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Grounding With Gnomes And Nature Fae

Grounding With Gnomes And Nature Fae

Today we are getting help from the Gnomes and Nature Fae.

This is all about grounding, calling back your energy, and other techniques that will help to keep our energy clear during this time of ascension.

You should say these five things daily:

1) I call back all of my energy from every space, form, plane, extension, world, and portal to be cleared and returned to me and my oversoul.

2) I cut all energetic cords to me from and to others in this life and all others.

3) I disconnect from the earthly 3rd-dimensional matrix, and connect deeply and firmly, grounding into the 5th-dimensional earth grid.

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A Channeled Message from Watathan, An Elf Living On Sirius

A Channeled Message from Watathan, An Elf Living On Sirius Watathan, the Elf on Sirius, comes through with a channeled message again today!Elves LOVE to help us out with issues and problems surrounding the home, so you can call on them for guidance and support with issues related to your home—even the bills! This month, in my TAG VIP group, I am channeling Elves by using Trance Channel Mediumship. I ask them 13 questions, like where they are from, what they are here to help us with, and what messages they have for...

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 1 – Gamu the Pleiadian Fairy

Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 1 – Gamu the Pleiadian Fairy

Today, I am channeling Gamu, who is a Fairy from the Pleiadian Star System.

Gamu isn’t a little fairy, like the earth-bound fairies we normally channel. She’s tall and thin, more like the elves you see on the Lord Of The Rings. She has long black hair and big, transparent wings! She’s dressed in a long, flowing dress, she carries a sword with her as well!

She brings healing that will help you connect with your higher self, so you can better deal with the dense emotions and energies (especially all of the stress in the holiday season).

When she says, “Hold your hands…” she means palms up.

Gamu helps you connect with your Soul Star Chakra, which is above your head. Her sound healing vibrations will help to clear your energy and feel more connected with your true self on a higher level.

Listen to the video to get the sound healing I channeled.

Here is Gamu’s message for us: (redo)

I step forward with greetings.
I want you all to know that we regard you highly.
You have come to this heavy vibration of earth
to do great things.
Even just surviving this kind of heavy density …

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

When you channel like I do, you never know who is going to come knocking on your psychic door with a message for humanity!

This month I got the urge—or the nudge, really—to do 5 days of channeling Intergalactic Entities!

What is an Intergalactic Spirit or Entity?

As you know, we humans only inhabit a small dot in the entire Universe (a.k.a. the Earth), and our 3D senses can’t pick up on the 5D Spirits unless we’ve trained ourselves to be open to them.

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