Channeling Spirit Guides

Protector Spirit Guide is one of the 5 Inner Spirit Guides we all have- Here is me channeling My Protector Spirit Guide, who calls himself Bear, or Crouching Bear. I use Liquid Reiki Sound Healing to channel his Protection Light Codes to you.

Channeling Spirit Guides

Learning to channel messages from your Spirit Guides can be a great tool for everything from helping make decisions in your own life to protecting your energy (both psychic and physical), finding more joy in life, and exploring your psychic gifts. Today, we are going to talk about what Spirit Guides help you with, who they are, and how you can connect with their energy.

Personally, I work with Spirit Guides daily. I call them in right away when I start my day and I work with them in my courses, client sessions, and also to make decisions in my life. They are constant companions and I have benefitted so much from working with them.

Compass Image
Spirit Guides can help you find your way.

Do you have Spirit Guides?

Each one of us has a team of Spirit Guides assigned at birth and we can also learn to work with or pull in different Spirit Guides, depending on what we need to do. You might not realize you can work with them or how they guide you, but I can assure you that they are there. Your Spirit Guides are always with you and want to help you, but there are times when you need to ask them for help.

You see, we are all given a certain level of free will that Spirit Guides can’t really override or interfere with. Some of the decisions we make have to come from within us. While our Spirit Guides might long to help us—even if we don’t ask—they know that they have to wait for us to ask specifically for them to help with a situation, problem or your Light Path. Also, they might tell us something that we ignore, and that’s okay. (We are human, after all!)

They won’t get mad about us ignoring them, they’ll simply adjust according to our new needs or keep sending us the original message until we understand what we are supposed to do. They know that we each have a specific path to follow that will lead us to Ascension. They will do what they can to both support us and also give us freedom to choose for ourselves.

What are the different types of Spirit Guides? What are Spirit Guides?

Everyone has Spirit Guides. Like Guardian Angels, they are assigned to us at birth. Some of our Spirit Guides are our ancestors, some are Ascended Masters or helpful Spirits who want to help humanity ascend to a higher vibrational state. Others are animal or earth entities who are interested in creating better relationships with human beings and the world around them. Many of us also have Spirit Guides that come from different dimensions and planetary systems.

Some mythical beings or Elementals, like unicorns, mermaids, elves, fairies, dragons, and many others are Spirit Guides, too. They’ve worked with humans in a variety of different ways for so long that they have become a part of our stories and traditions. 

And, of course, we can also work and communicate with different groups of deities, including gods and goddesses from many different backgrounds and origins as Spirit Guides. Many times, these entities are happy to help humans in a variety of different ways and come from a very high dimension. 

Spirit Guides are non-judgmental, meaning they love you no matter what your past is or what you are feeling guilty about. They actually help you improve your life and make better decisions. 

Spirit Guide unicorn image

What can Spirit Guides help with?

Spirit Guides might help you do things like ‘find’ new courses to take that will help your career; they might lead you to a lovely neighborhood where you find the perfect home; they might encourage you to go to an event where you meet your perfect partner; they might lead you to look in a listing you never would have thought about to find a better job. Basically, Spirit Guides help us in all areas of life, but even more if we can learn to communicate directly with them.

Aside from helping out with day-to-day life guidance and advice, our Spirit Guides help with a variety of other things as well. They can help us discover and improve our own psychic gifts, access the Akashic Records and past life information, channel messages for friends and for clients, and also protect us from psychic attacks and energy vampires.

Our Spirit Guides also help us to make good decisions related to health and healing—for ourselves and our clients. Many times, our Spirit Guides help us find treatments that we had never heard of before or even just the right doctor or hospital to treat an illness or adhere to a protocol we believe in. They also help us deal with clients, patients, family members with healing modalities.

Spirit Guide Merlin Wizard Image
Merlin is a common Doctor Teacher Guide

Is my Spirit Guide only assigned to me?

Some Spirit Guides are very specifically assigned to us, like our Guardian Angel or Protector Guide, for example. Others work with a variety of different people, like our Master Teacher Guide. Even if one of your Spirit Guides isn’t only working with you, you can still call on it anytime you need to get help. Spirit Guides aren’t limited by space or time, and they can be in more than one place, doing more than one thing at a time. 

We have 5 Inner Band Spirit Guides who are mostly assigned to us only. Your Joy Guide, Protector Guide, Doctor Teacher Guide (aka Doctor of Philosophy), and Chemist Guide (aka Alchemist Guide) are assigned to you only. Even if one of these Guides is Jesus or another popular Spirit Guide, you can still be certain they are only in charge of you. That is because there are so many incarnations of these beings. (That is what they tell me, when I ask!)

Your Main Guide, or Master Teacher Guide as I like to refer to them, can work with many different people, and they do, outside of space and time.

Spirit Guide Yeshua / Jesus and Mary Magdelene Image
Yeshua / Jesus, Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdelene – common Spirit Guides

How do Spirit Guides Communicate with us? How can I work with my Spirit Guides?

If you want to communicate with your Spirit Guides, you can pretty easily open to communicate with them. This communication ritual can be as simple as setting an intention, lighting a candle, and getting into a meditative space to allow for. Open your mind to see what comes through. You might ask your Spirit Guides a specific question or leave things open to see what comes through to you. And then wait to see what comes up.

Some people see pictures or like short movies flowing through their mind. Other people might hear conversations or even songs that contain messages from their Spirit Guides. Sometimes, our Spirit Guides send messages so quickly that we just KNOW something. There are people who journal messages, which is known as free writing or channeled writing. In my trance channel course, we also communicate with channeled writing with the Doctor Teacher Guide, who is a great inner band guide to use channeled writing with.

Spirit Guides might also communicate by sending sensations into your body, like tingling in your Crown Chakra at the top of your head or your Third Eye Chakra. Or they might communicate by drawing your attention to different body parts so that you can communicate and work with them or get deeper messages from your body. You might feel nudging or a warming sensation in certain places or even see a map of your organs or bones above your body, when you communicate with your Spirit Guides and ask about health.

The important thing is that you have an open mind and you allow yourself to pick up sometimes subtle messages as they are sent to you to communicate with you. You might worry that it is just your imagination or you are making things up… You aren’t! Your Spirit Guides communicate with you through your imagination and sometimes their messages can be subtle or quiet. Once you learn how to work and communicate with your Spirit Guides, like you can in my Trance Channel Mediumship Course, you will be able to pick up on their messages and get psychic hits more easily. 

You can also ask your Spirit Guides to communicate by giving you a message or a Spirit Sign to let you know they are there with you. You might get a feeling of peace and comfort, hear a sound, or even see flashes of light in your field of vision. Again, be open to allowing your Spirit Guides to communicate with you in their preferred method. Let yourself be free to pick up on the messages they send, in the way they send and communicate them.

Spirit Guide Avalon Goddess Image
Goddesses can be Spirit Guides

Are any Spirit Guides bad or negative energy?

If so, how can I protect myself?

When I teach Trance Channel Mediumship, one of the first things I do is teach my students how to protect their energy so they are protected and only working with their most intimate Spirit Guides, who are only of the Light. There are entities or energies that try to attach onto or drain energy from Lightworkers. Like moths, these entities are attracted to the light given off by a Lightworker. 

If you are learning to communicate with Spirit Guides at home, there are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself and your energy as you tune into your Spirit Guide team. First, you might want to ask Archangel Michael to help keep your space safe and secure for channeling messages. You will also have a Protector Spirit Guide who can serve as a gatekeeper when you work.

My Protector Spirit Guide is a Native American named Crouching Bear. Bear not only protects my spirit and energy when I am working, but I can also channel Liquid Reiki Sound Healing that is filled with the loving, powerful, and protective energy I get from Bear. Have a listen in the video at the top of this post. Being able to communicate with Bear has helped me be so much more protected.

Spirit Guides Fae Land image
Elementals like Fairies, Unicorns, Elves, Dragons, Mermaids and more are common Spirit Guides, as well.


We are all born with a team of Spirit Guides who help to guide and support us throughout our lives. These Guides come from all kinds of different backgrounds and places, from modern and ancient cultures and civilizations, from different galaxies and dimensions, from the angelic realm, from the earth and earth energy, and also from our ancestors, as well as from other sources.

We can all learn how to communicate with our Spirit Guides, to get advice and messages—even healing—from them. Our Guides love to help us out, but sometimes need us to specifically ask them, because they have to respect our free will and life path. 

And, while some negative or dark energies can come through to us in our work, we can do things to protect ourselves, including learning to communicate with our Protector Spirit Guide (which you can do in my Trance Channel Mediumship Course) or by calling on the Angels and Archangels for protection.

If you feel like you might have gotten an attachment , I can work with you by clearing your Light Body in my Energy Clearing or Light Path Session

If you feel like you have a hard time connecting to Spirit Guides, try my free pineal gland clearing here.


  1. Judythe Forrest

    I I cannot tell you how I cried when you sang bear protection I am guided by bear medicine I’m beginning to channel both, and El lose I have a
    language that comes out of my mouth. I would like a session with you Also I want to be with the earth, tree element I need to learn to put my gifts together Can we possibly work together for you to guide. I’m still crying from this protection song I need to download it. Can you contact me or tell me how to contact you. I found you by looking for real channeled singing elves. I want them to help me find my new home but also open to more of the light language. judythe Can you work with me.

    • Rachel Chamness

      Thank you so much Judythe! I would love to guide you, and have sent you a PM! I recommend anyone who wants to work with me to check out TAG monthly Group, where I have over 300 videos posted like a Library, and post a new one every week to help you connect and meet more Guides, to learn all types of Lightworking Modalities and to open your psychic senses (clairs) more!! Of course I also have sessions and Courses! Look around my site or send me a message at in the chat box, or social media @soundwavesheal if you have questions!


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