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Empowering you to channel shamanic healing and higher realm messages for yourself and others.


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The Atlantis Connection: Uplevel & Advancement for the Intuitive Lightworker RETREAT

May 5- 11, 2004, Enorme Santanna Beach Resort in Ierapetra, Crete.

🐚Come join us on this life-changing retreat for a transformative experience, one that can help you uplevel your spiritual practice and hone your Lightworker skill sets.

🌊Are you feeling that it’s time to truly remember why you came into this life as a Lightworker?

☀️Are you ready to stop playing small and finally start investing in yourself and your advancement so you can reach those big ‘someday’ goals?

Registration in February 2024 ONLY

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Light Language Workshop & Attunement with Rachel Chamness, Live Zoom

March 23 at 1pm EST – rare live class offering, $144, includes digital program as well, TAG Coupon available.

💫Be attuned live to Light Language in 6 Ways, by Rachel Chamness, in a live class. You will earn a personalized Certificate and also learn how to Attune others.

Learn to bring forth profound Multi-Dimensional and high vibration Healing and Divine Light Codes in just two hours, using channeled sound & light healing.

🎁You will also be added to an online Video Attunement Course, replays, and get a Certificate. Learn more about Light Language here.

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Accelerated Channeling Mastery Program

2 Hours Once a Week Zoom Online 22 weeks + Online Programs 2x a year. 7 Courses included, 9 months total. Begins now.

Are you being called to bring forth shamanic and higher dimensional healing, light, and messages? To speak with all types of Higher Light Beings and bring through their guidance and healing? This complete course will have you channeling advanced multidimensional healing and messages confidently and expertly, even if you haven’t done it before.

This complete live Program is 22 weeks, once a week, and includes live instruction, protection, practice, replays, programs, and block clearing. You will receive 5 Advanced and Mastery Certifications, and 3 months for further expansion afterward.

What to know more? Read more on the page (link below), fill out the application for qualification, and I will contact you. I hope you will join us on this amazing journey! Limited Availability

5D Channels & Chats with Rachel Chamness Podcast Image

5D Channels & Chats with Rachel Chamness Podcast

Every Monday, on your favorite streaming channel

Listen to my Podcast across all streaming channels for channeled messages of Higher Dimensional Beings, advice for Lightworkers, talk of Higher Dimensions, Ascensions, Timelines, occasional Chats with other Intuitives.

Includes Sound Healing, Trance Channeling,  “Stories of the Universe” with Zabayo a hybrid Zeta-Arcturian,  Ascension & 5D Chats with other Channels & Intuitives, and practical Lightworker Information.

Live in 5D Thursdays image

Live in 5D, Weekly Facebook Live

Every Thursday at 12pm EST, in 5D Daily: Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions Facebook Group

Following my Podcast every week, I go live in my Facebook Group for Healers & Channels called 5D Daily: Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions.

Here I talk more about the Podcast subjects, and answer any questions you have. Tune in live on Thursdays or the Friday Streaming Replay! Join our community of Healers & Channels!

Sound Waves Heal Star Circle

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Personal Sessions

Deep Shamanic Channeled Auric and Chakra Clearing, High Dimensional Connections, 5D- 13D Upgrades, Soul & Light Path Illumination, Healing & Resolving Wounds, Past Life Trauma and more, Mentorship, and Messages from Spirit.

This Self-Care time is available on Zoom, Remote - Recorded, or Local in Fountain City.

Accelerated Channeling Mediumship Image

Accelerated Channeling Mastery Program

Learn to Channel Healing Light & Sound, Light Codes, and Tranced Messages from extroardinary higher dimensional Beings of Light.

Become a Master Healer & Messenger who works in Higher Realms and Shamanic Healing with my Accelerated Channeling Course. Are you ready? Let's connect and find out. Limited Spots. 22 Live Courses, 9 month program.

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Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Community

Lightworkers and Starseeds, join our incredible community for Beginners to Advanced Spiritualists, to enhance your journey to ascension, connect to higher dimensional beings of light, open your Psychic Clairs, and more. Increase your Psychic Healing and Channeling Skills, and CONNECT with many Beings of the Light for Healing and Messages. Weekly Lives, True Upleveling, and Community.


Rachel is such an amazing healer. She has helped me on my journey of finding my life and light path in many ways. Her readings are incredible and so helpful. I highly recommend her Liquid Reiki Sound Healing [in Light Path]
Sessions! I finally got one and I could not believe the amount of spiritual and emotional healing I experienced in such a short amount of time. I felt like I had gone through a year of therapy in about 45 minutes, lol! It was profound and I felt this lightness in my body as if she had removed years of pain from childhood. She is a beautiful light!

Rachel B.

I found Rachel when I “accidentally” came across her card in a local gift shop. I joined her Facebook group and scheduled a liquid Reiki and sound healing session with her shortly after. It was amazing! All of these things ultimately led me to become a member of her TAG-VIP group. Since meeting and working with Rachel I feel spiritual growth happening at a rapid fire pace. I can’t get enough! It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself emotionally and spirituality in a very long time. I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough!

Laurie W