Can Past Lives Affect You Now?

by Rachel Chamness and Jessica Collins

Can Past Lives Affect You Now? How Do Past Lives Affect You Now?

Can a Past Life Affect me in this Life? Slavery Past Lives and This Life— the Connection. What is Personal Sovereignty? How can I move forward through Ascension at this time?

Have you ever wondered about your past lives— and how they might be affecting you now? Let’s explore some ways past lives can carry over into your present life— and how you can free yourself from any bonds or concepts of slavery that are holding you back now.

Many of us had past lives where we took vows of poverty or enslavement in order to learn lessons in those incarnations.  Those beliefs may have even been so strong that you carried over low vibrational feelings of fear or anguish into your current life. 

Recently, I’ve cleared many past lives like these from the root chakra of my clients in personal healing sessions.  The root chakra is where many personal safety issues can be found, and these feelings can create blockages in your system.  During my sessions, I clear out all chakras to release feelings like these for cleansing the energy system.

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Past Life Slavery

What does past life slavery actually mean? It means that you spent a great portion of a past life caught in some type of slavery system. In a past life, you could have been a work slave— or you could have been a slave to some type of system in the society you lived in.

There are many types of slavery systems— and there are still many in our world today. We live caught in the Babylonian Money Slave System where we must have or earn money to have basic necessities of food and shelter. This is absolutely a slave system we must release the human race from.

There is a huge sex trafficking problem on our planet in this age, capturing many men, women and children in sex slavery. We hope that this is something that will be resolved soon. Though there are many rumors about steps being taken to resolve this problem, we have yet to see any actions or proof of it ourselves.

But in this article, we will discuss how past live slavery can bring feelings into this life and what you can do about it. In these types of past lives, you could have played the role of victim or perpetrator. 

These past few weeks, the main types of past slavery systems that I have witnessed coming up to be released are:

  • Past Life as a Labor Slave – Many people with this type of past life bring into this life a sense of hopelessness or drudgery in doing their job. They may be triggered by “The Man” or corporations, and may feel a sense of rebellion against rules imposed upon the collective. This can also manifest as an unbalanced work to play ratio and lead to daily exhaustion.
  • Past Life as a Sex Slave – Those who had past lives as sex slaves may be bringing into this life issues around personal boundaries, ownership of material things, control issues, or problems with being able to enjoy sex.
  • Past Life in an Arranged Marriage – This past life can manifest as feelings of hopelessness, feeling lost or misplaced in this life. They may feel unable to take charge of their lives, or have problems with following the thoughts of the Collective, versus their own personal thoughts or beliefs.
  • Past Life in a Blood Contract with Dark Forces or Dark Magic – Many with these types of past lives bring in fears of following their paths as Lightworkers, fears of coming out of the “Spiritual Closet,” fears of demons, dark forces, or the “Devil.” They often falsely believe that a single misstep could cause one of these dark entities to take them away forever.
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These aren’t the only past lives that need to be released— however these are the most consistent ones I’ve seen these last few weeks in Sessions, coming up now.. There are many others to be released too, and also Vows and Agreements we may have taken in past lives need to be released now too— especially vows of poverty, isolation, chastity & obedience.

False Truths Of The Collective

Our Collective Consciousness is a vibration that exists holding the beliefs, thoughts, and views of many people. Many of these beliefs are from false programming, and not actually true. These collective beliefs are repeated and repeated until they become part of the consciousness.

Collective Thought is where you might find beliefs in the Collective of women being inferior to men, of one race being superior or smarter than another, of a family with long bloodlines to gold or money having more worth than another— these are the obvious incorrect collective beliefs around self-worth.

But there are also false and outdated beliefs that are constantly flowing in areas of Science, Parenting, Religion, Finances & more. It is time that we release these falsehoods by questioning where and why we believe what we believe. This is where Personal Sovereignty comes in.

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Personal Sovereignty For All Lightworkers

What does personal sovereignty mean and why are we experiencing these past life problems now?

First of all, with Ascension of the Planet and ourselves, many things in our lives are beginning to go through some major changes, including our money system and belief system around abundance

We need to be ready to step into abundance, which doesn’t always mean money.  It can mean abundance of love, trust, freedom or time. 

As Lightworkers, we must be able to live our Full Truth and release all the interference of the 3D Collective so that we know what is coming from our Higher Self— which has the knowledge of many incarnations and past experiences on different planes of existence. This is Personal Sovereignty— living from your own truth.

How Do I Release Past Lives?

How can Past Lives Be Released?

Past lives can be removed by a Psychic Healer. A Psychic Healer may use various methods to see the past life with clear clairvoyance— or perhaps another clair such as clairsentience or claircognizance— and use Reiki, Sound Healing, or other means to release that Past Life.

I release past lives with psychic healing in my Light Path Sessions all of the time— and I also teach others how to do this in my Reiki courses and classes in TAG Beginners and TAG Lightworkers. Once these past lives are released, it doesn’t mean they never happened, it just means they can no longer affect you in this life.

It is time to release these types of slavery past lives so we can all step forward in this path toward Ascension— as the high vibrational beings we are meant to be!

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This is where we are in Ascension Right Now.

Part of my work is helping people through the various stages of Ascension If you keep up with my Transformation & Ascension Group or the free Masterclass each month on Youtube, you probably are very aware of this.

This is what is happening now. Can we release enough density for everyone by releasing it ourselves? YES. If enough people can work on themselves, we can raise the frequency of this planet to help everyone!

This Donation Based Group Healing is for anyone who feels they need this type of healing for releasing past lives, vows, and agreements that keep you from abundance and Personal Sovereignty. It was a powerful session and any who would like to participate — will receive the healing for any donated amount. You may add family members to your donation, as well.

The session itself is programmed with Reiki to work through all time and space, distance and remotely.

All those who would like to purchase the healing, can also do so. Because the session has been programmed with Reiki to allow those who listen to the healing to be healed by it as if they were there at the same time. This is something I teach in Reiki, level 2.

I hope these healing sessions are a way to reach more people, to heal the planet and make sessions more available for everyone. 


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