What is Light Language?

Light Language Podcast Episode

What is Light Language?

Light Language is an alternative energetic healing modality that comes through in a variety of different ways, from symbols to language, tapping or drumming, singing (toning), art, body movement and even dancing. What is beautiful about this Language of Light is that it always comes from the Light, from High Vibrational Beings, to help you do healing work.

It is a language of vibration. The sound or vibration of Light Codes, and it includes sound healing and toning. It is a form of channeled healing. The Attuned Healer brings in the sounds of the Light Codes, or the drawing of the Light Codes on various mediums, which brings healing Light Codes, which can be seen by those who see clairvoyantly.

Those who are familiar with energy healing would consider it to be a multi-dimensional communication modality through which Divine Spirit can send messages, healing, and light codes to your higher self, DNA, and your physical body. Light Language can originate from Source/God/the Universe or it can be from High Vibrational Beings such as Star Beings from different planets, Angels, Illumined Masters, or Elemental Beings (like elves, fairies, or unicorns).

Light Language Light Codes Image
Light Codes by Advanced Practitioner Kerri Mouch

What does Light Language do?

Light Language can connect you to higher realms, higher vibrational beings, spirit guides, multi-dimensional or extra-terrestrial Languages. It connects you to Spirit, God, or the Universe. Can connect you to your Higher Self. Can connect you to nature or elemental beings.

It bypasses the analytical human mind so that you can truly connect and activate knowledge from your Higher Self. It brings Light Codes to assist our healing on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. This Multidimensional Language restores you on all levels and can heal the etheric level of the body. Light Language heals and can add higher frequencies to a person’s DNA. It can heal cellular memory and even help with working with the Akashic Records.

Light Language connects you with your Higher Knowledge to bring in healing you have worked with before, in a past life where you were a higher vibrational being. You can use this recall for healing and transformation for yourself and others.

What are the Benefits of Light Language?

This Healing Language Modality can heal Chakras, realign distorted neural pathways, remove mental blockages, and recalibrate brainwaves. Light Language can bring the mind into a healing state, bring peace, align you with your True Self/Soul and build your Light Body for Ascension.

What does Light Language Sound like?

Light Language can sound like a foreign or extra-terrestrial language. It can also sound like animal sounds, clicks, tones, or it can be musical as well. Toning, the Sound Healing word for singing sound healing, is one way this Language of Light comes through as sound.

As I come from a musician background as a professional opera singer, much of mine is toning. Though my voice is trained, I have heard many people who have never sung before sing it quite beautifully with a vocal support of a singer. It is really remarkable to witness.

This Language of Light can also be used to help with writing music or using a musical instrument. I use mine for piano and writing music often. I also attune others in my Advanced Light Language Attunement Session to be able to bring this Language of Light through their preferred instrument.

Speaking in tongues is also one expression of Light Language. Even though many people who suffer from Religious Trauma may shudder at the thought of speaking in tongues, speaking in tongues is in fact, spoken Light Language, when it is true and from the Light. Speaking this Language of Light is quite a powerful healing tool, as powerful as all the types of this healing modality.

What does Light Language look like?

Light Language can be expressed through the body in what looks like sign language, dancing, or expressive hand and body movement. This is another way that this healing modality brings Light Codes to the viewer. The dancer brings forth the codes to you through intention and movement.

Light Language can be seen by some as colors, symbols in the air, sacred geometry, codes, and frequencies. It can also be seen when Light Codes are written into art or on paper.

What are Light Codes?

Light Codes are channeled healing symbols brought by higher dimensional beings in the form of codes of light. These beings could be Angels, Spirit Guides, Galactical Beings, or other Universal Beings. The Light Codes may be seen or felt with an open psychic sense or seen within the mind’s eye.

Light Codes image
Healing Light Codes

Those with clairvoyance may see Light Codes or even write them into being as art or other channeled Art. They may be brought down to the third-dimensional earth with hand or body movements or with Dance.

These Light Codes can be from many different kinds of Light Language and can look different to different people. Though you may instinctively know what a Light Code is for or what it means and may even be able to translate it, it would not be the same for another person and the next time you see that same code, you may get a different meaning or healing intention from it. The meanings of Light Codes are not fixed; they are mutable.

How to Learn Light Language

This Language of Light is activated in the body by an attunement. An attunement tunes the body to be on the same vibration as this Language of Light.

There are times when a person is attuned by hearing Light Language, a natural attunement. This can be because their soul recognized the language itself, from a former life. We will discuss more about natural attunements later in this article.

What is Light Language Activation

The Practitioner uses intention and Light Language, itself, to open the student’s body and etheric body to be attuned to it. Like tuning a piano to be a certain pitch, the Attunement tunes you to the Language. Your Light Language attunement experience may not be the same as another’s, as there are many millions of types..

How do you know if you are attuned to Light Language?

In a Light Language Activation, the practitioner should have a method to check if you are attuned and that the language of light is activated within you. However, the intention itself is enough to attune you. If someone has attuned you to it, you are attuned, whether you believe it or not. You may be attuned to one type of expression such as toning, drumming, speaking or you might be attuned to several.

In the same way, you might be attuned to one Language of Light or you may be attuned to several Languages. Your Language may be extra-terrestrial or angelic, or it might be something different. It is possible that you might feel each version of Light Language differently, or you might not feel anything at all when you are working with this modality but it is still working.

Sacred Geometry image
Light Codes Image

Are some people attuned to Light Language naturally?

Yes, some people have become attuned to it just by listening to another expressing this healing modality or by looking at this Language of Light’s Codes or Art, or even attuned by Spirit. This is a natural attunement and can involve just one Language, or include many. When a person is naturally attuned, it can be spontaneous and even a little frightening.

Some people who are naturally attuned might want to be attuned again later on in life for more Languages or ways of expressing it. For instance, if a person is attuned to the Lyran Light Language of speaking, perhaps they would like to also be attuned to toning, drumming, or movement. Perhaps they would like to be attuned to other Language origins of it.

Should I just Wait to be Attuned to Light Language naturally?

Should you? This is a question to ask yourself. The natural attunement may one day happen… possibly. But if you are being called to something, I always believe it is a Spirit Sign from your Spirit Guides to take a leap of faith. To take a step toward your future to claim it.

Still not sure? Ask for a sign from your Guides! Or.. maybe you did and that sign led you here.

What if you have questions about the origins of your Light Language?

Perhaps a person naturally attuned would like to know what Language they are speaking and what the reason is that they have this healing modality—what is the purpose for their Destiny or Light /Life Path? I address these questions in an Advanced Attunement.

As a Medium who has been attuned to this Language of Light for many years, I have the ability to bring through any type of this Language to attune a person. My Light Path is to help others find their Light Path so I can also bring through your purpose and destiny with this Language of Light, which is something I really love and enjoy helping people with.

Light Language Light Codes Image
Light Codes by Practitioner Olivia Paige

What is Light Language Healing?

The healing brought by this Language of Light brings Light Codes for healing the body, mind and connecting you to your Higher Self, or Soul. These Light Codes help heal and bring up your vibration, and you can feel the change almost instantly. The sounds of it is very calming and can be quite beautiful.

What Do you Use it For?

The main purpose, at this time, is for healing. It is a modality that creates a bridge from higher dimensions, from the practitioner’s Soul, from higher realms of Light. It brings forth healing written in light vibration—the essence of sound and light.

Some believe that we are seeking or naturally becoming attuned to these Languages of Light so that we can speak with higher dimensional beings when they come here to our planet.

What does Light Language feel like?

As a Light Language Practitioner, I feel a connection to the Divine when channeling this light in any expression, although toning is my favorite. I feel my vibration rise, a joy and happiness in my being. I may feel buzzy all over, or slightly “high”. I feel peace and even tingling in my hands or in the middle of my forehead, where my third eye sits. I feel the language flowing through me and I feel the Light Codes as well as see them in my mind’s eye, coming in. I see the Light Codes as gold symbols or sacred geometric symbols. I feel them though, most of all.

What does it feel like to listen to this healing modality? It can feel much the same way: you may feel buzzing all over, you may feel lightheaded or like energy is shifting in your body. You may feel suddenly sleepy, which is a sign that your body is acclimating to higher energy. You will likely feel a lift in vibration and in spirits.

Light Language Symbols & Meanings

This Language of Light uses many types of symbols, in many ways. As I mentioned above, these symbols do not always mean the same thing in every context. If you are drawn to symbols and wish to understand them, then I recommend being attuned to, or attuned to more Languages of Light, or even being more deeply attuned in an Advanced Attunement.

I think about it like letters in the alphabet. You may understand all the letters in the Standard American Alphabet. That does not mean you understand every word that uses these letters, or every language that uses these same letters. Much like the letters are symbols which are part of a whole word or sentence or meaning, these symbols can be used for many different meanings and understandings.

It is possible that as a Practitioner of this healing modality, you may have certain symbols that have come to be a language that you understand when you see them. That is slightly different. For you, these symbols are a sign, an understanding, a language between you and your Spirit Guides who are guiding you in this channeled healing.

Light Codes and Light Language icon
How to Learn Light Language?
Light Codes drawn
in an Attunement Class during
the Art Attunement Practice Portion

How Many Types of Light Language are There?

There are infinite types that originate from many realms and types of high vibrational beings. Languages come from all different beings of Light or Higher Vibrations such as Angels, High Vibrational Galactics (vibrating at Fifth or Higher Dimensions), Elemental Beings, Ascended or Illumined Masters (often these types of beings such as Merlin, Mary Magdalene, or Yeshua can also be described as Galactic or Multi-Dimensional Beings.

There are also infinite types of expressions of those languages. Just like there are different dialects that can be associated with specific regions, there are different types of expression of Light Languages coming from every corner of the universe. Also, different sets of High Vibrational Beings might use Light Codes or these Languages a little differently.

6 Most Common Expressions of Light Language

These Languages of Light come through in sound, movement, and light. The most common types of expression come from 6 forms, which I use to attune students of my Light Language class to.

  1. Toning or Singing
  2. Drumming
  3. Dancing or Body Movement
  4. Sign Language or Hand & Finger Movement
  5. Art or Drawn Symbols
  6. Speaking

There are many other types of expressions as well. You can use it to play any instrument, to write music, or to influence any activity you wish, once you are attuned. I love to use mine when I am working on the piano and see what happens. I am not a very good pianist, but I end up playing beautiful music when I try this.

Wolfgang Mozart was said to write his music perfectly in ink, without mistakes. It was some of the most divine music ever written. According to stories, he heard it and copied it down—he channeled it. Perhaps it was Light Language? Mozart’s music has been known to have healing effects as well as an effect of organizing the brain, dubbed The Mozart Effect.

How to Speak Light Language

Once you are attuned, it is very easy to use. Like many healing modalities such as Reiki or Sound Healing, intention is key.

  1. Making sure you are clear and fully present. You make an intention for this healing. For example, you might set the intention of bringing peace.
  2. You begin the Light Language, allowing it to flow through you in any expression it wishes until you feel it has finished.

It is that simple. It will flow effortlessly. If it does not, you should ask yourself again, Am I clear? Am I connected to Higher realms, to my Higher Self, to Source? 

If the answer is yes, then look to number two: Am I truly allowing this expression to flow through me, without trying to control, analyze, understand it or make it happen? Once these questions are addressed, if you are attuned, it should flow quite easily.

Light Language Geometry image
Example of what Light Codes look like

How Does Light Language Translate?

Because Light Language is made of channeled codes and symbols that might originate outside of earthly context and understanding, people who channel it might not be able to fully (or even partially) translate what comes through. That doesn’t make it any less powerful, though.

Can You Translate Or Interpret Light Language?

I find it takes some practice bringing this Language through before you begin to understand what you are channeling and saying. However, I find it does not always translate the same to those listening. Sometimes the words and symbols are interpreted differently by everyone in the room.

Though the Light Codes contained within the Languages can be sometimes the same, I believe they are translated differently because everyone is receiving a more personalized message. Some people understand immediately what is coming through, and some understand the concept or overall idea. Others bring it through without knowing what it is. No matter what, it is still just as powerful in every one of these ways of channeling this healing modality.

Light Language Connection to Sacred Geometry

How is Light Language connected to Sacred Geometry? Sacred Geometry is connected to all life and all expressions of life, therefore it is connected to everything. Consider the Flower of Life. It is the form human beings take as their initial cells split into a more complicated form.

The Light Codes that are brought forth with the vibration of sound made by this Language of Light may appear as sacred geometry. Many people who see the light codes see them as sacred geometrical shapes. I definitely do!

What’s Sacred Geometry?

Some believe that the Universe was created with specific mathematical and geometric proportions taken into consideration. Many different religions incorporate these geometric designs into their holy sites and many civilizations have used them as a basis for their own artwork and architecture. You can find out more about Sacred Geometry in my Masterclass.

Understanding Light Language Activation

Light Language Activation and Its Mechanisms

In the spiritual domain, Light Language Activation is often associated with spiritual awakening and healing. The concept is rooted in aligning our body’s vibrations with the high-frequency vibrational patterns of Light Language. The process is often initiated through an attunement, a process that fine-tunes the body to be harmonious with the vibrations of Light Language. This alignment opens new pathways for deeper understanding and connection with higher vibrational beings, spiritual guides, and the universe.

Once attuned, individuals may experience a wide range of spiritual experiences, including better intuition, connection with higher self, and an enhanced ability to express through Light Language. People who are naturally attuned often exhibit a heightened sense of spirituality and sensitivity towards energy shifts from a young age. However, it’s also possible to consciously work towards attunement, exploring your unique spiritual path through resources like TAG Beginner Package.

Interacting with Light Language

While some individuals are naturally attuned to Light Language, others may have questions about the origins of their Light Language. This is where Sound Waves Heal comes into play, offering comprehensive courses and guidance for individuals seeking answers about their spiritual journey and Light Language.

Light Language Light Codes Image
Light Codes by Certified Practitioner Kim Erickson

The healing modality of Light Language extends beyond mere speech or sound. It can manifest as bodily movements resembling dance, or hand and finger movements akin to sign language, allowing practitioners to channel healing energy and transmit Light Codes.

Demystifying Light Language Symbols and Expressions

Decoding Light Language Symbols

In the realm of Light Language, symbols, often referred to as Light Codes, play a significant role. These symbols are understood to be channeled healing messages from higher dimensional beings, including Angels, Spirit Guides, and Galactical Beings.

Light Language Symbols are more than visual representations; they carry potent vibrational energy that can be perceived by individuals attuned to Light Language. With the mind’s eye, practitioners can see or feel these Light Codes, experiencing a profound sense of understanding and connection with the universe. You can learn more about this on the Light Language page of Sound Waves Heal.

Exploring Light Language Expressions

Although Light Language is a spiritual concept, it encompasses tangible expressions that one can learn and practice. There are 6 most common expressions, including toning or singing, drumming, dancing or body movement, sign language or hand & finger movement, art or drawn symbols, and speaking.

Each form offers a unique path to express and connect with the Language of Light, opening up myriad avenues for spiritual exploration and healing. To learn more about these expressions and the power of Light Language, you may consider enrolling in a Light Language Course or a Reiki certification at Sound Waves Heal. For those looking for community support, joining the TAG community is a great place to start.

Learn More about Sound Waves Heal Light Language Attunements

This Modality is a powerful combination of different uses of channeled Languages from various High Vibe Beings. While you might not be able to exactly interpret it using logic, you can often understand its intention. This Language comes through in a variety of different ways, and a person can be attuned to work with different forms and expressions of it.

If you are interested in being attuned to this Language of Light, check out my Classes below to be attuned!

Rare Live Class on March 23rd! See below. Use your TAG or DivN8 Coupon to receive over 45% off!

2022 Update: Check out my new Sigils & Numbers Attunement Class and my Advanced Light Language Attunement, as well!

Read more details and questions answered below!


  1. Christian Stonebraker

    what is the basis, if there is one, for the written light language? are there characters, elements, symbols and such of basic sound/word building? or is it a conglomeration of collected wisdoms, symbols and exercises etcetera working to support a dynamic and fluid idea? subordinate to improvised spontanaity or firmly settled in traditions and practices? i support the notion of new forms, provided their foundations aren’t flaky or cracked. not too flaky or cracked, that is.

    • Rachel Chamness

      Written light language can be millions of things – from light codes to be absorbed visually to language from other realms, planes, and planets. They can be anything! Once you are attuned to light language, you may find after some time you will begin to understand what it is you are channeling- you may know right away or it may take time. For me it took about 2 years… as I was more of a beginner then.


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