Energy Clearing

If you are feeling low vibration, anxious, or not yourself, this remote session can deeply clear your auric field, 13 Chakras, cut cords, remove negative spiritual attachments & psychic implants, and clear past lives and negative energy blocks that are causing you trauma. Then, as time allows, I will bring forth a message from your Spirit Guides.

I am honored to work with your beautiful Spirit and bring forth your Spirit Guides for you. It is my Light Path to help you achieve your Light Path.

Sound Waves Heal Feather and Butterflies Circle
In this 15 minute session, I will:

💎Clear 13 Chakras
💎 Clear Auric Field, cut all cords
💎 Remove 1-3 blocks I find, including attachments, past life or other blocks I find in Chakras, as time allows
💎 Give you messages from Spirit & send healing as necessary.

This is a quick session but I can do a great deal of deep healing in a short amount of time. This session is perfect for just feeling off or not clear. For deep healing of wounds and trauma, see Light Path Sessions.

This is a remote healing, not live. You will receive a recording via email afterwards detailing all that was seen and cleared.

Energy Clearing

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