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Are You Ready To Learn Trance Channel Mediumship?

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Rachel Chamness

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February 29, 2020

Are you Ready to be a Channel Medium?

One of the most frequent questions I get when people are interested in taking the Trance Channel Mediumship class is, “Am I ready to learn Trance Channel Mediumship?”. 

If you know that you are ready for channeling and trance channeling, you can find the next sign up here! Or read more about mediumship here.

But if you are not sure if you are ready for trance channeling yet, read on (or watch the video) …

Basically, if you are called to take the class and if you get information when you do guided meditations -like being able to interact with beings in any way to receive messages, then you are ready to take the class! That is it!

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If you get messages but do not see anything, you are still ready.

Clairvoyance is only one of several psychic clairs!

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You will meet a tall dark stranger

What happens if I take the class and am unable to trance channel?

If you take the class and have trouble, I will continue to help you and work with you. You get personal attention from me in this class and afterwards, if you need help. We also have a private Facebook group where you can practice together in a warm kind environment, during the class and afterwards. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can contact your classmates to practice after the class, as well.

I know that even if you aren’t able to trance channel, you will learn how to channel and get more messages in this class. Very rarely a person has trouble trance channeling-

but for 99% of the students that take my class, they are able to trance channel.

So I do ask that you are really ready to take this class so that you can make that a 100% success rate- by being able to get information from a guide in a meditation. You can try it out right now, in my free Meet Your Joy Guide Meditation on SoundCloud.

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I will attune you to your Guides, I will help you with opening your clairs more.

I will assist you in these small group classes.

But if you feel like you are not quite ready, I have options to get you ready.

If you don’t feel like you are ready yet, there are a few different options for you to explore. First of all, you can work on opening your Psychic Clair Senses. I have a great program to help you open your Psychic Clair Senses in my program for Lightworkers, Intuitive Expansion.

Opening your psychic clairs is also something we work on a LOT in my monthly TAG membership group, where I have over 300 videos to help you open your clairs and meet more Spirit Guides and Helpful Beings. There are also many manifesting videos to help increase your psychic connections inside TAG, as well. I have really seen a huge uptick in my TAG Member’s psychic abilities from all the offers in TAG. I find that after a few months, students who were not ready become ready with this help.

Also, if you feel like you might need help with clearing any blocks to mediumship, or you feel like you might have attachments that keep you from being able to channel, you can book an Energy Clearing Session here. I will check for any blocks in chakras, past lives, or any blocks that could keep you from channeling.

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I hope this answers the question of: Am I Ready to Channel!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Social Media @soundwavesheal – see social icons at bottom of page!

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