All about Blue Avians

Blue Avian Channeled Messages and all about Blue Avians

3 Separate Channels I received from Blue Avians + Who are the Blue Avians?

In this video, I trance channel Alaparabeam, the Blue Avian in December 2019.

Also in this article.. more recent channels and all about Blue Avians!!

Alpar-a-be-am is a Blue Avian Being. He is one of my Daily Helpers and Spirit Guides. This Intergalactic Channeling Spree was actually HIS idea. Alpar, as I call him, hangs out a lot and is actually a great helper to me to bring in more galactic creatures. When I first made the leap to start channeling galactics, he came first, to help and guide me. He has been a friend and helper and is always around- showing me his blue orb that he is near.

What do Blue Avian Galactical Beings look like?

Blue Avians are tall stork like beings, but they are humanoid. They have blue feathers, and their faces are eagle like. They aren’t always male or female but can be gender neutral but they are fine with you associating the softer energy Avians with being female. It does not bother them. Alparabeam seems male to me.

He also likes to show me blue birds to get my attention. Do you feel a connection with Blue Avians? They may be helping you as well. If you do, you might be hearing the Lightworker Call yourself!

Blue Birds bring messages from Blue Avian Beings Image

Who are the Blue Avians, Where do they come from?

Blue Avians are high vibrational galactic beings who vibrate at the 9th – 13th dimension or density— there are several types of Blue Avians. They eventually told me they are from the Planet Kir which is no longer in this dimension, but is in some other dimensions outside our time.

I see them in a spaceship, or a place that is similar to a spaceship. They are tasked with helping Earth for Ascension at this time. I have talked to several of these amazing beings.

Blue Avians resemble storks with blue feathers. They are very kind and helpful. They have no egos and only want our best and highest good. They have no agenda except to help us with Ascension.

Alparabeam Blue Avian image by Rachel Bergeron Bergin
Painting of the Blue Avian, Alparabeam, by Rachel Bergeron at

As I sit here, adding more information to this post in 2021, I hear him say that this message is just as applicable now as it was then.

This can be applied to the whole idea of Ascension, which we are in. And the sound healing will help you as much today, as you are reading this (any time). They are here to help us.

2021 note: Another Blue Avian came to me recently, and gave me an incredible message. I will write it two more channels below this one.

With Trance Channeling Mediumship, I let the beings speak through me. This is what some people call a full body channel. I practice great discernment, care, intention and protection to do this and I teach an entire channeling program that includes many levels of protection, healing, discernment and more, called Accelerated Channeling Mastery. It is a great honor to allow my vibration to rise high enough to let these beings speak through me and send their healing through my voice.

Blue avian feathers inmage

Here is the Blue Avian Alpar’s message:

Hello and welcome. 
Glad to see you here. 
I know that if you are here,
you are interested in furthering your path
and readying yourself for Ascension.
This is the reason I have come to this planet
for I am right outside in a ship with others 
watching and waiting for Ascension, 
here to help, waiting to help even more.
Some of you have spoken with us and seen us
And we are here to help you through this time of Ascension 
which has begun since the 12/12 Portal on December 12th
12:12 am, Eastern Standard Time.
We know your heart. 
We want to help you ascend.
We want to assure you it will not be painful or sad—
You will not be separated from your loved ones in the way that you worry.
Many of you worry.
This one also has worried but we have assured her and we assure you, it is nothing like that.
There will be light—a bright light and we will help you if you wish.
Work on yourself, on your triggers, on your heart, on your self-love, on your self-talk, on the way you treat others.
Let go of judgments; let go of fear.
Sit in meditation.
We are here and we help you now and more when we meet in person.
We thank you for your duty as a soul to come into this dense, earthly body which is quite painful to come without memories
and to live amongst such density.
We thank you.
Hold on. You can get through any sad time.
Ask for our help. Meet your guides. Continue your path.
And we thank you.
This one is asking me to give you some healing, and so I will.
I want to send you some healing to heal fear.

Listen to Video for the Channeled Sound Healing.

Spaceship Blue Avian Blogpost Image

There have been many Cosmic Portals since this date.

There have been many portals since this 2019 recording. But Blue Avians continue to help us as each of these portals of light come into the body to help us with ascension. And we continue to integrate this light that comes from them. When we have a cosmic portal, we may get tired and lethargic. It may be time to ground into earth, walk barefoot on grass and sit in sunlight, if weather permits.

More about Blue Avian Beings

We connected with Blue Avian beings in my TAG VIP Group, in 2019. They were the first group of galactics who came through to connect with us. In that month, we heard channels from 4 Blue Avians:


Here is a channeled Blue Avian message from that month:

“We come for peace to your human hearts – open and receive to find where you go next.  
We can help heal situations and light absences in your aura field. We can connect you to more help.  
Helpful People,  
Healing Heart & Ego,  
Forgiveness & Love,  
Appreciation for what you do have , 
Light codes for the missing piece of the puzzle within you,  
Consciousness & Ego , 
Presence & Love”

What’s great is that the Blue Avian month is now a program in my Transformation & Ascension Group. All the months going back to 6/2018 are all preserved in the TAG Library. There are over 60 programs to date, each month a new program to be connected to new beings through sound healing, receive healing, manifest, and learn.

In the Blue Avian month, we each also received 4 Blue Avian Spirit Guides in the meditation. I love when that happens! That happens often in TAG!

Spaceship maybe Blue Avian image

2020 Channel with Blue Avian Don-EL

I met a Blue Avian named DonEl when working with telepathically connecting to Helpful ET’s in the galaxy in on 7/11/2020. His message was surprising to me! I received two channeled messages but the mosquitos outside were so terrible I had to go inside! His name was DonEl and he had a surprising message to me, that made sense why Blue Avians wanted to be the first Galacticals I channeled!

1st channeled message with Blue Avian DonEl:

Welcome, we are near, we bring gifts of peace to your world. Hold on for we come in greater numbers to help you move forward to the lighter parts of your reality.

We come from many places, but together. We come in hope peace and love. Things will rapidly improve soon,

You must just hold the faith a bit longer. Go inside now and rest, we will come to you again later (the bugs were unbearable at this point).

2nd channeled message with Blue Avian DonEl:

He told me I am an “emissionary” for the Blue Avians. I was on their council (!!) – he called me their “impassioned voice”. (Yes, they say “emissionary”- not missionary!! They use it as a similar word to mean a representative where they experience something through another.. there is no English word for this, of course.)

He showed me giving a passionate speech for the council and them agreeing to let me come here on Earth! He told me to embrace my passion and impulsiveness and said they picked my birth date/ natal chart to reflect this in this life. This was so surprising to me, because I had been reflecting and doing shadow work that week on my impulsive nature! Here was something I felt bad about myself that was actually on purpose, and important!

I asked why? I am not a Blue Avian. They said: We sent you here to hold the light and spread it. We are aligned with you. You come from many places.

I did receive a message at this time that they may call themselves the Kir. But we can still call them Blue Avians!

It was a beautiful channel that still makes me smile when I think of it. I see them around me often and I love when they come forward with messages for me. Thank you for allowing me to share these messages of these amazing creatures with you!

Their original planet is called the Kir, and they like to be called the Kir, if you wish. But they do not mind being called “Blue Avians”. They come in many colors, as well. I’ve seen white, yellow, red. They are so high dimensional and very beautiful beings.

2023: Lara Starr interviews me about fae, and I also channel Alparabeam at around 50 minutes in.

Are you receiving Spirit Signs from Blue Avians?

Perhaps you are seeing birds in a way that appears to you to be a Spirit Sign. If so, perhaps there are some Blue Avians trying to get in touch with you to help you on your journey!! I love to connect people with all kinds of beings, such as Blue Avians, Elementals and Angels in my TAG Lightworkers Group– would love to see you there!

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  1. Kelsey

    I loved reading all of this. I am brand new to Blue avions and their healing frequencies as of just today. Wow, My mind is blown. Thank you and please keep sharing. Oh, and I couldn’t get the video for the sound frequency to work. I tried to click on the yellow words and then I tried to click on the image and nothing worked.

  2. Richard David Gonzales ii

    Im in urgent need of help! for the last 2 to 3 years. ive had conta t with some being. They told me to leave my wife, i didnt listen for 2 years and the stuff Ive went through makes me believe its not her anymore. now false allegations to the police. They even talke dto me face to face. saying how long do you think we’re going to keep doing this. Im in urgent need of help. not to mention the dreams! Please help!


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