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Spirit guide masterclass
Masterclass Goddesses Brigid and Diana

Masterclass Goddesses Brigid and Diana Sacred Portals and Astral Travel This month— in September TAG Lightworkers, Goddesses Brigid & Diana have come forward to connect. In their offers this month, they invite you to create a bridge to open what they are calling the 4th Eye. This is for Astral Travel and working with Portals by opening and connecting your 6D Alta Major Chakra to your 5D Time Transcendence Chakra. They will also show you how Portals on Earth work, and how you can use them with Astral...

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All about Blue Avians

All about Blue Avians

Today, I will be trance channeling Alaparabeam, the Blue Avian. Alaparabeam is one of my Daily Helpers and Spirit Guides. This Intergalactic Channeling Spree was actually HIS idea.

With Trance Channeling, I let the beings speak through me. This is actually something that I teach as well. (information at the bottom of the page)

Blue Avians resemble storks with blue feathers. They vibrate at a very high level or high dimension frequency.

Here is his message:
Hello and welcome.
Glad to see you here.
I know that if you are here,
you are interested in furthering your path
and readying yourself for Ascension.
This is the reason I have come to this planet…

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