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Empowering you to channel light, sound, and messages for healing
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Rachel is such an amazing healer. She has helped me on my journey of finding my life and light path in many ways. Her readings are incredible and so helpful. I highly recommend her Liquid Reiki Sound Healing [in Light Path]
Sessions! I finally got one and I could not believe the amount of spiritual and emotional healing I experienced in such a short amount of time. I felt like I had gone through a year of therapy in about 45 minutes, lol! It was profound and I felt this lightness in my body as if she had removed years of pain from childhood. She is a beautiful light!

Rachel B.

I found Rachel when I “accidentally” came across her card in a local gift shop. I joined her Facebook group and scheduled a liquid Reiki and sound healing session with her shortly after. It was amazing! All of these things ultimately led me to become a member of her TAG-VIP group. Since meeting and working with Rachel I feel spiritual growth happening at a rapid fire pace. I can’t get enough! It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself emotionally and spirituality in a very long time. I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough!

Laurie W

Sound Waves Heal Star Circle

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your Helpers & Spirit Guides, helping you get information on your Light Path (Life Purpose), deep healing, clearing, & resolving wounds, past life trauma, problems and more. Attune to Spirit Guides, Starseed helpers, galactic moons, solfeggio tones and more.

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Psychic Mediumship Development

Step into your psychic power and safely access psychic messages from your Spirit Guides to help your journey on this life and be able to use it to help others as well. Open your Psychic Clairs and learn techniques to help you form a business as a lightworker and bust through your insecurities.
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Light Language Attunements

Learn to bring forth profound Multi-Dimensional and high vibration Healing and Divine Light Codes in just two hours, using channeled sound healing. This attunement will have a profound action in magnifying your skills as a Healer and your Psychic Senses will be enhanced. This class helps anyone, from beginner to advanced Lightworker.