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Learn to bring forth profound Multi-Dimensional and high vibration Healing and Divine Light Codes in just two hours, using channeled sound healing. This attunement will have a profound action in magnifying your skills as a Healer and your Psychic Senses will be enhanced. This class helps anyone, from beginner to advanced Lightworker.

Learn 6 ways of bringing forward healing Light Codes and Frequencies, how to find other ways to use this in your life, and how to attune others. Channeled Light, Sound, and Art for healing at your fingertips. Classes are online with small groups, offered a few times a year. Or scroll down for a deeper level Private Attunement.

Sound Waves Heal Music note with Heart
Sound Waves Heal Drumb
Sound Waves Heal flower Hair of Human Head
Sound Waves Heal Human Dance
Sound Waves Heal Notebook and Pen
Sound Waves Heal Two Hands Sign
Sign Language

This is an Attunement, you become attuned to the frequency of Light Language in this class.

Light Language is a Multidimensional Language of Frequencies, Codes, and Colors & Sacred Geometry to connect to Spirit and receive Healing. It activates your Higher Self, Your Multidimensional being, your healing power. It opens & clears chakras, removes blockages, awakens soul memories, builds your lightbody, aligns with True Self AND SO MUCH MORE!

This is a great way to become a Sound Healer in just 2 hours. Even if you can’t sing at all, you will be able to tone healing sounds and bring forth light codes for healing and attuning others with your voice. You can also learn to use it in many ways: sacred drumming, sacred art, speaking and signing with hands, even beautiful healing dancing for yourself and others. Learn how to apply this so that you can use this for any purpose and can also attune others.
Attune to Light Language and bring forth Light Codes in 6 ways:

Advanced Light Language

If you want to Advance your Light Language to the next level, I can help you get deeper and get more detailed with your personal languages, bring needed light codes, answer your questions, and bring you to a higher level of Personal Light Language for you in one private session with Advanced Certification (sign up below in Private Session).

In this one hour Advanced Light Language Session, we invoke your Light Path with your specific Light Language. I will help you identify your purpose with Light Language, and attune you to more Light Languages that will be personally useful for that journey.

This increases your Light Language channel of power, and helps you understand how you were meant to use this modality in your life. This also helps you teach your specific type of Light Language, if you wish.

We will cover speaking and toning (singing), and whatever styles you prioritize in this hour: Drumming, Art, Signing, Movement, or  your musical instrument. This is perfect for those wishing to enhance & advance their Light Language to be able to teach a deeper more personalized class.

You can also use this one hour session to be attuned to Light Language for the first time NOW, earning a regular Light Language Certification, instead of waiting for the next class of 10. You can also use this Session to be attuned to a Specific Light Language or any additional Light Language Help you need.