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Polaris Light Beings and Arctic Elementals

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Rachel Chamness

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March 17, 2021

Polaris Light Beings & Arctic Elementals Masterclass

This Masterclass is a preview of my monthly Group TAG, April 2021 is Polaris Light Beings & Arctic Elementals

The North Star Polaris is a dimension where Polaris Light Beings reside. Our own planet’s Arctic Animals are Elemental Beings who hail from the same area… would you like to learn more?

This Masterclass video for TAG has lots of answers and new information for you! This month, Meg from our TAG Team and from Soul Space with Meg, is trance channeling this information for you!

TAG is my monthly Group, Transformation & Ascension Group, where we connect with High Vibrational Beings every month! TAG is a Spiritual Library full of Lightworker Classes, Meditations, Attunements, Masterclasses and Manifestation Videos as well as a great community of Lightworkers!

Meg Heldens started taking courses at Sound Waves Heal in 2017. She is a Sound Waves Heal certified Illumined Master Trance Channel, which means she has successfully completed all four levels of Trance Channel Mediumship. She even teaches level four with me! ⁠

She has been in my TAG VIP Group since it started in 2018. During the past few years, Meg really benefitted from the offers of opening clairs, learning, healing and manifesting. She’s also certified in Sound Waves Heal Light Language and is a Holy Fire Reiki Master. ⁠

It’s been my pleasure to watch her really hone her gifts over the years, and she is a real favorite in my TAG Team. Her live channeling sessions are fantastic. I consider her an integral part of TAG.

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Polaris Light Beings channeled in this Masterclass:

A Polar Bear named Nakti, Narwhal “Nahla”, Arctic mermaid “Finley” plus two Light Beings from Polaris named Dolar and JoJosolaris, and an Arctic Snow Owl. The Arctic Elementals are also high vibrational beings from Polaris… well, in a way. You’ll find out, as you read more.

Polaris Light Beings & Arctic Elementals Image

Q: Where do Polaris Light Beings originate from?

Polar Bear/Nakti: Arctic animals as you know them originate from a dimension inside of the star Polaris. You see it as a heptagon over the star and within the sacred geometry, there is a pulse and within that pulse of energy is a portal or gateway that leads to our dimension and that is where polar bears, arctic fox and other arctic animals reside.

Meg: He speaks beyond words. He shows me in very fast pictures that there is a healing light that is beaming from Polaris and the healing light from Polaris beams down to the Arctic from now until the Golden Age of 2032. It’s preparing the Earth for the Golden Age and then the healing light is going to go from the Arctic over to cover the rest of the world. 

That’s why they are coming forth. The arctic animals and the Polaris Light Beings are working together to bring this healing light to the Earth and all of Gaia’s creations. This healing light will help to raise our vibration.

From there, the healing light will help us recognize our Light Path and face our True North. It will also help us to be more true to ourselves because the more true you are to yourself, the more you can help raise the vibration of Gaia. 

Finley/Mermaid Fairy: I was a spark created from Source. As an arctic fairy, I help Gaia. I’ve been around for many millennia, as have my kind, but we are just now being seen in the past 20 years or so. We have always been, but now we are more in corporal form.

Nahla/Narwhal: I am a Narwhal. I exist within many dimensions. Your dimension is just now becoming aware of us.

We cleanse water and we cleanse ice. In this cleansing, we help raise the vibration of Gaia.

We cleanse the water. That’s why we need humans to use water more for hydro-therapy, bathing and really blessing the water to help raise the vibration. That is my function.

I have always been but I am just now being seen.

Meg: Then he shows me a timeline and shows that in the 70s is when the first one has been seen.

Arctic Snow Owl: I am an arctic owl. I speak for The Collective. We are from various dimensions around the heptagon that is around the Polaris structure. We are from different dimensions within this sacred geometric shape and we were all sent at various times, but we have always existed.

We were sent by Gaia to help with the Ascension process but it is only in the last thousand years or so that we have really been seen and recognized for our purpose.

Polaris Light Beings & Arctic Elementals Image

Q: How long has your planet (Polaris Star) been around and is it still?

JoJo: Greetings and welcome. Dolar and myself are the envoys from Polaris to this group known as Sound Waves Heal, known as Transformation and Ascension Group.

We are healers and energy workers from the Twelfth Dimension. We exist inside the heptagon and within the heptagon are layers and layers of dimensions and we live within a dimension that on one side is very snowy and icy and on another side green.

We have a year similar to your year, although it is much longer where half the year is very very green and the other half of the year is extremely cold. Perhaps what you may consider arctic or subarctic.

All of the arctic animals come from a different dimension—the Thirteenth Dimension—within the Polaris Sacred Geometry Heptagon. Upon that planet it is arctic and snowy.

We hope that we have sufficiently answered this question so you may go on.

Q: Where do Polaris Light Beings exist now?

Dolar: Greetings, and welcome to this transmission. We forgot to mention that yes, our dimension still currently exists.

We are envoys, which implies that yes, the Polaris multidimensional does still exist.

It is beyond the comprehension. Even in a 5D perspective, it is difficult to explain the layering of our dimension that we move between dimensions with ease and create our realities with ease. As we are in between the 12th and 13th dimension. 

But yes, we still exist, and our planet, or sphere, our geometric existence, still exists.

Meg:  He’s, he showed me a reality that’s beyond the planet, it exists, and that’s why he answered. Where do you exist now that they exist within that dimension, and they’re currently envoys.

Polaris Image

Q: What do you and this group (Arctic Elementals & Polaris Light Beings) have in common?

JoJo: The commonality is that the Arctic animals radiate the white light that comes from the Arctic to Gaia. The light radiates from Polaris, to the Arctic to Gaia, to help raise frequencies. There are many animals below the ice as well.

And we are healers. We use cold winds, we use light, we use ice, anything that exists as an element, we can harness this energy for healing.

Snow is very strong, as a conduit, so that is why we have chosen to come in with the Arctic animals that are also from Polaris.

Q: How do we work with Polaris Light Beings?

Meg: They say to reference a whale card pulled earlier before trancing this masterclass titled “total submersion.”

The message reads, “Don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself in a project, interest or goal. Give it 100% of your energy.”

They say that the message on this card is important and partially the answer to how you work with them. I’m going to trance this whale energy to see what else they have to say.

Whale Guide: I am a whale found in the arctic and I am a galactic being that goes back and forth between the Polaris sacred geometry dimension. What they refer to as the Heptogram and the arctic waters. You can work with us on a very beginner level by looking at pictures of arctic animals or looking at pictures of snow and ice and imaging the energy that goes in the snow and the ice. Or as this channel does using cards in order to connect to the energy.

What we do is we help the ascension of the planet. If you are wanting to help the ascension of the planet just call upon any arctic animal or being of light from polaris and you will eventually get the help or answer you seek. 

Polaris Light Beings Image

Q: When should we call on Polaris Light Beings?

Finley/Mermaid Fairy: Whenever you need healing you can call upon any of the arctic elementals. I am a mermaid and I have the same healing properties of any other mermaid only I work with the white light from Polaris that is transmuted through the water, snow and ice. Our main purpose is to help with healing of old wounds so that you can find your true purpose and your True North. And then you give healing to Gaia and, by giving healing to Gaia, you give healing to yourself and vice versa.

Meg: They had me bring many crystals to my altar today that are for heart healing. They show me that heart healing is the way to begin healing of the self. They say there is no time of day in particular to call on them. 

Q: What is your main advice you would give concerning ascension or current earthly energies?

Finley/Mermaid Fairy: More and more people are awakening on your planet. Do not give up hope. Things seem very negative but you will see a big change from now and each month and even each year that goes by until you get to the crescendo that is your 2032.

As more and more people awaken and are confused, groups like this one will be there to guide them for it is no longer about the guru, but about unlocking the divine in each of us and in each of you. For we are all connected: humans, elementals and gaia. We all serve source and source helps us to create.

Polaris Light Beings Image

Q: What frequency/dimension are you from?

Meg: They have mentioned it before in this Masterclass.

I am not even sure what a Heptagram is, but I just see this really complicated geometric shape over Polaris. It’s almost like you go to one point it collapses and then it’s layers up layers upon layers.

They say that it is so complicated because it’s the twelfth and thirteenth dimension and they go back and forth between the two.

That is also what I would consider the angelic dimension. Are they galactic angels? Are they light beings? Are they elementals that are highly elevated? I am not sure. They say there is not really a word in English for it.

If you would like to hear the entire Masterclass with all 13 questions, please watch the video above.

Compass What is your true north Image

What’s your True North?⁠

This month in my TAG VIP Group, we are exploring how to find our own True North with Polaris Beings & Arctic Elementals. ⁠

🔮 Rachel Chamness will be Trance Channeling and bringing through Light Language & Liquid Reiki Sound Healing from all these beings this month.

🧭 Learning all about them in this Masterclass, with Trance Channeling.

🧭 Attuning with their Polaris Healing Light and Arctic Magic to heal Earth and its creatures, and connecting with them for further messages in the Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Attunement⁠.

🧭 Meeting a new Spirit Guide from Polaris and more in the Meditation

🧭 & More abundance help in a short Manifesting video for magnetizing your luck!⁠

TAG also is a library of videos on opening your psychic senses, Lightworking techniques, protection, and meeting and connection to many types of High Vibrational Spirit Guides and helpful beings.

Have you met Polaris Beings Before? Did you know Arctic Animals were Elementals?? I’d love to hear, in comments!



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