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March 06, 2020

What is Claircognizance? This Clair is the psychic knowing Clair. It’s when you just know something—deep inside you—and you don’t know why you know it, but you know you do. 

One common theme among people with Claircognizance is that we can always tell if someone is telling the truth or lying.

This is my strongest Clair. It was the least threatening or scary Clairs of mine when I was a child, so I never tried turning it off. I remember vividly that I always knew whether a person was home to answer the phone by the first ring with incredible accuracy. This was back in the 70s before people had answering machines!

It feels to me as if I am a human pendulum. My whole body gives me a yes or a no feeling when I ask a question. Others describe Claircognizance information as the feeling of a thought passing through, or as a memory or knowledge directly downloaded from a past life or a Spirit Guide, and sometimes even words coming out of your mouth, without you fully realizing what you are saying.

beautiful girl in a wet white shirt and a water dragon
Aqua girl with wet shirt in a spray of water a liquid dragon before her

Claircognizance is commonly referred to as intuition. Your strong intuition is actually your Claircognizance! Your Spirit Guides give you information, and it is translated to your body as a deep feeling of truth or knowing. Because it doesn’t have a vision or sound, it can be hard to own. If you have a history of “ignoring your intuition”, then you learn pretty quickly that your intuition is correct once you start paying attention to it!

How can Mediums use Claircognizance to better our accuracy? We can use it with Clairsentience to help get to the heart of the matter. (Read about Clairsentience here) We can use it to translate other Clairs… by asking, “Is this correct?” when we get a message through another Clair and waiting for the distinct feeling of yes or no.

If you need help learning to trust your Claircognizance, you can use a pendulum as a backup. Even though my Claircognizance is strong, I use a pendulum regularly. I just like having that extra confirmation.

In the second class of my Advanced Trance Mediumship 2 Course, we trance a dragon who helps us strengthen our Claircognizance. The dragon that came to me in the meditation was a Royal Dragon from Saturn named Drakonus (haha, yes I also thought that his name was rather obvious, but that is what he says it is!).

Drakonus says his job is to Oversee other Dragons, riding the currents of energy, helping and watching over other dragons. He also helps to smooth any energy that needs it. He is a teacher and came to help me teach and to learn. His biggest message to and through me was about trusting your Claircognizance, and to watch how you deliver your message as a Medium.

When delivering a message, you can describe the way you are receiving the message. For Clairvoyance, it might be “I see …”, or “They are showing me …”. For Clairaudience, “I hear …” or “They tell me …”. For Clairsentience, “They are giving me a feeling of …” or “I feel a feeling of …”.

But when you know something. it might be more difficult to say. You might say something like, “I am getting a strong sense of …” or, “What I am getting is …”. I often use the phrase, “I feel that …” which is a phrase I have been trying not to say, because I feel like it sounds weak. But the truth is, I am feeling the message from a sense of knowing, from my Claircognizance.

So, Drakonus brought a message that the Dragons are happy to help us, but sometimes they get a little challenged sharing a message with us in a way that we can translate. So, sending us feelings or knowing feelings might be the best way for a Dragon to explain a message to us. They might know how a person or experience feels, but not be able to find the right words to use for us.

The Dragons also want us to understand that we are the source of some of the messages we are getting; our connection with our Higher Self and Spirit Guides shouldn’t be overlooked when we are appreciating the guidance and healing we (human Mediums) share. Of course, they love it when we show gratitude for the help we receive from them, but we shouldn’t overlook our own place in the process. We should give credit both to Spirit and to ourselves.

Sound Waves Heal Claircognizance, Mediumship, & Dragons
Sound Waves Heal Claircognizance, Mediumship, & Dragons

Be careful about the words you use and the belief you have for the messages you receive and share. You don’t want to hamper yourself or the way you understand or just know messages. Make sure that you don’t use words that downplay or make yourself feel like you don’t believe in the messages you receive.

Drakon oversees a lot of different types of beings to help them smooth out any messages—or help them receive their messages or be in a better place—by sending a little bit of energy to the Medium.

Dragons want us to call on them—even DAILY! You don’t need to worry about calling only on your personal Dragon, but you can also use cards or your intuition to call on a dragon who will help you out. The Dragons want to help us as much as possible.

Whew! That’s a lot of information to share with you. Basically, if you just know a message, you don’t have to doubt it because it isn’t visual or easy to describe. We all use feelings to understand the world, and there are times when our connected perceptions pick up things that we have no way of knowing. The Dragons want to help us with our Claircognizance, and there are times when sending us knowing feelings is the easiest way for them to share a message with us.

When working on opening yourself as a Trance Channel Medium, you will really learn to use all of your Clair senses. The Elementals and Beings—like Dragons—that come through during class will help us to understand how our messages come to us and also strengthen the way we receive our messages. 

If you are interested in taking a Trance Channel Mediumship class, the next one will start on March 3rd. The class runs 5 weeks and you should try to make a commitment to be there for all of the online practice if you can so I can teach you how to trance channel your Guides. Find out more information about the Trance Channel Mediumship class by clicking here.

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