What is Inner Child Healing?

By Olivia Paige and Rachel Chamness

Have you ever heard of inner child healing? Or been told by a healer or psychic that you have some inner child healing work to do?  Maybe you knew exactly what they were talking about or perhaps you weren’t sure.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum of knowing or not knowing, it’s my goal to help you have a clearer understanding of inner child healing.

My Journey with Inner Child Healing

Watch this video for some of my own experiences of what Inner Child Healing has meant for me.

Rachel talks about her own inner child healing in this video

Inner Child Healing can be Wounds From Childhood or Past Lives

Inner child healing is the idea of healing wounds that occurred during your childhood.  These wounds can stem from something very traumatic, to something that seems so small and insignificant.  Something you wouldn’t even think could still influence you.  Children can be easily wounded or impressed upon, and the wound might not be even understood for decades.

These inner child wounds can even come from past lives that are still held in your energy field.  The goal of doing inner child healing work is to acknowledge and heal these childhood pains, so that you can continue your journey as an adult in the healthiest way possible.

It’s important for your journey as an adult to be able to reconnect with your innocence and child-like wonder from time to time.  It helps you connect with your heart’s desires and joys.  When you have childhood wounds, you may resist connecting with your child like limitless imagination. Healing the Inner Child can bring you so much joy in your everyday life.

Goddess Brigid and Diana TAG Masterclass Image
Inner Child Healing is so important for a Joyous Life

Healing the Inner Child Can Open Up Traits of Carefree Living and Pure Joy

Do you remember times during your childhood when you laughed at the silliest things or didn’t have a care in the world, or liked to play in the cold without a coat because somehow the cold didn’t affect you as much when you were a kid?  This is because you were so connected to your joy and your heart, you didn’t let your brain create blocks for you.  Olivia relates: After breaking my leg a few years ago, getting on the floor to play with my son and back up again could be such a struggle.  But when I didn’t think twice about it, I could get right up.  It’s because I didn’t allow myself to overthink all the reasons it was going to be hard for me, instead I just did it. 

Kids are good at not creating mental blocks.  It’s because they are so connected with their heart, joy and imagination.  Kids have moments in their life when they can be free of mental blocks.  There are also times when kids’ hearts become very wounded and as they grow older, they decide it’s safer to operate from their head versus their heart.  Because of this, when a child experiences hurt feelings or trauma it sticks with them into adulthood, because their innocent heart has been bruised.

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Join the Donation Based Inner Child Group Healing

Society can Birth a New Generation of Kindness

It’s so important to show children compassion, kindness, nurturing and love.  If society were to raise children on divine love versus tough love, we could create a much different world.  Children would grow into adults who stayed connected with their hearts, followed their hearts, and lived from their hearts.  I’m not claiming to have all the answers on parenting, but I believe showing more kindness and love to our children is a good place to begin. 

In this day and age, many parents are coming into this new paradigm of our rising vibration, and with that, they are understanding that children should be allowed to feel their feelings. What in a previous generation might have been considered bad for the child— such as perhaps not being as strong as an adult by shaking off pain or hurt— is now recognized as normal growing and learning for children.

Olivia relates a story: I remember being with my parents and my son fell and got hurt, I responded with “are you okay?” and I gave him a hug.  My parents told me I would be raising a sissy for a child.  I never understood their logic.  Think about this, if you stubbed your toe really hard, and you were in pain and in a room full of people and they just told you to “shake it off”, how would that make you feel?  You might feel unacknowledged, you might feel like your pain doesn’t matter, you might feel like you were laughed at.  Now think about what we do to children when we ignore their pains and hurts, when we try to force them to “act like an adult”. 

These types of tough love scenarios can create childhood wounds and blocks for the child as they grow older.  Typically, when an adult stubs their toe and people are around someone will check to make sure they are ok.  It’s time to start making sure our children are okay.  However, even if you are the nurturing type of parent, wounds can still occur through experiences at school, with other family members or friends.  They can even occur unconsciously by what you project of your own inner child wounds that aren’t fully healed. All of these childhood wounds will turn into inner child wounds once you have reached adulthood, if not healed. Inner child healing is an important part of your shadow work as an adult.  You can read more about shadow work here in this article.

Inner Child Healing Image
Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing Leads to Enlightenment

Working through childhood trauma allows you to clear energy in your auric field, your mind, body, and soul, so that you can create a deeper connection with your belief that anything is possible.  You can live more joyfully from your heart, which allows you to operate from what brings you joy versus what doesn’t.

I have brought my Inner Child through a series of healing, starting with the Wounded Inner Child, or Little Wounded Rachel, a child who had much trauma, as many of us did— for that is what we are called in this life to do— learn through trauma. I brought her through a series: from Wounded Child to become a Divine Child through healing with Celtic Goddesses, then later to become a Magickal Child with Avalon Healing, then through an Integration of Inner Child with Native American Goddesses, and finally to Diamond Light Inner Child with the help of Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. I recorded these 4 meditations for all, and they are available in my TAG Lightworkers Membership Community. This series of healing was wonderful for me, and I hope it can be wonderful for you, as well.

I have also brought forth an Inner Child Healing for a Group, which will be a Group Session, much like my Light Path Sessions. I will do this session on February 6th 2022, for those who donate any monetary amount they feel is a fair exchange. And I will set the intention with Reiki Healing that anyone who wishes to make an exchange of donation afterwards can also benefit by watching the recorded video of the healing. I am very excited to start this new series of group healings by donation. So if you are reading this far in the future, you will find this healing at the bottom of the page.

Inner Child Healing Image
Inner Child Healing

How do you do Inner Child Healing work?

1.      Have a Psychic Healing Session which focuses on inner child healing work or join in my Group Inner Child Healing Session for pay what you wish donation here.

2.      Do a meditation which focuses on inner child healing work, there is the 4 part series I mentioned above in TAG Lightworkers Library, if you wish for help channeled from Goddesses & Archangels.

3.      Make a conscious effort to have fun and play from a child’s perspective. This can really bring out your inner child and help with inner child wounds.

4.      Do an inner child visualization exercise where you nurture and love your child self. Imagine “Little Wounded (add you name here)” and imagine her/him/them to be cleaned up energetically, given love, or listen to what your Inner Child tells you she/he/they needs to be healed.

5.      Journal about childhood wounds to work through them. This is a big part of inner child healing, to recognize these inner child wounds and work through them. Journalling is something Spirit often recommends to my clients.

6.     Ask your Doctor Teacher Guide to guide you to a book which can serve you well on the subject of inner child healing — even if you don’t know who your Doctor Teacher Guide is! You can still ask. (If you want to meet your Spirit Guides and learn to channel them, check out my Trance Channel Mediumship Course to learn 4 ways of channeling).

Through childhood wounds we create blocks for ourselves as we get older. The point isn’t to blame where they came from, but to acknowledge where they came from— acknowledge how it made you feel and recognize how it might be affecting you, in your current day to day life. 

When inner child healing work comes up, this doesn’t mean you are bad or at the wrong place in your life.  Quite the opposite, it means that you are ready to heal these inner child wounds so that you can continue to live your best life.  Inner child healing is some of the most important healing you can do as an adult, so that you can clear a path for your manifestations, and live a more joyful life.

I included some of the ways that healing my inner child wounds helped me in the video posted above. I hope you will find a way to release your inner child wounds and have more fun letting your Divine Ascended Inner Child out in your everyday life!!

By Olivia Paige and Rachel Chamness


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