Ascension Paths and Timeline Jumps

Today, I want to talk about division, ascension paths, and timelines.

When I’m talking about division, I’m talking about the sense of dividing yourself from another person or the sense of judging who’s right and who’s wrong.

This is a type of division we don’t want. We need to remember that we are all souls here on this earth, experiencing this life together, and we are all on different paths. So, sometimes you may see someone who you feel is not understanding spiritual awakening and you feel superior to or sorry for that person —something that isn’t of the highest vibration. 

The truth is that other people have a different path than you and they could be here specifically to help you or other people get to ascension by playing the bad guy or playing the stuck person. They might have chosen extremely difficult circumstances to overcome, when they chose their life on earth, to see if they could possibly do what it would take to get to ascension. They may have made their journey much harder than yours. And so, we want to stay away from judging other people.

We also want to stay away from the thought: I’m right and you’re wrong. This is difficult—because we are humans—but it is necessary. We are all here together as souls on the same path or on similar paths, anyway. So what is right for you might be wrong for them, and vice versa.

Let’s talk about timeline jumps and paths now

As I’ve said on this channel before, there is an ascension path and there is a 3D path. Some people will go on the 3D path and they will stay there until they finish out their life in the Matrix—literally, like in the movie, The Matrix. When they die, they will come to the other side and say, “Oh! Darn it! I didn’t figure it out this time. Maybe I’ll set a lesser challenge for myself next time.”

Or perhaps they planned all along to stay on the 3D path in this life. Perhaps they did it to help you, or for some other reason. So, we have to let people live their lives as they choose. We don’t know what path they should be on. They may have made a different decision before coming into this life, and we need to respect that.

On the other hand, some of us are going on the ascension path. The ascension path is not that simple. It’s not even really only one path; it’s many, many paths. The way Spirit shows me that is something like a harp-shaped figure like an eight—or a vertical infinity symbol—and there are all these paths flowing back and forth, mostly in the same pattern. The paths can go away and come back, like waving in and out from the center.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, you still have lessons to learn, or else you wouldn’t still be on earth. We are always learning lessons. Sometimes we go away from our centers (outward) and sometimes we go back (toward the center). That means that we could all have a slightly different ascension path. 

That is why two very good and trustworthy Psychic Mediums can get two different messages, and neither of them is actually wrong. But the tricky part comes up because you aren’t quite sure how those two different visions turn out to be the SAME vision. It’s because they are on different ascension paths. 

To use the 2020 US Presidential Elections as an example:

Perhaps you think one presidential candidate is the best president for your personal ascension path to work out the way that it needs to happen. And you feel that deep in your soul. You voted for that candidate and you know that candidate is the one for you. But someone else, who you deeply admire and know to be a clear, true channel, decides that the other presidential candidate is the best choice and that candidate would actually be the one to help us get to ascension. 

Personally, I don’t think that there’s actually anyone who helps us get to ascension. We can only help ourselves get to ascension, but let’s just use the example about presidents, because it’s a good example to use for this topic.

So, what do you think? Does this difference in opinion mean that you can never trust your Medium friend—the one with the different vision—again?

No, it doesn’t because even though our ascension paths are very similar, there could be a few differences. Just because there are two totally different opinions doesn’t mean they’re not both right. Who knows which path you’re on. This is one of the reasons why we have to use discernment.

What do I mean by discernment?

What’s true for me may not be true for you. I do appreciate everyone who follows me and watches my videos, and my friends in TAG and everywhere. 

But maybe not everything I say will always resonate with you. Perhaps on your path, what I’m saying is not completely right. That’s why you should always practice discernment with anyone who is giving you messages: you have to discern whether their message is true for you or not. That’s a very important point.

That’s what could be happening as our timelines move around, too. I have been feeling some timeline jumps lately. 

Have you been feeling timeline jumps, too? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please let me know in the comments below. 

Today I had a timeline jump where it felt like the whole world looked completely different. The only way I can describe it is like an Instagram filter. It wasn’t the color that was so much different though, it was the feeling. It felt familiar, like I’d been there before, but different from everything around, before the moment. It was very interesting, and I am convinced it was a timeline jump. 

We are often jumping into other timelines, and that can make telling the future a bit dicey because there are so many futures to choose from. 

The best thing I can tell you is to stay on your ascension path. Work on yourself so you can get to your personal ascension space and use discernment. Use your own intuition—grow your own intuition.  Grow your psychic clairs. Grow your Mediumship and your healing abilities

Be the Lightworker you came here to be.

If you’d like to open your Clairs and improve your gifts, check out my Open Your 8 Psychic Clairs meditation in my Intuitive Expansion Program or TAG.


  1. Maggie

    I believe that we have the ability to navigate those timeline jumps, with some intentional practice and work. Opening up clairs made them easier for me to sense — I can “see” them now, instead of just feeling them. Working with the Time Transcendance chakra was really the key for me, as I can see a tangled multitude of timelines flowing through it.

    Timeline shifts used to freak me out and make me feel discombobulated. I had some chaotic, bizarre ones that were really disturbing. They’ve happened to me for decades. I used to work to keep myself “pinned” to a single timeline to stabilize them and keep from feeling like I was tumbling through rapidly shifting ones. I recently “remembered” I have sovereignty over my timelines. One of Pam Oslie’s talks about parallel universes jarred a memory to bubble up. I already knew how to navigate them. I just had to let myself do it. Once that clicked into place, timeline shifts became much more intentional. I haven’t had an unexpected or haphazard timeline jump since I started this work.

    There is a highest, best timeline open to us in any moment — the work is to find it, and then hold it. There is also a very low-vibe, scary, unlucky, miserable, or even tragic one. There are hundreds that are somewhere in between that are constantly shifting and collapsing.

    Most of us are navigating in-between the best and the worst, working our way intuitively toward the better ones, even if we aren’t aware we’re doing it. When we find the thread of that highest, best timeline, even if we can’t hold it, it’s still AMAZING for that moment. If we find it once, then we can find it again. The more we practice it, the better we can get at holding it.

    The coolest part of that is that the highest, best timeline isn’t fixed — once we find the highest one that’s open right now, then even higher-vibe one seems to open up. I think this is how we can start creating our multidimensional future self.

    • Rachel Chamness

      Maggie- Hearing all the amazing things you do, see, and understand makes me a proud teacher. I’m so fortunate to be your Reiki Master, you are an amazing human. Timelines right now are so discombobulating, for sure. Thank you so much for posting your wisdom.


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