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Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

When you channel like I do, you never know who is going to come knocking on your psychic door with a message for humanity!

Last month, I worked with some very earthy Elementals, namely the Tree and River Spirits. If you are curious about channeling them for yourself, you should check out my Tree and River Spirits Month inside TAG VIP!

This month I got the urge—or the nudge, really—to do 5 days of channeling Intergalactic Entities!

What is an Intergalactic Spirit or Entity?

As you know, we humans only inhabit a small dot in the entire Universe (a.k.a. the Earth), and our 3D senses can’t pick up on the 5D Spirits unless we’ve trained ourselves to be open to them.

Intergalactic Spirits, Entities, and Beings are spirits quite like people. They might have a different form or come from a different solar system than we do. Oftentimes, they come with messages of hope, grounding, and support for us.

There are a few planets that come up when people channel Galactic beings quite often; they are the Pleiadians, Sirius, and Orion. Those planets and civilizations have been coming up since Egyptian times!

There are also some beings that show up as Blue Avians and others that are Lyran and others who refer to themselves as Anshars. 

Each group of beings usually has a specific type of message they’d like to pass on to us. Sometimes their messages overlap or are more universal—other times, they can be very specific and to the point!

Who do I channel?

A variety of different beings come through to me regularly. There are those I’ve channeled often who are like old friends and others who pop in for a quick but important message.

This month, I will be channeling:

Watathan – Elf from Sirius
Alparabeam – Blue Avian 
Solomon – White Dragon from Orion 
Phillea- Anshar being from the future human race
Gamu- Fairy from Pleiades

and maybe a couple more beings if they come through with clear, strong messages!

If you feel connected to the galaxies, like you didn’t originate here on the earth, or like you have some Starseed DNA within you (we all do, but that’s a story for a different blog post), you don’t want to miss this 5-day Intergalactic channeling event!

You can go to my YouTube page and subscribe, then hit the little bell so that you will get notifications any time I upload a new video. 

Also, I’ll be emailing the channeled messages out to my mailing list and posting them on my site after I’m done channeling each day.

If you have questions for these beings, pop them into the Youtube video comment section and I’ll ask them in a future channel!

2020 UPDATE: Watch the whole 5 Day Experience at THIS LINK!👈🏽


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