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July 19, 2019

Ascension is near. What does that mean? How near? Spirit tells me it’s somewhere in the next 15 years, and also that it has already started. Look at all the astrological wildness this year, at rapid growth of Spiritual mindset, and the Spiritual awareness spreading like wildfire through people looking for more meaning in life.

Ascension has already started! And what that means is that we are pushed to deal with our problems, our blocks, our pain. We are pushed to work on ourselves, to help others, to spread goodness, to feel light and hope within us in a very trying time on Earth.

Earth is heavy, it’s dense. Spirit is light, bubbly, magical. How can we get from one to another? That is part of Ascension. Finding our Light Path, our purpose, our meaning in this life. How can we do this? By leaving behind the denseness of fear by dealing with our pain, by opening up our psychic senses, and by connecting to Helpful Guides and Spirit Guides.

That’s my specialty. Helping you connect to Spirit Guides, Helpful Beings and Guides, helping you through Ascension. And, I offer it in many ways. Private sessions of Liquid Reiki Sound Healing to identify and work with which Spirit Guides are helping you, and remove blocks with Sound Healing and Reiki. Light Path readings to help you understand your Light Path and purpose in this earthly life.

But the most important way I help is actually the least expensive. My TAG-VIP Group is monthly videos and audios to help you through Ascension. Each month I channel a group of beings who step forward with purpose, gifts, help, and more for my VIP members.

I channel information from them- the Masterclass is all about them, channeled information. Then I connect you to them in a Sound Healing Attunement video so that they can give you the Light Codes to connect with them yourself. And often they give gifts during this Attunement. Then, I guide you through a recorded meditation for healing.  They also suggest or give me a special symbol for manifesting.

Each month, they bring a theme of what we will work on. It’s very powerful work, and helps to open psychic senses more and connect to more helpful beings for Ascension. There are also all the past videos and audios on the website for VIPs as well. So you can learn from past groups of beings. And there are many masterclasses on Spiritual Concepts, and even EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping for extra help.

VIPs also get several lives a month, two from me and several from TAG Team. The TAG Team is a group of Sound Waves Heal Certified Mediums and Healers.

I want to help as many as I can, so my monthly membership price is only $55. Every week you get something to help build your Ascension Light body and Knowledge. We all grow together! I hope to see you there!

Check out my Soundcloud page, my Youtube page, or my Ascension & 5D Daily Page to check out some of the healings, readings, and more that I do for no charge. Thank you for reading!!


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