to your highest dimensional Highest Timeline and your Spirit Guides— as well as making sure that blocks and problems are cleared to give way to deep healing— so that you may manifest your highest timeline with joy.

Sound Waves Heal Practitioners are also available to request clearing of your home, deep clearing of your aura and chakra system, channeled readings with Master Merlin, and Multi-Dimensional Animal Healing.

Need an answer or fast help from Rachel?

✨Pocket Insights on Voxer App with a 48 hour turnaround time.

✨For Mentorship, Mini-Clearings, or Insights (Questions for Spirit).

Need an answer or fast help from Rachel?

Mini Session

✨Clarity Reading on a situation, a message brought forth, or Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing on a simple problem. Get information on Guides, Starseed Helpers, or be attuned to a Light Being, or hear from a past loved one. Remotely recorded and sent, not live.

Loving Words

I did the one question channeling and it was amazing, I did one with another person but deep down knew it wasn’t right and instantly connected to what Rachel was channeling to be true and accurate. I then let her do the same for my 11 year old daughter. Amazing !!! 

Sarah Ratcliff

Distance Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Sessions

✨ Deep Shamanic Channeled Auric and Chakra Clearing, High Dimensional Connections, 5D- 13D Upgrades, Soul & Light Path Illumination, Healing & Resolving Wounds/Past Life Trauma/Problems and more, Messages from Spirit. Available in 75-minute Sessions: Birth Portals, Surgery Sessions, Live EFT Shadow Work. Zoom or Remote & Recorded.

Rachel is such an amazing healer. She has helped me on my journey of finding my life and light path in many ways. Her readings are incredible and so helpful. I highly recommend her Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Sessions! I finally got one and I could not believe the amount of spiritual and emotional healing I experienced in such a short amount of time. I felt like I had gone through a year of therapy in about 45 minutes, lol! It was profound and I felt this lightness in my body as if she had removed years of pain from childhood. She is a beautiful light!

Rachel B.

Rachel is one of the kindest, most positive humans I have ever met. She truly cares for people she is helping, and she is there for you all the way. It is refreshing to have her follow up after the session, to make sure everything is working for your best interest. She kindly answers any questions or addresses concerns you might have.

I have had clearing sessions, attended her spirit circle, took light language course— and every time it was an enlightening positive memorable experience where I learned something new about myself. Rachel is very gifted healer and I recommended her to many of my family and friends.
Vaiva K.

Knoxville Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Sessions

In Person Sessions: Multidimensional Channeled Auric and Chakra Clearing, High Dimensional Connections, 5D- 13D Upgrades, Soul & Light Path Illumination, Healing & Resolving Wounds/Past Life Trauma/Problems and more, Messages from Spirit. Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Readings & Connections, EFT Shadow Work.

Loving Words

I found Rachel when I “accidentally” came across her card in a local gift shop. I joined her Facebook group and scheduled a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing session with her shortly after. It was amazing! All of these things ultimately led me to become a member of her TAG Lightworkers group. Since meeting and working with Rachel, I feel spiritual growth is happening rapidly. I can’t get enough! It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself emotionally and spirituality in a very long time. I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough!

Laurie W.

Donation Based Group Shamanic Healings

I wanted to bring healing to the collective, donation based. I hope that in this way, you can receive a healing, no matter what your circumstance. These Group Healings help heal the Collective, to bring us & our Beloved Earth to a higher plane by releasing stuck trauma— together. Available for any donated amount, for deep collective and individual healing.

Loving Words

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of Rachel Chamness group healings. They are mind blowing— Amazing! It’s like magic as she uses her healing modalities to gently clear you and set the healing in motion. You feel so wonderfully relaxed, It’s like an internal soul massage. 

I’ve also had long time pain in my body just disappear like it was never there.   After Rachel is finished with the healing, I noticed I feel absolutely fantastic and so high vibe!!! 

Melissa Frink