What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of 2

In this video, I explain Psychic Mediumship. The blogpost that follows is not a transcription.

Definition of a Psychic Medium and Mediumship

A Psychic Medium is someone who can use their clair or psychic senses, also known as ESP, to pick up messages from different entities. These entities include angels, elementals like unicorns and fairies, spirit guides, and even loved ones who have passed on. Psychic Mediums can also talk to pets and nature spirits, like trees and plants. Some Psychic Mediums even converse with beings from other star systems and eras on the earth.

The Psychic Medium sometimes allows an entity or spirit to speak through them (Trance Channeling). Sometimes the messages are repeated and spoken aloud by the Psychic Medium. Other times, the Psychic Medium might write out the messages they are receiving.

What psychic gifts should one have in order to be a Psychic Medium? 

Psychic Mediums use several different kinds of psychic clairs to connect to Spirit Beings. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience are the most common types of psychic sense—to see, hear, know and feel, respectively. 

The Psychic Medium may use these gifts together as well. For instance, I may see an image, while getting words typed out in my head of a message, while feeling a feeling and possibly even hearing someone speak to me—and get the feeling of knowing this is a true message—all at once. Because all of my clairs are open and I use them every day, this happens often for me, and is very helpful.

Sometimes, an entity being channeled communicates might be totally different than the language that the Psychic Medium speaks. In those cases, the entity (or animal or nature spirit) might show the Psychic Medium pictures or visions that explain the messages they want to share. Some entities speak telepathically, and the Psychic Medium receives the message with their psychic senses.

I agree with the Crimson Circle website which states, “entities do not generally use human language, because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings.”  

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Are people born as Mediums or can they learn it?

Can anyone be a Psychic Medium?

I absolutely believe that anyone can open their psychic senses enough to be psychic and to get messages from Spirit Guides and helpful entities. Perhaps not everyone has the capacity to give messages to others with compassion and clarity, but everyone can at least learn to open their senses to get their own messages and advice.

And I especially believe that anyone who wants to be a Psychic Medium should definitely learn to work with their Spirit Guides. This desire comes from your Higher Self, to motivate you to take this path!

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Can people block their psychic mediumship gifts from coming through?

Can someone else block them?

Yes, if a person has emotional or past life blocks to be healed that are interfering with their mediumship, this is a safety precaution their Spirit Guides have put into place for them. The person must first work on Shadow Work and deep healing before they are truly ready to open up this much to mediumship.

Perhaps they also need to learn self-protection so they can practice mediumship safely. Fears about safety and channeling might also block someone from using their mediumship skills. I help many people with this.

How can you tell if the messages you are receiving as a Psychic Medium are coming from a “good spirit”?

Can you accidentally pick up messages from bad or evil spirits when you are a Psychic Medium?

A Psychic Medium must know how to use strong protection in order to protect themselves and their clients. I always recommend Reiki for Mediums, and in fact it is part of my training for Liquid Reiki Sound Healing. Strong protection can help you avoid being a target for low level beings. 

A Channel Medium must understand when they are overtaken by low level entities or bad spirits, which can happen to any person—medium or not. That is part of the mediumship training to learn to be a clear channel. If a Psychic Medium feels that they are under attack or picking up bad energies, they should get an energy clearing from another Medium or Energy Healer who can help.

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Is Psychic Mediumship evil or harmful for the person who is channeling the messages?

While it’s not harmful to the Medium to channel messages correctly, it is not a good idea to channel incorrectly, without proper protection, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if the Medium is not clear. While this sort of activity isn’t physically harmful to the Medium, it can be mentally harmful and can also render the Medium incapable of getting clear answers from pure source energy/ high vibrational beings. In other words, if the Medium is not clear, then the Medium might be channeling low vibrational or “evil” spirits.

Psychic Mediums need to watch their protection and understand the difference between high level vibrational beings and low level vibrational beings. This is part of training to be a Medium, and why I recommend training in a course like the one I teach. 

Being a Psychic Medium makes you a bright light. And in being this bright light, you can attract entities and psychic attachments, so a Medium must be dedicated to the highest light, and to working on their own problems. 

Just like any human, a Medium can get bogged down by life, feel low, and attract psychic attachments. But this is no different than anyone else, and if that happens to a Medium, then the medium can see another psychic healer for an energy clearing session and to re-dedicate themselves to self-work and self spirituality, which can help them stay clear.

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How do psychic messages come through to a Psychic Medium?

Messages come to a Psychic Medium in many different ways, as mentioned above. That depends on the way the Psychic Medium receives messages. Messages can also come from a specific Spirit Guide, like a Joy Guide. The Joy Guide is an Inner Band Spirit Guide—meaning a spirit guide who is in a person’s inner circle since birth and is part of their closest group of Spirit Guides. The job of the Joy Guide is to help with bringing more joy into a person’s life and also to retrieve messages and bring them to the Psychic Medium. 

A person can also have more Messenger Guides to retrieve information and give it to them in a number of ways. This could be as simple as getting goosebumps to let them know they are speaking the truth, or a sense of knowing something is right or true. A more advanced Medium can get clear messages from their Joy Guide about themselves or about a client or friend they are asking for information about, as well.

What is a Trance Medium?

Trance Mediums can let a being speak through them, in a full-body channel where the being is transferred into the body to speak without repeating the message as we normally see Psychic Mediums do in the movies. This type of channeling requires a lot of protection and guidance to learn to do safely but can be fun and enlightening, once a person knows how to protect themselves while letting the messages flow through them. This is also a great way for the Medium to receive clear information for themselves, which is often hard to do.

A Channel Medium can channel the messages they receive in many different ways. They could speak to the spirit and relay the message, or they could use other psychic clairs/ senses to relay the message, which includes interpreting the message through psychic seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling—or sometimes even smelling or tasting!

Please continue on to Part 2, where I answer more questions like:

What other ways can Psychic Mediums share messages?

Are there times when a message comes through to a Psychic Medium without permission from the Medium?

How can a Psychic Medium tell if a message they channel is actually a hit, and not just something in their imagination?

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