Stand In Your Power with Thoth, Atlantean Unicorns and Mahatma Energy

Powerful Light Masterclass with Thoth & Atlantean Unicorns & Mahatma Energy
January TAG Masterclass: What is Mahatma Energy?
How can we stand in our own power?

What else does Thoth want to teach us from his Emerald Tablets?

The TAG Community is a wonderful community where we bring in channeled information from High Light beings every month so I’d like to bring forth today, trance channels from Thoth again with his Emerald Tablets goodness. Topics: Mahatma Energy, Standing In Our Power, Thoth, Atlantean Unicorns, Sacred Circles.

He’s going to be bringing in some more information about how we can understand our protection, how to stand on our own light, how to stand in our own power protective energies, how to uncover the great flame within us to become a shining light and who we were meant to be in this life’s highest timeline.

I’m also going to be bringing in the Atlantean unicorns Satima, Helena and Barbarous. They are going to help us understand the Mahatma energy— what it’s good to use for, and what it is— so stay tuned. 

Stand In Your Power February TAG image

So, this is the second month that we have been working with the Emerald Tablets. It doesnt mean you need to read them, we’re just working with some information and some energy from it. So, in tablets 6 and 7,  Thoth talks a lot about standing in our own power, talks a lot about uncovering the great flame within us to become a shining light, about working with high light beings— for making sure that you are, and a lot of really good information.

This tied in with all of the information that I’ve been getting about our protection. So many times I’ve said before— you are a great shining light, you are a lightworker, and because of that you can attract lower vibrational beings. So there are many things that we do to learn to protect yourself and there are many things that I teach to help with this: light language, protection and shielding masterclass with angel fire which works great with Reiki (which I also teach), and Trance Channel Mediumship— I teach that as well. 

All of these things have their place in protection, but also that we need to really understand that we can stand in our own protection. We can be the protection. We can be the powerful force of protection for ourselves because we are light beings ourselves. This is just a human body that we are in. I’m excited to talk to Thoth about that, so we’ll start off with that.

I’m going to be bringing in Thoth and my question is to talk to us a little bit about how we can tap into our power of protective energy.

Thoth:  I am Thoth the Atlantean and I am pleased to be here today to help you with this extraordinary issue. Understand that there are many different kinds of energies on your planet and I can understand that you wish to be in a protective field.

There are many healing modalities on your planet which help with this transformation of lower vibrational energies around you and there are many ways to help but you are a great force of nature.

You are a great powerful being.

You have the ability with thought and knowing— to stand in more power than you could ever imagine. This power is not the kind of power that brings you great wealth or fame. This is not the kind of power that is abusive or can be wielded to hurt others.

This is the type of power that you possess for yourself and it is a great rising of your vibration through a level in which nothing of lower vibrational energies could possibly come within your field.

So this protective energy that you possess is done with several things. One is the belief. One is that you understand that you are a powerful being and your beliefs can keep you safe because you can raise your vibration to any level that you wish.

This is Rachel and I’m asking: for anyone? or for people who have Reiki or other modalities? I think that what he is talking about is something I always say, which is that lightworkers really need each other, you know.

We can stand in our own power,  but sometimes it may be hard to get a vibration up enough to clear something if our vibration is low.  But I still think that we can do that. That, there is a way to still raise my vibration no matter what, to release anything in her energy field.

So I’m asking him now, how would we do Stand In Our Own Power?

Stand in your power image

Thoth: By simply believing you can stand in your power— by releasing all fear. And releasing the constructs of the belief system within your planet, you can step into your power and call on your own power of your higher self to rise, rise your vibration to a place where you can then clear your own energy field.

And this is a process. It may not be where you are now. It may take learning healing modalities for you personally to learn to get to this place.

There are many fears that humans hold close or in their field that need to be released. And this is part of the Ascension– releasing all fear and doubt — understanding that love and spiritual help from Spiritual Beings who are around you, all the time, is always available.

Now there will be times where you cannot raise your vibration. Perhaps you already have something in your energy field which must be removed by someone in the community. A lightworker helper can always help you with this if you are in a position where you cannot raise your vibration enough to overcome. And this is simple and easy to do for others.

And yes, there are times you will need to go to someone else for this release and yes, it’s quick and assured. But there are also times in which you can learn to rise your vibration above.

Atlantean Unicorn galaxy image

Okay this is Rachel,  so, you know I’m not above all of this. I think that I do probably have a limiting belief myself about this sort of thing. So if I were to be psychically attacked, I would get a friend to release whatever is in my energy field that should not be there to be released. And I do it for my friends— and I do it all the time in sessions all the time.

But it is possible that we can really stand in our power, that we could really rise our own vibration. And I keep wanting to say raise but Thoth wants me to say rise. I feel like that‘s it. Rise, rise in your own power, rise in your own power, rise in your knowing is what he said— rise in your knowing.

It may take your own release of many fears in your own belief system that aren’t related to your personal safety or are related to personal safety.

And when he talks about that, I do feel the increase of my own personal power. I am feeling this just growing my own energy. I can feel my vibration rising, and it feels super powerful.  And like he says— powerful for myself or powerful for my own healing and maybe powerful enough to heal another— but not the kind of power that is of the lower vibrational field. 

So we were talking about psychic attacks and what to do, and he is saying that you can either step into your power, rise your vibration and demand that they leave your energy field to clear your energy field or that you get help from Spirit guides, (high vibrational) spirits around you, angels, dragons or whoever you’re talking to. Or turn to your community— to a lightworker to have it removed is perfectly fine— and there is nothing wrong with you if you do that. ..

which doesn’t happen as often but it has happened before and that was another thing that I wanted to talk about today and get Toth’s information and that is when as an advance light workers you sometimes come to this place where you’re being psychically attacked a lot.

I’ve seen this happen with myself and with many of my clients where your maybe the teacher of protection—because I remember I was saying that I teach people protection how could I not be able to come above that I was being psychically attacked so much and really what happened is that it was a huge download it was a learning from Spirit of exactly this how to stand in my power, how to release any belief keeping me in a place where I could be attacked and it was a great learning experience for me. 

I see it in my clients a lot or they come to this place where they just don’t know what to do—their being psychically attacked all the time and they can’t seem to get out of it. It’s  usually an upleveling of some sort, a teaching and there’s usually a great lesson in it. 

Then you’re at a higher vibrational frequency where you aren’t attacked so it also is standing in your power or increasing your personal power.

So I wanted to ask Thoth about this, himself and what his view on it is since this is mine, so let’s ask him.

Stand In Your Power February TAG image

Thoth on Standing In Your Power

Thoth: Yes it is, for when you go through this—a period of dark time or of fear— you will be facing many of your fears. Many of your fears and beliefs will be popping up to be released. aAnd so for the moment they are heightened. They are increased— and you are seeing these fears very personally in front of you— showing their intricacies of understanding.

Now you know what fears need to be released and once you face them and you release them and you do this work you are now at a much higher frequency. 

Now why does this happen to humans on the lightworker path? It is because there is so much density to be released —as we have spoken about this many times. 

There’s much to be released to get to Ascension so to vibrate higher there many many layers— of uncovering, of understanding the fears, of understanding anything in your belief system that needs to be transmuted— and this is one of the reasons that Ascension takes time and it is not an instant Ascension.

It is a layer by layer— helping, releasing, standing in your power, understanding— it is much that you will have to go through to get to the end and every part of it rises your vibration, every part of it helps you tremendously.

Though the Ascension process may seem very long and laborious to many of you as you must release so much. 

You must understand that it is also helping you live in joy every day for the more that you release the more you can find this joy.

And you are in a very beautiful place as a  human where you find that joy is more intense for you because you have a greater capacity to your emotions then you will— once ascended— so this is actually something that you came into this life to experience.

You wanted to experience this beautiful feeling of joyousness.

You wanted to feel the fear. 

You wanted to feel all the emotions so that you could truly understand them and understand how you became a light being.

Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Image

So you are a light being and yet in this body you are human trying to remember your light.

This is part of your personal learning. This is how we all get to Ascension. Those of us who are continuing on and going to Ascension in this life are being helped with this process. It is a slow but beautiful process of becoming the true you— of uncovering your light from within. For your light is bright, It is a part of your soul light, part of your Higher Self, part of your light being self.

Your Higher Self and this light must be grown with vibration. The way to grow your vibration is to release—to release these old fears or beliefs or anything that is keeping you from a higher light body. 

The Fifth Dimension is where we are going next.

Though you may come into these higher dimensions in meditation or in your light work, you eventually must come back to the third dimensional reality for your everyday life and that is part of why you came.

And keeping grounded is very important too— I just want to touch on that again. Don’t forget to ground yourself after your lightworking, or during your lightworking. Grounding to this Earth is very important, many of you experienced the want of releasing this density completely. And that will not help you, for you are needing to be here for a reason. So you must keep grounded, you may ground to Ascended Earth instead of 3D Earth and that is, of course, much more helpful. But you must have some grounding to this body in this life for you to get through what you’ve come here to do.

Rachel: Wow, that was a lot. And I want to say that we’re here to do all of this together. And I often say, and this is part of this month too, that there’s not one person coming forth, who’s going to just release all of your problems, and suddenly, poof, you’re ascended. Or it’s like, “hey, it’s Ascension Day, whoo! Yesterday sucked in the 3D reality, but today, I’m ascended.” It’s not like that.

There’s not any person outside yourself who is going to bring you to Ascension. Ascension is a long process of you releasing all of this, it took us a long time to build all these incorrect fears and beliefs into this Earth. Even if you’re young, even if you’re 19 years old, you have been impressed upon energetically— they’re showing me this, so I am channeling this— all of these belief systems and we have to release them together.

The best way for us all to release it together to ascend the earth is for us each to work on ourselves to release it. And as we all release it and all of our vibration gets higher, that is how we get to ascension. So this is a very important part of the ascension that a lot of people are getting stuck in. And so I just wanted to bring that forth. But you know what, let’s bring Thoth forward and say how.

Standing in your power Thoth Image

How do we get to ascension? Do you have more to say on what you just said? Do you have more to expand upon?

Getting to ascension is exactly what I have been saying. You release, you release, your vibration gets higher and that is part of where you are going. There will be many signs to show you that you are on the way. The world changing rapidly as one sign.

Asking for a sign from your spirit guides such as angel numbers, as you call them, or clock numbers, repeating numbers or feathers in your path— or whatever spirit signs you have lined up with your spirit guides that they send you messages that they send you help. This is other ways that you can be assured that you’re on the right path.

And many of you can see that the world is changing rapidly. And that more people are waking up and understanding and even bad things that are happening in your timeline are helping others wake up. And as we all awaken, then we can move forward with ascension. And there will be other steps. But we will bring that forth in a few years when we get there. And it is many years but again, I ask you to enjoy it.

I want to talk about the shoulds. Many of you feel great amount of guilt that your 3D life takes a lot of time.

This medium I’m speaking through worries about how much time she spends on advertising or social media or even editing videos such as this one— which takes her away from her family, and takes her away from the actual lightwork of healing others in groups or in person, personal healing. And she worries that these sort of 3D tasks take her away from ascension because it takes away from time she could be meditating, or trance channeling, or doing other things that are immediately helpful. So this is a good example of a good case to talk about.

Many of you are worried about the shoulds – you should be meditating more, you should be doing more meditative practices, you should be journaling, you should be working on the next thing, you should be helping more. I’d like to tell you that where we are in this part of ascension, as much as you can do of those things, it’s very, very helpful. But as you release density, and as you go forward in ascension, there will be more time for these things. And you will fit them in more as you wish to do now.

Part of the want of wanting to do all of that, wanting to do it more and live in this higher vibration more often, to be taken away from 3D tasks such as cleaning your house, or running errands, or things that you feel are time wasters, these are all part of the ascension process. And one thing that you can do, which will help you get to the point where you can fit more in, is to become present in these times and not distract yourself so much from the mundane or the boring.

By coming into the present moment, you can come to the moment that you are in and look at the beautiful world. Notice things around, bring your vibration to this present moment which will rise. Taking deep breaths, making sure you’re breathing, noticing nature noticing human kindness. And these are things you can do instead of busying your mind with electronics, and these will help you as well. 

Rachel: I loved that. And I do worry about all the 3D tasks. I don’t know if you all know how much I do in the 3D tasks such as video editing, social media posts, all the things that can really feel like they’re taking over your life. So that’s really beautiful. 

Now we haven’t even brought forward the Unicorns yet. Let’s see.

Thoth image

Thoth and Sacred Circles

But there was one more thing I wanted to talk to Thoth about. I often talk about the Sacred Circle, and the Sacred Circle that is on this channel, is Sacred Circle of calling in the archangels on the horizontal and the vertical plane. And I update it every once in a while and I’m feeling called to update it again because what I see now is that we’re not calling in Archangel Michael, Uriel Raphael, Gabriel, Sandalphon, Metatron— we’re not calling them all in just to protect us, but just to stand in the four corners plus up and down to transmute energy to love.

This is such an important update. 

Thoth: This energy circle that you are bringing in is very important for a Lightworker, because it is a modern way to bring in a ritual that aligns you with your purpose, your higher self. There are many aspects of this sacred circle that I would like to impress upon you. One is grounding into New Earth, releasing the third dimensional Earth.

One is encasing you above and below, as well as, on all four sides or more around you in whichever way you’d like to do it. You could call in elements such as air fire, or you could not. It is not necessary. You can call in directions such as North and South, or you could have a pattern of calling in angels or beings or dragons, or helpful Light Beings in all corners and whatever shape you would like. It doesn’t have to be a square.

You connect to your higher self and that you asked that your flame or your light within be ignited or increased or that you at least put a moment to feeling that. When you are calling in your ritual that works for you in whatever way works for you, the main objective is that you feel grounded into ascended earth, that you are surrounded by Light Beings who are transmuting energy for you and sending you energy to bring your vibration up and that you feel that vibration rising.

And so if you aren’t feeling the vibration rising, then you need to keep going until you do. And if you feel it right away you may make it quick and that’s okay too. It is only a ritual to bring your vibration up, to remind you that you are not alone, that you have helpers of every dimension helping you and to bring you into a space which you can now concentrate on light work. 

Rachel: I like that. I like that a lot. I kind of like the idea of not using four corners but something like just a sacred geometry instead. That’s pretty cool. It would take some thought. 

There’s a little more want to ask Thoth. But first, we’re going to bring in these Unicorns that I promised you. I love to trance Unicorns, it’s going to be really fun. So we want to talk to them about:

Mahatma Energy and Unicorns Image

Mahatma Healing Energy— What is it? How can we use it? What’s it good for?

Let’s see who wants to come in first, we have Satima, Helena and Barbaras. Helena would like to come in first and so we will ask her.

Helena: Hello and welcome. I’m so happy to be here. The Mahatma Energy is a great energy that we used quite a bit in Atlantis. And of course, we are many from Atlantis, here in this month of your TAG Program. But of course, we aren’t really of Atlantis. But we spent a good time there— bringing energy pretty high.

So we consider ourselves of Atlantis to you humans because it makes the most sense. But of course, we are Light Beings who came to Atlantis to help.

The Mahatma Energy  is a beautiful white light energy.

It may appear to you in many forms: golden light or with streaks of color. It could be pearlescent or it could be creamy white, it can come in many ways and colors. The color does not matter, for it is a great energy that we built on to this planet in the time of Atlantis. We used many things at our disposal, including the Great crystal of Atlantis, other crystals as well to help anchor in this light.

And we brought it in for great healing. What can you use it for? The Mahatma Energy is a great energy to use for standing in your power, which is why we wanted to include it in this month’s topic for standing in your power. If you can imagine this light in whichever way that you imagined it to be coming as a large force all around you, it is always a visualization of a wide light. So it never comes in a small stream, but you will always see it as almost like a large spotlight of energy. And you will feel it coming through your body and all around and you can call on it. But of course we will also attune you to it in the attunement coming up in this month. 

It is a gentle energy you may use it for gentleness. So perhaps your feelings are strong and intense. Perhaps you are doing some intense work for yourself, for Shadow Work or perhaps you are responding intensely to something that has triggered you. Mahatma Energy can be called in this situation to gentle your energy.

So in the case of shadow work, perhaps you are done with your shadow work for the day and you wish to return to joy, you can call on the Mahatma Energy to help loosen the bonds of sadness that you are connected to which you are trying to heal or guilt or whatever, shame, whatever the shadow work is— you can use the Mahatma Energy to release it and to come more into joy. So it can gentle your own feelings.

And if you are triggered, if you are reacting, you can call on it for the release of that as well. Even call on it to bring you into the present moment. As Thoth was speaking about third dimensional reality and reality and errands and other necessities you must do, you can use the Mahatma Energy— calling on it to help you come into the present moment. It is an aid for you, that we wish for you to use. 

Helena wants me to bring in Barbaras. She says there’s a lot more to know but she doesn’t want to say it all, because she wants to have everyone speak. She doesn’t want to take up all the time and say it all herself. So there’s more, but they all want to bring in their part.

Barbaras the Unicorn Speaks about Mahatma Energy & How to Use it, Once Attuned

Barbaras: Hello. The Mahatma Energy can also be used for calm. You can use it just to gentle your feelings or you can use it for great calm, and you can use this energy to help calm others. By using the energy to flow through your hands. You may be able to call on this immediately or perhaps you want help in the attunement that we will provide for this group. And you can use this to calm a large group of people as you learn to wield it.

It will take some practice but you should be able to bring this Mahatma Energy through the crown of your body, through your body and out your heart, or your hands, or your eyes, or your third eye to calm a large group of people. You can do this silently or you can mix it with your own modality.

Perhaps you use some type of Reiki or pranic healing or other healing such as that where you channel light. Perhaps you use sound, you can channel it through your voice or your instrument. And you can channel this not only in the room that you are in, but you can send it far distances to help a region that may need calming. Perhaps for help with an area that is in war, or is in turmoil, or has been hit by a natural disaster. The Mahatma Energy  will always call in unicorns as well as it is a very similar energy to unicorn energy of healing light. 

This is Rachel. That is actually what I thought. Because the way that I see the energy of healing light from unicorns is an opalescent so what it looks like to me it’s like our pearlescent — so it kind of looks like a pearl light and it has like an opal shining little dots of color. But the Mahatma Energy  to me looks more like that same light but it’s more like streaks of color or highlights of color or something, and it’s really beautiful. So this healing energy can be used for all kinds of gentleness and calmness. I like that. Let’s bring in Satima and see what she wants to say about it.

Mahatma Unicorn Image

Satima, the Unicorn speaks of Mahatma Energy

Satima: Hello, you may also use this Mahatma Energy  for beaming it into the ground into the earth and into places and things. You can infuse your altar with it, you can infuse the ground in which your home sits with it. You may infuse a park, you may infuse all of the land and we ask you to do this, for this will help with ascension.

The more of this energy we can ground into this 3D earth, the more it will help and speed up ascension for you. And it will help with gentleness, kindness to each other as those who walk on the ground will be affected by it. And so we ask you to bring it to all the lands that you can and help others in this way. And it is a great energy to use when you want to help and you don’t know how.

So in the Mahatma Attunement for stepping into our own power, that is the attunement that we will experience next week in TAG or if you’re watching this on YouTube, we experienced last week, and that is to help us align our energies through what I call Liquid Reiki Sound Healing, which is channeled healing. That is a sound that I will be putting into an attunement. So basically, I just channel these sounds and they attune you. They’re a mixture of Reiki, of light language and up-channeling. So we will align our energies through liquid Reiki sound healing, to be able to use Mahatma healing energy on ourselves and others and to be able to use it in our everyday lives.

So these unicorns will help us attune to this Mahatma Energy . You can attune yourself if you can just bring that through. But if you want help, it is in the TAG group. We do it as a community and like connector. So I’m able to bring through many extra parts I think in these attunements. And I feel that they’re very helpful. They really do help us go towards ascension. I’m always pleased and grateful that I can channel this kind of sound healing.

So it will be for stepping into our own power, aligning our energies through liquid Reiki sound healing, to be able to use Mahatma Healing Energy in our everyday lives – on ourselves and on others, and also aligning us to the truth that we are our own highest protection, our own savior and our own greatest helper. And of course, they do not mean that we can’t go to community to get the help of spirit and community. Of course, like they said before, that’s really very important. We are all doing this together and that’s why we have a TAG community. We should all be having our communities. They’re very important and helpful. 

So the next part they wanted to teach us about was uncovering the great flame within.

Actually I was going to ask Thoth this, but I’m getting that Barbaras would like to come through for this part. So, this will be the Atlantean unicorn or however we think of him as being from Atlantis and he will talk to us about it. 

Barbaras: You have a great flame within you, have you not felt it? It is a part of your being and you will feel it strongly in the heart center. In this flame ignites and grow stronger as your spiritual practice, as your connection to Mother Earth, your connection to your spirit guides and helpers will increase. You will feel this increase.

As you step more to your power you will feel it increase. Which is very important that you do and you must make the decision out loud, that you are only working with the highest Light Beings . And so you must say to the universe at least once or maybe every so often, I choose only to work with the highest light and the highest Light Beings . Those of lower vibrational energies are not welcome into my space, or my home, or any place in which I dwell, or live, or go. And you may say it in any way that you would like but this is the gist. 

Rachel: “This is the gist.” LOL— I feel like they find these weird they find these weird phrases in my head, I think. So that’s true, I do say something like that. So I like that he said it very simply, and kind of— of course, we like to say them very elegantly. But I think the point is, it doesn’t have to be elegant, you just have to say I work with these High Light Beings only, I don’t allow lower vibrational come anywhere near me. 

So I’d like to bring Thoth in just for a few more minutes, and to see what else he wants to say. 

Thoth Compliments Us

I applaud and commend you. You are doing great work, you are listening and absorbing good information. You are connecting with yourself and your higher self, your spirit guides and your helpers, high Light Beings , such as myself, and I appreciate that with you.

I feel as though I’m part of this ascension with you. While you are all going through these feelings and emotions, I feel that deeply within myself as if I’m doing it too as a human, although I haven’t been human for a long time. And so I say we, because as your helper, as a spirit in this world, I am experiencing it with you as I’m helping you. And so I want you to call on me and to call on others that you feel drawn to so that we can all help, we feel a great connection with you in this Earth and Gaia, and bringing it to the level that it should go and it is a great honor to do this. We wish to help you and so we wish you to call on us always. 

Rachel: I like that. I wondered why he kept saying we I was like isn’t this us and not you. So for what else is coming up in the month, of course we have the attunement, which is Liquid Reiki Sound Healing, which is my modality of how I bring through channeled healing for others.

So that one is called the Mahatma Attunement for Stepping into our Own Power. But then we also have the Atlantean Temple Healing Meditation. This is a meditative journey to the Atlantean Temple of Mahatma Energy . So there’s a temple of this healing apparently in Atlantis and it’s for healing and understanding of our deepest selves. It’s for deep clearing and alignment to whatever changes we are making. It’s a deep clearing and alignment to whatever changes we’re working on at this time.

So whatever you might be working on right now, releasing this meditation will really help you and you can use it again for another thing that you’re trying to release. And then of course, there’s the Community Manifest Sigil, our sigil every month. So this wants to manifest the power of your community to achieve the support you need for walking the light path which is your soul’s purpose, or your journey in this life, your soul’s journey. So I hope that all of this will help you quite a bit. I’m really excited about this month. I’m excited about bringing all of this forward.

I’m really excited about bringing all this forward and all the help that they’re going to be bringing us. So if you’d like to join TAG Lightworkers or you want to start with TAG Beginners because you’re not sure where you are yet, you want to start with attuning to angels and elementals that will help you in lots of spiritual learning and concepts.

And you can find all that on my website. So I’d love to see you there and I hope that this was really helpful. I’d love to hear what you thought about Thoth and these wonderful unicorns, and if you agreed, or if you felt like there was something missing that you wanted to know more about.

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TAG December: Web of Light with Gaia & Earth Goddesses: Starseed Mission

This month is about balancing the Ascension energies because there is a huge amount of energy coming through this month with so many portals open and this is just the time. These Goddesses explain the Web of Light.

There are a lot of changes in the air with Ascension and we need to balance these energies because they are largely masculine in nature. That is because these energies are coming through for change and to really shift us and so a little balance with feminine energy is also helpful.

They have also come to help us with connecting to the ascension web of light in general, and understanding our starseed mission. Because we have all come here with a mission— and we really need to make the way for understanding of that—which is to that we need to vibrate a little higher, so we can get the information that we need.

Liquid Reiki Sound Healing channeled from Gaia to balance energy to receive information

Is it Time to Upgrade your Spirit Guides?

Is it Time to Upgrade your Spirit Guides?

Upgrade your Spirit Guides?
Is it time to upgrade your Spirit Guides— or maybe one or two, so that you can have the highest version of your greatest life helpers? Did you know this can be done? Let’s talk about it a bit, and I’ll show you how to upgrade your beloved Spirit Guides for your best experience in this Earthly Life.

What Is A Spirit Guide?
As spiritual beings living a human experience, we have many high vibrational beings who help us as Spirit Guides when we choose to incarnate in this lifetime. There are Galactical Helpers, Angelic Beings, Elementals, and many more who watch over us during our lives. They help us out in certain situations in order to further our learning process— and guide us in the life lessons we set out to learn during our spiritual journey toward Ascension.

Ninth Dimensional Love: Lady Venus, Venusians and Intergalactic Hathors—Channeled Masterclass

Ninth Dimensional Love: Lady Venus, Venusians and Intergalactic Hathors—Channeled Masterclass

TAG Lightworkers Ninth Dimensional Love: Lady Venus, Venusians and Intergalactic Hathors—Channeled Masterclass
hese beings are coming forward to TAG Lightworkers this month to activate this ninth dimensional light within us. This is so that we can shine this light all around our physical space and into our Earth— to help it ascend, and also for physical upgrades in the body. So they are bringing this higher vibration of ascended ninth dimensional love and forgiveness.

Why you Should Channel your Spirit Team

Why you Should Channel your Spirit Team

Knowing your Spirit Team helps guide you to your best life. Everyone is born with a team of spirit guides. Anyone can access their own personal guides and spirit team at any time.  How? Just by knowing that you can (your welcome!) and learning the best way to communicate with your spirit team.

Can Past Lives Affect You Now?

Can Past Lives Affect You Now?

How do Past Lives affect you now? Step into Full Personal Sovereignty by releasing Slavery Past Lives such as labor, sex, love and magic. This will increase your financial abundance.

What is Inner Child Healing?

What is Inner Child Healing?

Have you ever heard of inner child healing? Or been told by a healer or psychic that you have some inner child healing work to do?  Maybe you knew exactly what they were talking about or perhaps you weren’t sure.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum of knowing or not knowing, it’s my goal to help you have a clearer understanding of inner child healing.

Can Fluoride Block Psychic Senses and Intuition?

Can Fluoride Block Psychic Senses and Intuition?

Can Fluoride Block Intuition & the Third Eye?
There can be a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of fluoride, but it is my personal belief that fluoride is dangerous and can negatively affect your health and the connection you have with your intuition and higher self.  In this article, I help you have another perspective on the subject, that can ultimately lead you to having a stronger connection with your intuition and spirit team.

Druids & Priestesses of Avalon: Highest Timeline/ Akashic Knowledge Masterclass

Druids & Priestesses of Avalon: Highest Timeline/ Akashic Knowledge Masterclass

Trance Channeled Masterclass: Our Lady, Babesck, Mattagar, Geneaux, Francois, Ballatette and Siveign speak through trance channel Rachel Chamness to tell us what we need to know for our Highest Timeline and Good in the coming months of Ascension. If you like to listen so it has less pauses, you can set Youtube to play at a faster rate, such as 1.75x!

Accessing information from the Akashic records for our Highest Timeline and learning about Avalon rituals
Trance Channeled Message from Avalon for our soul group from Our Lady from the Temple of Isis (Magdelena)
Our Lady:
You were all beings of light in Avalon time— as all of us were— and of course you are a being of light when you are fully in your highest self or your oversoul.

There was much work that we did there in the temple of Isis. We studied the Akashic records and we formed the highest timeline that we could for this 3D life that you are living now in this time.

This is a very important time for your planet and your species and there are other species involved as well— many— and so we worked with these timelines, and with much energy to create the best path and it is now time for you to connect to that path.

And so that is what we will work on this month in the offers of TAG.

We will all come forward and put the pieces together for you.

There were many rituals, yes, in Avalon and our days were simple but ritualistic and we worked simply and together as a group to make sure that this knowledge could be brought forward to this age.

So it is time for you to remember this knowledge and we will help with that, of course.

How to Program Water for Manifestation

How to Program Water for Manifestation

Why Programming Water Works.
Did you know that the Earth is 70% water? Our bodies are also 70% water! Have you ever wondered if there was a connection or reason for this? Water is the element of emotion, intuition, spiritual connections, flow, feminine energy, and it has the ability to cleanse our internal, external and energetic bodies.

The water on the planet and in our bodies connects us to the energies of the element of water. Water is life and every living thing has water in it. Water makes the Earth grow and can help humans stay healthy physically and energetically. Water helps connect us to one another and all living creatures on Earth…

What is a Spiritual Detox?

What is a Spiritual Detox?

What is a Spiritual Detox?
The short answer is that a spiritual detox is the process of releasing mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blocks before, during, or after a healing session. The long answer is that a healing session can occur during the inner work you are doing on your own— or it can be done with the help of a Reiki Master, Shaman or other type of multidimensional healer (link Shaman article).

When the physical body releases thought patterns or blocks of energy in the body, it must reassemble itself— so to speak— so that it can function without those blocks. That means that the body has learned how to cope with the block or pattern by creating an illness, dis-ease, mental and emotional strain. Now that this illness, dis-ease or strain has been removed, the body now has to figure out how to function or flow without that block there.

How to Send a Message to Anyone using Archangel Gabriel

How to Send a Message to Anyone using Archangel Gabriel

How to Send a Message that will be HEARD with Archangel Gabriel. Sometimes you just need to be heard! Archangel Gabriel can help.
Sometimes if you feel like your message is not getting through, or if you have something difficult to tell someone, you may feel frustrated that your message just isn’t getting delivered! But Archangel Gabriel will help you.
Enter Archangel Gabriel, Relationship Archangel.
Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Communication, Relationships, and also helps release dense thoughts and reach higher dimensional love. So you can understand why Gabriel (or Gabrielle) can help with this issue of communication.
Different reasons you might send a message through Archangel Gabriel…

Archangels Uriel and Archangel Gabriel Masterclass

Archangels Uriel and Archangel Gabriel Masterclass

In August in my monthly group TAG Lightworkers, the theme is Ascension of the Heart with Archangels Uriel & Gabriel⁠. Each month, a team of Light Beings comes to help us connect, manifest and heal with them, on our Ascension Journey. Here is the shared Masterclass with 13 Questions and Channeled Answers.

Angels & Guardian Angels

Angels & Guardian Angels

People love to connect with angelic brings for guidance and support. We are all assigned an Angel Team when we are born. They are with us in both good times and bad.

Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

I really love to use Solfeggio Frequencies for Sound Healing. I have a great set of solfeggio tuning forks that I use regularly, in client sessions and in many practices of my sound healing. In this article, I’d like to teach you a bit about how Solfeggio Frequencies work for healing the body.
In the video above, you can watch as I give a short overview on how to become a Sound Healer very simply with instruments. I also explain how to use tuning forks in general. I’d like to expand on this about sound healing in general and the remarkable healing power of Solfeggio Frequencies.

Gaia’s 8D Crystal Mermaids from Atlantis

Gaia’s 8D Crystal Mermaids from Atlantis

This month in my Transformation & Ascension Group for Lightworkers, we’re talking to Gaia’s 8th dimensional crystal mermaids. They’re coming forward to talk about their lives in Atlantis and the crystals they were in charge of and also to talk about Gaia’s Gateway chakra point which is an important part of Ascension.

This is a regular portion of my Transformation and Ascension Group, but the masterclass of each month is always available on YouTube for free, since the beginning of this year— so I am glad you are here with us today.

Spirit Signs & Spirit Guides

Spirit Signs & Spirit Guides

How do you know if Spirit or your Spirit Guides are trying to talk to you?
Psychic Senses & Spirit Signs— Did you know that all humans can access their psychic senses? We call them—our psychic senses—the clairs. The most commonly recognized psychic clairs are clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairtangency, clairsentience, and there are a few more. All of these clair senses are available to each of us.

Transformation and Ascension for Lightworkers

Transformation and Ascension for Lightworkers

Transformation and Ascension. If you are here on my page reading this article about Transformation and Ascension—whether you know it or not— You are a Lightworker! What is a Lightworker? A Lightworker is someone who is helping the planet and other people raise their vibration and consciousness and who supports a peaceful, loving and compassionate planet and way of living.

Blue Avians 6D Lightworker Grid Masterclass

Blue Avians 6D Lightworker Grid Masterclass

This month, we are talking to the Blue Avians. The Blue Avians are talking to us about the 6th Dimensional Light Grid they’ve put around the planet to help us. This will help us by giving us a huge kickback of light that will help us connect with each other. Free Preview..

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

The language codes that form the foundation of sacred geometry help me connect to the universal source of power – and I find that the more I incorporate the symbols and patterns of sacred geometry, which I see when I use Light Language, the more that power increases.

And that is what sacred geometry is truly all about – it is living proof that within each of us we have all the power and light we need to live happy and powerful lives, connected to the source of creation itself. And I want to help you to see your power and connect to it!

Hoshki Black Panther Channeled Ascension Message and Sound Healing

Hoshki Black Panther Channeled Ascension Message and Sound Healing

This month in my Transformation & Ascension VIP Group— Tor TAG as we call it, we are working with Animal Totems and Spirit Animals. Today, I would like to bring forward a black panther spirit animal named Hoshki. Hoshki has a message and sound healing for you that I channel in the video toward the end of the blogpost.

I am Hoshki, I bring to you a great message of joy. There is much change coming to your world and it is much good. Though everywhere you look you may not see good, but you see turmoil, you see fear..

Are Animals MultiDimensional Helpers? Animal Spirit Guides Masterclass

Are Animals MultiDimensional Helpers? Animal Spirit Guides Masterclass

This month in my TAG VIP Membership program, we are working with Animal Spirit Guides & Animal Totems who are helping us with ascension.

Every month starts with a masterclass, where I ask the group of beings 13 different questions related to who they are, where they come from, and how they help us (humans) with the ascension process. This time I switched up the Questions and added a few, since Animal Spirit Guides are quite a different group of beings than we are used to working with, in TAG!

I have to say that the Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Totem Guides were such an exciting group of beings to work with. I was THRILLED to channel a message from a Tyrannosaurus rex Animal Spirit Guide…

Sirius Goddess Sopdet Channeled Message

Sirius Goddess Sopdet Channeled Message

Today I would like to bring forth a goddess from the Sirius star system for you. Her name is Barem-Sati, but you may know her as Goddess Sopdet.

Spirit Totem Animals and Spirit Animals

Spirit Totem Animals and Spirit Animals

Have you been wondering what a spirit animal guide is versus an animal totem? In this article we will be exploring the differences.
Spirit animals and animal totems are terms that are often used interchangeably but they each ..

Everything you need to know about Reiki

Everything you need to know about Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy (rei = of the universe and ki = life force energy). It is a healing modality that helps to reduce stress and can be used to help people heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 1 of 2)

What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 1 of 2)

A Psychic Medium is someone who can use their clair or psychic senses, also known as ESP, to pick up messages from different entities. These entities include angels, elementals like unicorns and fairies, spirit guides, and even loved ones who have passed on. Psychic Mediums can also talk to pets and nature spirits, like trees and plants.

What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 2 of 2)

What is a Psychic Medium? (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2, Channel Mediums can also pass healing energy on from the beings they are tapping into. This can happen with any type of channeled healing, such as Reiki, Light Language, or similar healing modalities.

Polaris Light Beings and Arctic Elementals

Polaris Light Beings and Arctic Elementals

This Masterclass is a preview of my monthly Group TAG, April 2021 is Polaris Light Beings & Arctic Elementals.

The North Star Polaris has Light Beings and our Arctic Animals are Elemental Beings who hail from the same area… would you like to learn more?

This Masterclass video for TAG has lots of answers and new information for you! This month, Meg from our TAG Team and from Soul Space with Meg, is trance channeling this information for you!

Polaris Light Beings channeled in this Masterclass:

Polar Bear named Nakti, Narwhal “Nahla”, Arctic mermaid “Finley” plus two Light Beings from Polaris named Dolar and JoJosolaris, and an Arctic Snow Owl. The Arctic Elementals are also high vibrational beings from Polaris… well, in a way. You’ll find out, as you read more.

Channeling Spirit Guides

Channeling Spirit Guides

Learning to channel messages from your Spirit Guides can be a great tool for everything from helping make decisions in your own life to protecting your energy (both psychic and physical), finding more joy in life, and exploring your psychic gifts.

What is Light Language?

What is Light Language?

Light Language is an alternative energetic healing modality that comes though in a variety of different ways, from symbols to language to tapping or drumming, and dancing. Light Language…

Prince Brings a Message of Ascension

Prince Brings a Message of Ascension

Today I will be bringing in Prince- the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. He tells me he hails from the constellation in Orion and he has much to say about Ascension!

Prince also gives a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing channel, but you will have to watch the video for that healing. It is for Connection to Ascension.

A Cat Healing for You and Your Cat From Bastet

A Cat Healing for You and Your Cat From Bastet

This cat healing & blessing is for you and your cat. I channeled it from Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess. I asked her to give a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing to the collective, and this is what she wanted to bring through.

Bastet was an Egyptian Goddess depicted with a cat head. She was associated with the Eye of Ra, and depicted in several ways involving felines. As you know, cats were highly revered in Egyptian Times. Whether your cat is here or on the other side, this healing is for you…

Sacred Geometry and Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass

Sacred Geometry and Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass

This month’s Masterclass for my TAG VIP group focuses on Sacred Geometry and the Egyptian goddesses, Isis, Ma’at, and Bastet.

Every month, I ask the group of beings I am working with 13 questions and then I trance channel the answers from those beings—like the Egyptian goddesses this month—and also from any other entities who want to add to the answers.

Orion Star Being Berthia Brings a Channeled Message

Orion Star Being Berthia Brings a Channeled Message

This month in my TAG VIP Membership program we are working closely with Orion Star Beings who I am trance channeling for TAG this month. They have been bringing through messages about Ascension, helping us with Ascension symptoms, and bringing us healing and Light.
One of the Orion Star beings, Brethia, is on the Orion Galactic Council, and she came to me to bring me a message about how our manifesting is really speeding up right now. She explains in the channeled message transcribed in this blog post.

Orion and Mintakan Star Beings Masterclass and Channeled Messages

Orion and Mintakan Star Beings Masterclass and Channeled Messages

This month in my TAG VIP Membership group, we are working with several Beings from Orion and Mintakan, including:

😇 Archangel Orion
👽 Brethia, Orion Star/Galactic Council
🌌 The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Orion Starseed and former human Superstar
🐬 Selena, Mintakan Dolphin

I shared the entire masterclass on my YouTube Channel. You can watch the whole video…

Full Guide to Understanding Psychic Implants

Full Guide to Understanding Psychic Implants

Today we’re talking all about psychic implants. We’ll cover topics like:

Are they 3D? Can you touch them or are they psychic/energy/from a different dimension?
What do psychic implants look like?
Why would you have a psychic implant and who would give one to you?
Why are they implanted?
How are psychic implants attached to a person’s energy field?
What do you do if you feel like you might have a psychic implant?
How can someone get rid of a psychic implant? Can you remove them?

Psychic implants are tiny hardware, devices, seeds, eggs, or implants in the etheric field or in your auric field.

Are psychic implants 3D? Can you see or touch them?

Justice And A New Way – Channeled Messages From Atlantis

Justice And A New Way – Channeled Messages From Atlantis

This month in my TAG VIP Membership program, we are working closely with some gods and goddesses from Atlantis. Three of the main entities who are coming forward this month are Anubis, Serapis Bey, and Thoth. I wanted to share some of their messages with you.

The Inter- Dimensional Channeled Masterclass with Thoth

The Inter- Dimensional Channeled Masterclass with Thoth

In this Inter- Dimensional Masterclass, Thoth is bringing forth the seven masters of great wisdom.

I’ll be trance channeling them, as well as Thoth.

He also calls them the seven overlords of wisdom in the Emerald Tablets— but we’ll call them the seven masters, and they are really just frequencies of light and vibration.


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