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The Inter- Dimensional Channeled Masterclass with Thoth

The Inter- Dimensional Channeled Masterclass with Thoth

In this Inter- Dimensional Masterclass, Thoth is bringing forth the seven masters of great wisdom.

I’ll be trance channeling them, as well as Thoth.

He also calls them the seven overlords of wisdom in the Emerald Tablets— but we’ll call them the seven masters, and they are really just frequencies of light and vibration.

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TAG December: Web of Light with Gaia & Earth Goddesses: Starseed Mission

TAG December: Web of Light with Gaia & Earth Goddesses: Starseed Mission

This month is about balancing the Ascension energies because there is a huge amount of energy coming through this month with so many portals open and this is just the time. These Goddesses explain the Web of Light.

There are a lot of changes in the air with Ascension and we need to balance these energies because they are largely masculine in nature. That is because these energies are coming through for change and to really shift us and so a little balance with feminine energy is also helpful.

They have also come to help us with connecting to the ascension web of light in general, and understanding our starseed mission. Because we have all come here with a mission— and we really need to make the way for understanding of that—which is to that we need to vibrate a little higher, so we can get the information that we need.

Liquid Reiki Sound Healing channeled from Gaia to balance energy to receive information

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Druids & Priestesses of Avalon: Highest Timeline/ Akashic Knowledge Masterclass

Druids & Priestesses of Avalon: Highest Timeline/ Akashic Knowledge Masterclass

Trance Channeled Masterclass: Our Lady, Babesck, Mattagar, Geneaux, Francois, Ballatette and Siveign speak through trance channel Rachel Chamness to tell us what we need to know for our Highest Timeline and Good in the coming months of Ascension. If you like to listen so it has less pauses, you can set Youtube to play at a faster rate, such as 1.75x!

Accessing information from the Akashic records for our Highest Timeline and learning about Avalon rituals
Trance Channeled Message from Avalon for our soul group from Our Lady from the Temple of Isis (Magdelena)
Our Lady:
You were all beings of light in Avalon time— as all of us were— and of course you are a being of light when you are fully in your highest self or your oversoul.

There was much work that we did there in the temple of Isis. We studied the Akashic records and we formed the highest timeline that we could for this 3D life that you are living now in this time.

This is a very important time for your planet and your species and there are other species involved as well— many— and so we worked with these timelines, and with much energy to create the best path and it is now time for you to connect to that path.

And so that is what we will work on this month in the offers of TAG.

We will all come forward and put the pieces together for you.

There were many rituals, yes, in Avalon and our days were simple but ritualistic and we worked simply and together as a group to make sure that this knowledge could be brought forward to this age.

So it is time for you to remember this knowledge and we will help with that, of course.

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