Reiki Healing Everyday Uses

Why should you be attuned to Reiki?

What is Reiki? How does Reiki Healing work?

Reiki Healing is a modality of light discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century. Though Dr. Usui discovered this method of channeled healing, he did not invent it. Dr. Usui wanted to learn how an ordinary man could use channeled healing from God to heal others. His experimentation and insight are how Reiki Healing began as a modality that can be taught to anyone.

Reiki healing is channeled from Source/Universe/God and comes through the body of the Reiki practitioner and out of the practitioner’s hands. In this way, the Reiki Practitioner is using channeled healing light to heal with, and not their own light. Also, the Reiki practitioner receives what is called “The Reiki Kickback”, meaning the practitioner also receives Reiki as it runs through their body.

Reiki is something I use every day of my life

Reiki is a profound healing technique I use in some way every single day.

When you learn about Reiki in a class or attunement, you are taught the Japanese word Reiki is a combination of the words Rei (Universal) and Ki, which you might know as chi or life force energy. Basically, you are attuned to, or plugged into the energy of all that is in the Universe, or God’s healing energy. Reiki is placed within your aura, and within your palms and you are attuned to its energy so that you may begin to heal others with it.

Reiki was something I once misunderstood as being bad or evil

When I first heard of Reiki, I didn’t want to use it. Why not? I had the mistaken impression that Reiki was evil, bad, or dark energy.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Reiki isn’t dark or evil at all. It is a form of energy we all have access to, and it is directly from Source (also understood as Spirit/Universe/God). 

When my best friend became attuned to Reiki back in 2012, I saw how it transformed her life. She relaxed into a calmer, more connected, and healed person. When I saw the positive choices and changes she was making in her life, I realized Reiki healing wasn’t bad. Honestly, would you think something bad or evil would cause such a profoundly positive transformation in a person’s life? I don’t.

After my friend’s transformation, I knew Reiki was what I needed to give me a push into a higher vibrational life.

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Reiki healing can never be used for bad intentions and it can never be evil

Reiki is never bad or evil, dark or sinister. It’s just not possible for it to be, because it is Universal Life Force Energy, or the channeled light of healing from Source/God.

Once I did more research about Reiki, I understood that even if a person who was a Reiki Master lost their connection to the Light or went through a dark phase, they couldn’t use Reiki to harm someone else, hurt others, or even hex or curse them.       

Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that heals the person who is channeling Reiki as well as the recipient. It is the healing flow of Life Force Energy used by Jesus and Buddha… and maybe even The Jedi in Star Wars! (Much of that series is so channeled.)

It is true that Reiki healing might cause some drastic changes in the student’s life as the student adjusts to a new higher frequency. These changes might temporarily sting, like putting distance between the student and their friends or lovers who aren’t good for them or even encouraging the student to get a new job or career because the student realizes the career just doesn’t resonate anymore. Even though there might be a few changes in a person’s life—and change is often uncomfortable—those changes pave the way for a happier overall life for the student, going forward.

The bottom line is that Reiki is impossible to direct toward doing harm. Any sort of temporary negative effects should be seen as change agents that will help a person to live a life that is more positive and fulfilling in the long run. 

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Reiki Healing: 6 ways I use Reiki every day:

I use Reiki every day in my life, and it has helped me to make positive changes in my life in the following ways:

  1. Clearing my Chakras with Self-Reiki in the shower or in my office chair. Before I even start my day, I clear my Chakras with Reiki energy. That’s how I know I am more aligned and in a more peaceful and optimistic space first thing in the morning.
  2. Mixed in with my Liquid Reiki Sound Healing in my Light Path Sessions. When I perform sound healing sessions, I add Reiki to the mix. It combines with a variety of other modalities I call forth, like channeling, intentional vocal sound healing, and Light Language, to give an extra level of healing energy in my sessions.
  3. Clearing my crystals, which you should do in some way, often! I use Reiki to clear my crystals and other tools I use for my healing work. Reiki doesn’t harm crystals or cards in the same way water, salt, or sunlight might, and it works at a deeper level than sage.
  4. Helping my son when he gets sad or anxious. My 9-year-old son is sensitive and, like most kids, he goes through anxious phases or gets sad. Reiki healing helps me help him feel more grounded, centered, and calmer. He even wants us to use Reiki on each other, after upsetting events or discussions.
  5. Clearing and programming my food & drinks for health and healing. One of the coolest things about Reiki is that you can use it to help make your food be more healthy and nourishing. You can also use Reiki blessings to program your food to aid in making you healthier, feel younger, or help you heal an illness. Water can really benefit from Reiki and I like to Reiki my water for clearing. I love to teach this in all levels of my Reiki classes… 3 different levels to Reiki water!
  6. Protection for my house, my loved ones, and myself. Reiki is not only healing, but it’s also protective. You can clear the energy of your home or office space with Reiki energy and also use it to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Other ways I use Reiki Healing:

  • As a part of the TAG videos I make every week. Reiki energy is a big part of my TAG VIP Membership program and I use it before and in all of the videos I make for my group. This helps to ensure students are protected while they are learning and makes the content more healing in general. It also helps bridge the gap between time and space from my healing to you, so that it is effective whenever you watch it.
  • If I have pain in my body or a blemish on my skin, I will use Reiki energy to speed healing and make sure that infection doesn’t set in, especially if I am run down or more exhausted than usual. There are several Reiki symbols that assist with all kinds of infections and pain, even anti-cancer symbols!
  • Sending healing to the world. Many Reiki practitioners send healing to the world every day, especially when environmental catastrophes are happening, like the fires in the Amazon in 2019.
  • Sending healing to hurt animals. In the same way I send Reiki to myself or my clients—or to the world—I also send Reiki to hurt animals that I see on my social media feeds, on the news, or even in my own neighborhood, using a distance Reiki 2 Symbol.
    This is one thing I feel is so important that I include animal healing in my Reiki 1 course. I know how much people value their pet relationships and want to be able to work on their pets.
  • Sending Reiki Healing to my past or future. Did you know you can send healing to your past or future? With Reiki 2 symbols, you can send Reiki healing to a specific traumatic event, or any place in your past that needs it. And for the future? You can send yourself a Reiki Boost for a future time when you might need it, for instance for an upcoming surgery, for your first week back at work after time off, for that week your in-laws come to visit! :p
  • In sessions for others, or for sending a quick Reiki + Angel Fire Boost. Last but not least, I use Reiki to help my clients heal and change their own lives. Reiki is something we can use not only on ourselves, but also on friends, loved ones, and even complete strangers.

In fact, the original practitioners of the modern Usui Reiki practice used Reiki to heal others. One of the original Reiki miracles performed by Dr. Mikao Usui was to heal a person’s infected tooth. Usui’s student, Chujiro Hayashi, was a naval physician who used Reiki to treat his patients. Reiki has been used to help others right from the start.

And Reiki can start helping you right from the start, too.

Once you set the intention of learning to use Reiki, the energy starts working on and in your life. Your life will begin to change for the better, your vibration will rise, and your life will improve as a result. It might not shift dramatically; it might be more a subtle stream of change that makes things better and better in little ways. 

Reiki is always expanding, too, so you might find your own ways of using it that I haven’t even listed here. It is a very personal practice, so you can try working with it in different areas of your own life, in different ways, and see what positive changes and shifts start happening. 

What is a Reiki Session image

Reiki Healing Sessions: What are they like?

Reiki sessions can be very relaxing and healing. The Reiki Practitioner will have you lie fully clothed on a massage table if you are having an in person session. If you are having a distance session, your Reiki Practitioner will ask you to lie down at the appropriate time and relax.

A Reiki session consists of a series of hand placements over the body without touching the body for the most part. Some Reiki practitioners may use touch, especially if they are also massage therapists. Most do not use touch, as it is not necessary to touch the body or use any pressure with Reiki.

During an in-person Reiki session, you may feel different sensations from the hands such as warmth, or heat, cold, or vibrational frequencies. You may feel chills as meridians in the body open. You may feel short bouts of dizziness, tingling around your head or higher chakras. You may feel heat or energy moving in different parts of your body as well.

You may feel relief, or even strong emotions come to the surface to be healed. This is quite normal, as Reiki can heal all parts of the person: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

What should you do during a Reiki Session?

A Reiki Session is very relaxing. You can sit in a chair or lie on a massage table, fully clothed. You should let the practitioner know if you have any physical, mental or psychological pain or problems.

If a memory or a strong feeling comes up in the session, this is normal. It would be good to share what you are feeling with the practitioner so they can work with you on a deeper level regarding the issue that is coming up for you at that time.

Afterward your Reiki session, you should drink plenty of water and rest for the remainder of the day to integrate the healing you have received. A salt bath would be a nice addition to your nightly routine the day of your session, as well.

Certification and Attunement to Reiki

When you become attuned to, or aligned on a deeper level with Reiki, it can cause profound spiritual growth. I find it really opens your psychic senses as well!

After you are attuned to Reiki, you might be even more aware of the energetic vibes or frequencies of the people and things around you. You might become more sensitive to things like the news and movies that you were able to tolerate before your Reiki attunement.

Don’t worry too much about increased sensitivity. It is showing up to teach you where to put your energy for a higher vibration life. Learn to Reiki yourself and use it to protect your own energy, and also to heal the world around you.

As I mentioned before, you can use Reiki for a variety of different things every day, from healing and protecting yourself to healing and protecting humanity and the world around you. Because Reiki doesn’t have negative side-effects, you can use it on the very young and the very old without worry.

You will receive a certification from each Level of Reiki that you are attuned to.

Self Reiki Image

Reiki 1: Introductory Reiki Certification

Reiki 1 Certification opens you up to Reiki for self-healing. You may work on others for practice, including family and friends. You can also Reiki objects, plants, and depending on your class, animals. Many teach Animal Reiki in Reiki 2, but I find it an important part of Reiki 1 and so I include it in my Reiki 1 Class.

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Reiki 2: Reiki Practitioner

Reiki 2 certification opens you up further to Reiki energy. This can feel like a great deal more channeled power of healing coming through and is even more enlightening. As a Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner, you may now open a business as a Reiki Practitioner!

In Reiki 2, you will learn how to use Reiki Symbols to create more energy for healing, and to heal over long distances as well. A distance session can also be called a remote session, or a virtual session. These remote sessions mean that you can send Reiki to anyone in the world, at any time. The Reiki practitioner can use a Reiki Bridge Symbol to send the Reiki.

I personally like to use crystals to represent the body when I do a remote Reiki session. Other people use a stuffed animal or even a picture of the person they are working with.

I teach all of my psychic healing techniques in all of my Psychic Reiki Healing Courses.

Crystals image

Reiki 3 Master Teacher:

Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki 3 are the same class in the Original Usui Ryoho Reiki Certification. It is not split into two separate paid courses*. This certification completes your Reiki Training. You are now a Master of Reiki at this level. You may teach and attune others to Reiki, and you now have more information, knowledge, and experience with using Reiki.

I teach many extra classes in all three of my Psychic Reiki Healing Attunement Courses because I believe they are very helpful for becoming a Master of Reiki. I add many of my own teachings that I downloaded from Spirit to the class, including how to do a Birth Portal Session, how to do a Psychic Surgery Session, how to send Earthbound Spirits to the Light, Reiki Grids, and how to add extra healing to your Reiki Sessions… in fact the list keeps growing, check it here.

*Some teachers offer part of this class as Master Practitioner without the certification to teach, but I don’t believe in doing so. This is because I have not met anyone who didn’t wish they had finished the whole training. Most believe they won’t be teaching Reiki but change their mind as they feel called later.

Reiki Healing Hands Image

I’m curious to find out how you would use Reiki energy if you were attuned, or how you use it if you are already attuned. Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it.

Learn more about Sound Waves Heal Psychic Reiki Healing Attunements

What is Psychic Reiki Healing?

I teach my own Psychic Reiki Healing Certification now which is Usui Reiki + my personal Psychic Healing techniques I have downloaded from high vibrational beings. These healing techniques help you open your psychic senses more and work in higher dimensional realms of healing.

I now offer my own Psychic Reiki Healing Certification, Level 1 & 2 by Video Class + Live Personal Attunement appointment!! You can start your journey immediately, on your own schedule. Videos are 4 minutes to 10 minutes long, exactly like the full class I have taught for years.

Check out Reiki 1 Certification below— includes extras like full abundance program, protection programs, full instruction, history, certification and more. Or if you are attuned to Reiki 1 but not sure you learned anything, check out my course without attunement here.


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