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Sirius Star Beings and New Ascension Frequencies Masterclass

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Rachel Chamness

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April 13, 2021
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Welcome to the Sirius Star Beings and New Ascension Frequencies Masterclass. My name is Rachel Chamness and I am a Trance Channel Medium and Liquid Reiki Sound Healer.

Each month, I channel a different group of beings for my TAG VIP Group. This month, I channeled Beings from the star system Sirius, as well as Fairies, and a Changeling from Sirius, too!

The Sirius Beings will be helping us with new sound frequencies, the future of telepathy and more…

The Beings I channeled are:

Three Sirius star beings names Menchka, Chesis and Flay
A large blue fairy named Okinaha who works with sound healing and frequencies
A porpoise changeling between humanoid and dolphin named Malahai

Sirius Star Beings and New Ascension Frequencies Masterclass

Here are the first few questions and answers written out for you.

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1. Where do you originate from? How long has your planet been around and is it still in existence?

Chesis (Sirius Being): I myself come from Sirius A. We are not all from the same planet. Our planets are still there and we used to have a third planet.

Flay (Sirius Being): I am from Sirius B and yes, it is still there. It is doing very well. We are happy to come here (to Earth) and help you bring your planet to such heights of cleanliness. You have much to clean up on your planet as you all well know. And of course, it is not an individual’s fault and of course many of you are wanting to clean up the planet. We will help you in time

This is Rachel. Yes, I have heard this message many times that they will come and help us clean up our planet when it is time during Ascension. I am going to ask Malahi the large changeling dolphin to come in and answer this question. 

Malahai (porpoise changeling): I am from Sirius B, of course, the water planet. There is some land and so we may change from land to water if we wish. Because our planets are higher than the third dimension it is a little different than the way you might be imagining for once you ascend to the fifth dimensional reality: you may change your molecules and shape as you wish. And so to go from water to land is as simple as going from asleep to awake.

Okinaha (fairy):  I am very happy to be here. I would like to say that there are many types of elementals in the star system of Sirius. We are so happy to connect to you and help you if you wish with sound healing this month, for that is why we are here. We know many of you are very interested in sound healing and we wish to help bring these new frequencies here so that you can really help enhance your experience for Ascension and because you need these new frequencies for Ascension, for there are many steps.

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2. Where do you exist now?

Malahai: I exist on SIrius B but I sometimes travel to other places. For now, that is where I am. We send out consciousness to you. It is very easy and simple for us. We have no need to travel (by spaceship) to send you this message.

Okweena (fairy): We exist on the frequency where fairies are present in many many places. Not just one planet but many, many places and Earth is one for which we have a connection to Gaia. So in a blink of an eye, we can go back and forth between these places because the land where the fairies are is almost like you can see it in your minds eye, like a layer of light over the planet or space. We can come and speak to those who can hear us and see those who can see us. Then we can go right back. So that is where we exist now although we do consider ourselves from Sirius because that is where we began.

3. What is life like on your home planet and how is it different from Earth?

Menchka (Sirius Being): Our planet is different from yours, yes. We have two main planets. One is mainly made of water and has great structures under the sea and there are some land mass and mountain range. On Sirius A we have more of a city. It is populated. It has many levels: underground, ground and higher up in the air. We are a quite advanced civilization, but it is not polluted and it is not overtaken by structures that are unnatural.

This is hard to explain, maybe, but our buildings and structures are very natural. We can construct them out of natural fibers so that a building can be as a mountain is and we can construct buildings out of crystals. Everything works in harmony. We are advanced in some ways the way you have seen in your movies where we move through the air and not the ground. Again, I believe you are not able to fully imagine how it looks because of our more natural materials and landscape. We hope that you will be able to construct this if you wish on your planet in places where you have many people. Your cities can be cohabitating with Earth in a beautiful way with mother Gaia so that it is not hurting you or your planet.

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4. Did your home planet go through an Ascension process and if so, what was it like?

Flay (Sirius Being): Yes, we did go through Ascension, the same as you. It was some time ago. It was also difficult like yours and very much like yours. There are difficult times and there are beautiful times. Once you get past the hump, as this one would say, it does become much lighter and easier. You are almost there and so we have been sent here to help you get through this Ascension by adding what you are missing. This is many frequencies in your auric field and also to begin to connect you to telepathy. This is a part of the Ascension process but of course we are bringing it a little early to those lightworkers who are wanting to learn in your group so that you may lead others and bring it into existence on your physical plane. 

You can find the rest of the channeled messages and answers to the 13 questions I ask during Masterclasses by either clicking on the video above or watching the full video on YouTube.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the messages these beings sent for us.

If you’d like to work more closely with Sirius Beings, join my TAG VIP Membership group! Every month, we work with a different group of beings who come through to help us with the Ascension process.

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