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Welcome to 5D Channels & Chats with Rachel Chamness.

As a Shamanic Channel & Mentor, I’ll be sharing wisdom and healing from higher dimensions through channeling beings of light.

You will also hear chats between intuitives and discussions on higher dimensional healing and channeling.

You’ll find links and more in the show notes so be sure to check them .

You can find me at and in my Facebook group 5D Daily Spiritual Healers In Higher Dimensions.

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Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Personal Sessions

Deep Shamanic Channeled Auric and Chakra Clearing, High Dimensional Connections, 5D- 13D Upgrades, Soul & Light Path Illumination, Healing & Resolving Wounds, Past Life Trauma and more, Mentorship, and Messages from Spirit.

This Self-Care time is available on Zoom, Remote - Recorded, or Local in Fountain City.

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Accelerated Channeling Mastery Program

Learn to Channel Healing Light & Sound, Light Codes, and Tranced Messages from extroardinary higher dimensional Beings of Light.

Become a Master Healer & Messenger who works in Higher Realms and Shamanic Healing with my Accelerated Channeling Course. Are you ready? Let's connect and find out. Limited Spots. 22 Live Courses, 9 month program.

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Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Community

Lightworkers and Starseeds, join our incredible community for Beginners to Advanced Spiritualists, to enhance your journey to ascension, connect to higher dimensional beings of light, open your Psychic Clairs, and more. Increase your Psychic Healing and Channeling Skills, and CONNECT with many Beings of the Light for Healing and Messages. Weekly Lives, True Upleveling, and Community.