Transformation and Ascension for Lightworkers

by Olivia Page & Rachel Chamness

If you are here on my page reading this article about Transformation and Ascension—whether you know it or not—

You are a Lightworker! What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone who is helping the planet and other people raise their vibration and consciousness and who supports a peaceful, loving and compassionate planet and way of living.

Perhaps you feel like you have a mission to accomplish or you feel like the energies on Earth are shifting, but you aren’t sure what’s going on. Or maybe you feel like you’re going through your own personal transformation. It could be that you’ve heard about ascension and want to learn more. If this sounds like you, know that you aren’t alone and I have a solution to help you on your journey to Transform and Ascend.

Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Image

As more and more Lightworkers become aware of their higher calling, it is important to create a community of like minded people and I’ve done just that in my monthly membership Transformation and Ascension group, or TAG for short.

Each month in my TAG membership group for Lightworkers, there is a program with four channeled offers from me, along with several other offers from my TAG Team members. Each week we have interactive lives from TAG Team which includes me — for readings, healings and more. You also get a 20% discount on sessions with me.

The monthly program includes from me a Master Class, Sound Healing Attunement, Guided Meditation, Manifesting Sigil, and live Q&A’s to ask your spiritual or personal questions. I bring these offers forward by trance channeling a different group of beings such as angels, ascended masters, elementals, spirit animals and galactic beings.

My TAG Team members bring forward other channeled messages, meditations, animal/pet readings, oracle card readings, sound healing, light language art attunements, and more. There is always something happening to help you keep clear and on the cusp of ascension with helpful Guides from higher dimensions.

Galactic Transformation and Ascension Groupimage

Let’s talk about some of the above terminology:

Transformation and Ascension Master Classes

Master Class: I ask the beings who have come forward during the month questions to bring information about ascension, who they are, where they are from, and how they help us with transformation while we are incarnated on planet Earth. You can preview some at the end of this article.

Transformation and Ascension Sound Healing Attunement

Sound Healing Attunement: This is a sound healing that brings forward healing and attunes you to the beings who are working with us that month, so you can connect with them more easily, and on your own. These attunements and healing sessions can shift energies within you and awaken parts of you that have been dormant.

My advice is to not do more than two or three attunements a week. Listen to your body and drink plenty of water following the Sound Healing Attunement.

Transformation and Ascension Guided Healing Meditation

Guided Meditation: This is where you might get more healing, meet a new guide, be gifted a new healing modality or get more information about our individual connection with the light beings who have stepped forward by listening and being guided through spoken imagery with sound healing.

Transformation and Ascension Manifesting Sigil and Charm Chant

Sigil: This is a drawing I channel and add channeled sound healing to that will attune you or heal something specific the beings want to help with.

Occasionally, I will also add a Manifesting Charm Chant for transformation.

Charm Chant: This is a Sound Healing infused chant that helps you manifest something specific. I use Liquid Reiki Sound Healing and Switchwords.

Mary Magdalene Ascended Master Transformation Image

Transformation and Ascension Light Beings


Angels: Are high vibrational beings who want to help guide you, help you with transformation, and protect you on your earthly journey.

Ascended or Illumined Masters

Ascended or Illumined Masters: Are high vibe beings who have incarnated in some type of physical form before—whether on Earth or somewhere else—and have been through the Ascension process themselves. This includes Jesus of the Christ Light, Merlin, Serapis Bay, and more.


Elementals: Are high vibe “mystical” beings such as Mermaids, Dolphins, Fairies, Gnomes, Dragons, Unicorns, Tree Spirits and more. The vibrate on a higher plane and act as helpful spirit guides.

Galactic Beings

Galactic Beings: Are beings that are incarnated on other planets, in other solar systems, in other dimensions and even in other galaxies, such as Sirians, Blue Avians, Pleiadians, Lumerians and more. (I only bring forward high vibe beings.)

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits also come through often, sometimes to tell us they are also an Elemental or Galactic Being.. and sometimes as themselves or as Animal Totems. We also have a TAG Team Member Maggie Wolf who exclusively records animal spirit and information about your Multidimensional animal pets each month!

Goddesses or Gods from other Cultures

Goddesses & Gods: These are Goddesses from other cultures such as Greek Goddesses & Gods, Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, Native American Goddesses, and even beings we have never heard of — like my favorite month — Goddesses of the Light, a delightful group that came to me to be channeled and give us gifts of healing!


Ascension: Is the process of elevating your consciousness and opening your awareness to things that exist outside of what we have been programmed to know as real or true. It’s the process of raising your vibration and helping others who are open to elevating their awareness raise their vibration.

Elfin Light Beings in Transformation Image

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides: Your helpful Guardians and Light Beings that exist solely to help you in this life. They want to know you, connect to you, and help you more by having you connect with them! You have at least five that have been with you since birth, and countless others!

TAG Team image

Transformation and Ascension Group Team

TAG Team: These are incredible healers who were my students and have gone through several of my training certifications, and have the ability to do the work that I do— in their own unique way. They each bring forward something unique to their Lightworker strengths, each month. They host live meditations, attunements, readings, healings, and more.

transformation image

Transformation and Ascension Group Benefits

When you join TAG, not only do you get everything that is being brought forward for that current month, you also get all of the previous sessions. There are over 350 different sessions. Don’t let that intimidate you, because the beginning of this program is TAG Basics (also available as a separate bundle) so when you first join TAG, you will know where to start your journey of Transformation and Ascension.

The TAG Basics program is a great way to learn the basics about your energy system; protecting your energy; raising your vibration; creating spiritual connections; getting help on your path as a Lightworker; attracting abundance; and connecting to Elementals like Unicorns, Dragon, Mermaids, Dolphins, and Fairies. Once you have completed the TAG Beginners program, you will have raised your vibration to the point of being able to hold more light, which helps to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness just by simply acting from integrity, honesty, and love.

But, enough about the logistics, let’s talk about why it’s so important and transformative to be in my TAG group. Life is full of transformation and—let’s be honest—these transformations can feel daunting at times. They can leave you feeling lonely and confused about what is going on in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

As a TAG member, you have a community to support you through your personal ascension process. You are able to ask each other questions, get guidance and support from guides, and understand that you are not alone—that we have a whole community of spiritual seekers who are also trying to navigate this journey we call life. You can share your experiences and see you’re not the only one sensing the energies shifting within and around you.

The Transformation and Ascension Group offers will help raise your vibration, shift your consciousness to a higher awareness and bring you closer to high vibrational beings. It can help keep your energies clear and help you create deeper connections with your higher self and high vibe guides that wish to work with you.

Lightworkers and Ascension

As a Lightworker, it’s important to remember there are many people who are on the ascension path and also those who aren’t. Some people just aren’t aware of this fact. As someone who is aware that you are on the path of transformation and ascension, you have the opportunity to help others on their journey if they wish for help.

As a Lightworker, it is your responsibility to act from a place of respect and integrity and it’s never okay to try to force someone onto the path of ascension. We all have free will on planet Earth and you can plant seeds of inspiration or knowledge for someone, but what they do with that information is their choice. We should never red pill someone to the point where they feel uncomfortable. No one—no matter how far along they think they are on their journey—has the right to force someone to believe their beliefs and practice their practices.

TAG is a great place to learn about being a Lightworker, how to be responsible with your energy, how to shine your light without impeding someone else’s free will, and it allows you to be a part of a community that is like minded and respects the differences amongst individual Lightworkers. We all have something to share and learn; in TAG, you can steadily learn and evolve in a safe and supportive environment.

We would love to have you in the Transformation and Ascension Group!

We would love to have you join TAG to learn with us, and be part of our community!!! Remember that if you join TAG for a month and you need to cancel for whatever reason, you can. TAG memberships are month-to-month, with the option to cancel at any time and there are easy instructions on how to do that.

If you are not interested in monthly groups but the Beginners Program sounds interesting to you, you have the option to purchase the Beginners Program for a one time fee, and you can go through the material at your own pace. If you are ready to join as a package, click here.

Thank you for being a part of the collective change towards a better world. I look forward to having you in my community of spiritual seekers & Lightworkers, together we create the New Earth!

Get a taste of TAG Lightworkers by watching a free Masterclass below!


  1. Karen

    I would like to know if lightworkers have already ascended from a previous Earthly lifetime, would they have to physically die again after their Earthly life or do we just transmutate to our crystalline bodies. if so, is the mutation particularly painful and long?

    • Rachel Chamness

      All earthly humans are not completely ascended, no matter how high in dimensions they can reach- because that is temporary as we come back to the 3D body. All humans who are on the higher timelines will transmute to a higher frequency body and no it will not be painful. This would be a great question in my FB Group, 5D Daily at where we gather as Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions. You’ll get a lot of interesting feedback- I’m going to post it now, and I hope you will join us.


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