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What are Switchwords? Are they affirmations?

Is that little negative voice in your head CANCELING your affirmations? I wanted to reach out to you today, in my newest Living Your Best Life Blogpost to give you an easier way to manifest your desires.

Affirmations… if you have been on a journey for self-improvement, you have probably heard of affirmations. For instance, looking in the mirror and saying a positive manifestation for your life… or using “The Secret”.. you have heard of this, but perhaps just saying affirmations until your brain believed you has worn you out! Perhaps you couldn’t figure out why it did not work.

You may say “I am a MILLIONAIRE!!” to your mirror, but maybe a little voice in your head says “not with all those school loans you aren’t…” which makes that affirmation hard to materialize!

Affirmations have to be done in the right space… feeling good and positive before you start. However, many times our affirmations contain longing, a sense of lack for not having this in our lives.. or accompanied by that little voice in your head that negates it. All of this makes affirmations not work. BUT! There is another way!

Fae Land image

Introducing Switchwords!

Switchwords are words that speak directly to your subconscious and bypass that annoying little Negative Nellie in your head.

You chant Switchwords over and over. You can say them, write them (in capital letters with hyphens, as seen below) on your body or on your water or on a piece of paper to infuse your glass of water on.

You can chant them 108 times with mala beads as a meditation (post on that here).

You can TAP them with E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique.  I find Switchwords REALLY fire up with E.F.T. in a Liquid Reiki Healing session!

When you use Switchwords, you want to be conscious of what may come up for you, a thought or image. Perhaps the root of what you want is buried in what you think you want. For instance, you may want to make more money but the truth is, you want to feel financially secure and safe. Take note of what these lead you to, and find more Switchwords from there to work on.

You should also be in a positive mind when you start chanting these, but it is easier to maintain than with affirmations. A good Switchword for a good feeling is SHINE.

I really like to combine Switchwords with singing or rhythm for maximum effectiveness. Music can be a powerful healing tool. Here are some examples of some Switchwords you can say, chant, or sing aloud.

Freedom image

TOGETHER: the Master Switchword. It aligns you with your Higher Self, your subconscious mind, and makes anything possible. you can chant it by itself.

CHANGE: clears away whatever you do not need: anxiety, pain, negative thoughts.

TOGETHER-CHANGE: very powerful Switchwords to align with your goal, release resistance and self-conflict.

STOP: Stopping those whirling non-stop thoughts in your head. Chant STOP over and over to stop your brain from spinning or going down a negative rabbit hole. This especially works if you are trying to go to sleep and cannot slow your mind.

TOGETHER-FIND-DIVINE-COUNT: to attract more wealth.

POVERTY-CANCEL: to reduce debt

REACH: to find or remember something.

BOW-LOVE-RESTORE: soothes shame. BOW makes the shame feeling diminish, LOVE generates self-love, RESTORE brings confidence.

RESTORE-ME: forgives yourself for past actions. This is terrific for when your mind remembers an embarrassing moment.

SHINE: Lifts mood

I just LOVE researching Switchwords! Here are some resources:

Switchword Facebook Page
My favorite Switchword book, a must read:  Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want by Liz Dean
My SoundCloud page with all types of meditation chants, sound healing, and basic Switchword Chants: – Switchword Experts
Switchword Prescriptions-more from Liz Dean

I have a few sung CHARM-CHANTS on my SoundCloud Page, Youtube Page, and many in TAG Lightworkers, and I use them with my mala bead mantras. 

You can watch my free class on Switchwords here!

If you want to know how I combine Switchwords with a powerful technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, which taps on meridians to remove anxiety, pain, memories and more, I teach classes like EFT Tapping & Switchwords Class in my TAG Lightworkers Group and the TAG Beginner Bundle.

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  1. Rosie

    Thank you Rachel!
    Just discovered Switchwords, can feel them working kinesthetically.

    Really appreciate your sharing here.


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