Trance Channeling


Your Spirit Guides, energies that are an integral part of you, have the core purpose to watch over your life and give you guidance. They initially connect with a part of you through “Intuition” and messages you get on a daily basis. This program will allow you to explore several different ways to channel your Guides and be able to receive and give messages for yourself and others. I will guide you to learning this technique in the safest way possible and will be there for you personally to guide you through this process.

In advanced levels, you will be attuned to bringing through any High Vibrational being, additional advanced protection techniques, belief in yourself and your talents, how to cross Spirits to the other side, how to bring in celebrities and passed loved ones, personal help & guidance to find your Light Path purpose in this life. You can become a Master at connecting to any kind of spirit helper, bringing their messages and healing, and finding your own niche in the psychic world. This is a life changing Course with four levels offered online.

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Trance Channeling


Sound Waves Heal Level 1


Meet your Closest Spirit Guides and bring through their Messages & Healing with Mediumship

Learn to safely channel your own Spirit Guides with protective techniques and loving personal guidance and practice in a live class with a small group. Meet and channel your 5 closest Spirit Guides in four different ways. You will receive a pre-session program to help open your clairs more and begin this beautiful journey to psychic mediumship and a beautiful relationship with your core helpers in this life.

Next Available Course: Fridays November 5th to December 10th, 10:00am-12:00pm CST

Sound Waves Heal Level 2


Channeling All Beings: Galactic, Elementals, Angelic, and your Client’s Guides.

In this advanced class, once a week for 6 weeks, you will learn to safely trance helpful beings who are not necessarily your Guides. You will learn to trance an Angel, Galactical Being, Elemental, Dragon, and a Sound Healing Guide and learn to trance your Client’s Guide. They will help open and strengthen your psychic senses even more to specifically help with Mediumship and relaying messages in a compassionate way. You will be able to reach out with your mind to bring to you a being who has the answer for the questions you seek and to bring forth powerful healing with your voice for anyone (whether you sing or not)!

Prerequisites: Trance Channel Mediumship, Level 1 + Light Language Certification + Reiki 1

Sound Waves Heal Level 3


Mastering the Call of Mediumship, and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing

Are you ready to call yourself a Master Psychic Channel? Become a Channel for powerful high vibrational beings who wish to speak through you regularly. Learn several layers of the extra protection needed at this level. Learn safe ways to communicate with all kinds of beings.

Meet your Partner Guides who wish for you to Trance them often. Become a Master in this powerful technique and earn a certification in Liquid Reiki Sound Healing as well!

Prerequisite: Reiki 2, Advanced Trance Channel Mediumship, Level 2

Sound Waves Heal Level 4


,Channeling the Dead & Completed Training for Mediumship Expertise

At this final level, you learn how to get messages from all types of human souls. Learn to bring forth the client’s past loved ones, and passed human spirits.

Learn how to turn this ability off and on or deepen it, so it isn’t taking over your life. Learn how to construct psychic waiting rooms and extra protection. Be initiated into Seeing beyond the Veil with a Ceremony with Great White Spirit. Private instruction or Class of 3, with 3 Classes.

In this level, trance is not always the goal.. just contact and channeling. However, trancing crossed over people is up to you, since you are already a Master before taking this level.

Prerequisite: Reiki 3 Master, Master Trance Channel Mediumship, Level 3

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