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What Clairsentience Is and How Mediums Use It

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Rachel Chamness

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February 20, 2020

Last week in Advanced Trance 2 Class, we worked with Elementals on Clairsentience and what it means for a Medium. For 6 weeks in this intensive class, we bring forward a different being to be trance channeled each week. The list includes Elementals, Galactic, Angelic, and more. Each being helps us in some way, and the Elementals we trance channeled (let them speak messages through us) last week brought a lot forward about clairsentience and what it means for Mediums. These beings also helped increase our clairsentience during the class.

What is Clairsentience? It is our Clair for feelings (emotions) or sensing things through feelings like a pain in your hand, tenseness in your stomach, etc. Clairsentient people may also be able to sense the presence of spirits. 

This Clair is most often associated with Empaths. People who have a strong Clairsentience sense make very good Counselors and Healers because they intuitively can feel into a person’s emotions, needs, and mental state.

One way Clairsentience works is in an Empathic way
—where we are feeling other’s feelings. When learning to be a Medium, we learn to understand that all of the feelings we have are not our own. You may feel despair, anxiety, or heavy energy, and suddenly realize the feeling you are experiencing actually belongs to someone else. If this happens, you can thank your Angels and Guides for the information and ask them to please stop giving it to you, or to cut it off/block it, unless you need it to better work with or connect with your client.

Another way Clairsentience works is through picking up on another person’s physical pain. Perhaps you might feel pain in your shoulder or stomach upset. This is another time where you want to thank your Guides for the information and clear it so you don’t have to feel their pain. If you are healing a client and you get this type of ghost pain, you can also ask for it to be dulled so you can know when it’s gone but don’t have to be in pain yourself.

If you are having these kinds of feelings regularly but do not work as a Healer or Counsel, then it is a sign that this is something you should be doing. You were born to be a Counselor or Healer if you have a strong Clairsentience sense—either for friends or as a career.

This Clair is so important for a Medium, Counselor, or Healer (maybe you are all 3!). We can use it to feel out the situation and client we are working with— to understand what kind of wording works best with this client. I find that many people react to different words and verbal or visual cues in a variety of surprising ways. Using your Clairsentience can help you avoid triggers for your clients and friends when giving messages.

Clairsentience can help you to give appropriate listening skills. Being a great listener is a trait of an Empath and Clairsentient person. Really listening can help you understand what is below the surface with your client. You want to pick up what they are saying, not in words, but in sentiment. This helps you get to the root of the problem or see through any sort of avoidance that a client might be consciously or subconsciously be expressing.

In this “seeing is believing” society, it can be hard to trust a Clair that is more about feeling than seeing. Clairvoyance (psychic seeing) is sometimes considered to be the most important Clair because of the way we view the world—that visual proof is the only proof. But we need to trust all of our senses. This is the most important work for a Medium. We need to recognize whatever Clair manifests for us and know it is a gift and a message from Spirit. To believe in this Clair is to believe in your own ability to receive messages—not just in pictures, but in feeling and other Clairs too.

It is also important to know when to use this Clair and when to dial it back. It’s important to find a balance so that you don’t end up triggering yourself in a session with a client. Learning to discern which feelings are yours, and which are your clients so that you can take your feelings—and importantly your judgement—out of the equation and be the conduit for Spirit to help others.

Becoming in-tune with the way that messages come through to you is an important part of working as a Medium, Counselor, or Healer. Being able to see things might be a well-known and trusted Clair sense to work with, but Clairsentience is also an extremely important tool to use when working with clients.

If you would like to open up all 8 (YES EIGHT) of your Clair senses, you can use this MeditationOpen 8 Psychic Clairs Meditation

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