Pleiadian Masterclass with Seven Sisters Star Collective of the Pleiades

Pleiadian Masterclass with Seven Sisters Star Collective of the Pleiades

Hi everyone, this is Rachel Chamness, and today we are talking about preparing and activating seventh dimensional light into our light body, making that seventh dimensional light body possible for us, and creating a positive change within us. And how do we do that? That means we have to address our resistance to change and leave all old systems behind. We’re also going to be talking about seventh dimensional light bathing and the ascension timeline.

So today, I’m bringing forth channels from the Seven Sisters of Pleiades— these are Star Beings, so I have talked to these types of beings before. They’re very much like goddesses, or what we would consider goddesses, and they are celestial beings. These types of beings inhabit planets, stars, moons, and things like that— just like Gaia is our earth goddess.

But these seven beings say that they are from the Pleiades, and I know that there are many more stars than seven in their star system and that they are, in fact, six of the brightest stars that we see in our skies. There is also a Greek myth about the Seven Sisters. So let’s just ask them about it. 

Pleiadian Seven Sisters Image

Who Are the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades?

Who are you? Are you related to the Greek myth? Do you have any history to tell us? I do see them as an energy collective, meaning they talked to me as one, although I did feel like there were many personalities in there. So I feel like they each have a little personality, and that one steps forward to talk for the rest— I see this a lot with Pleiadians. So a lot of times it’s a group or a collective that’s talking to me from the Pleiades.

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

All the stars in the Pleiades system have a consciousness, and that consciousness is us. And now we are a small collective of beings. We speak for all the stars and moons and suns and planets in the system of Pleiades. We are the consciousness that is this star system. And we are so glad to speak with you. We have been since the beginning of the beginning— the evermore Source creation. But so have you. You have been from the beginning Source creation, and you have been many beings themselves. And you are and we are the “I Am.” And so we hope this definition pleases you. This is who we are. 

This is Rachel [speaking]. Yes, that does please me. So this is the second time in TAG Lightworkers since we began back in 2018 that we have talked to the Pleiades. We are on a slightly different timeline than last time. So I do hope to do a second masterclass, bringing in the beings that we talked to last time and getting some updated information. That included the lunar twins Dana and Danar from Pleiades, the Pleiadian Fairy, and also the group Abraham. So stay tuned for that.

But today, I’m really excited to be talking to the Seven Star Sisters. And so the way I see that they are coming to me is together as one voice. So this is going to be a very interesting masterclass. I’m not sure if we will talk to anyone but them or what will happen. As always, I will be as surprised as you. But they really want to talk to us about a few specific things. So let’s start right away. 

Ascension Timeline Shifts and Where We Are Now: Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

First of all, I want to ask them about this ascension timeline. They briefly mentioned they were going to talk about this, and I was like no, let’s talk about this. So let’s ask about how the timeline may have shifted since the last time I brought through some Pleiadians with trance channeling

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

We are here and so glad to speak with you all. We transmit from afar, for we have much to do in our system. The timeline— there are so many timelines as you get towards ascension. This is something that changes after ascension is complete, and this is what makes Earth so fascinating for all of us. For we don’t know which timeline you will be choosing.

And of course there are infinite lifelines that could be chosen, and even though we are outside of time, it is still very interesting in the way that we see it, to watch in your time, which we do often. This timeline that you are on is a little bit of a longer timeline than we had seen previously. And that is well and good because there are many benefits to it. Although from your perspective, it must seem tedious— and also frightening.

For yes, there is a timeline, a very strong timeline for the third dimensional people who will not ascend, who have not come here to ascend in this lifetime, but to experience this third dimensional path and to experience this blindness, I guess you could call it, so that it can be experienced by Source— for that is the reason we all choose our incarnations. And that is what it is for.

So we are happy for those who do not ascend as well. And you should not feel sad, for they have chosen something difficult to experience and also fascinating from this viewpoint. When they do decide to leave their earthly body, then they will ascend into a higher dimension, of course, as they transform over to the other side. And from there, they will be quite thrilled that they lived through such an enormous time. But for you, dear Lightworker, you don’t need to worry about this horrible timeline which you are seeing bloom ahead of you. For it is assured that this timeline is not yours. For you are watching, and you are working on yourself and others, or you have desire to do so, and you are working on Ascension.

And so you already know this, we will skip forward to this timeline. Since this timeline is longer, you have been on this road longer than you expected. But it is bringing great changes soon. And so we asked you to hold on, as we are here sending our light and energy to help you.

Pleiadies Pleiadian Night

Seventh Dimensional Light Bathing: Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

This is Rachel [speaking] again. Okay, I hope that made sense. They were showing me that the timeline is longer, but it’s not worse. It’s just that we have been in the bad part a little bit longer than we wanted to. So if you’re looking around saying, “whoa, this is getting really bad, is all this stuff really going to happen?” Yes, it’s going to happen.

Hopefully, we won’t have to watch much more of it. And it looks like it’s pretty soon that we will be clicking onto this better timeline. So just keep the faith, I guess. I know it’s difficult. I wanted to talk about this next— the effect of seventh-dimensional light bathing. What does this mean, and how is it effectively done?

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

Starlight bathing is one of our favorite ways to send information, like codes and ascension help to you. And how do you do it? You must sit under the stars. If possible, this of course is done directly outside, sitting and letting the night sky bring light upon you. This is best done when most stars are present in a place that is farther from the city, but we understand that time is short. And this may not always be possible, and so you can just connect yourself.

If you are not in a field where many stars are showing and the moon is less illuminated, then you can instead sit in your backyard, or even in your home, although this is least desirable to have a roof over you, but still possible, because then you will reach out with your mind to connect to us. So we would like to send you specific light and help from the Pleiades. So you must imagine us— you can do this with intention, or by looking at a star map of our constellation before beginning and holding that thought in your mind, whether or not you see visually well with your eyes closed does not matter.

Intention is the most important thing. Holding this vision, you will reach out to receive and accept our light and help in this way, with intention and with agreement. And then we would like you to just drift. This does not need to be a meditation in a way that you normally do it, but just a drifting where you just let your thoughts drift. And allow whatever unfolds before you in your mind’s eye to unfold, for we may send a message. And so we look forward to this light bathing. 

This medium asks, how often should you do this? My friends, if you can do this three times a week— though we are asking a lot— you will find a great improvement. If you can do it once every two weeks, you will still find improvement. So our suggestion is once every 14 or 15 days, or anywhere between that and three times a week. Those are the optimum amounts in that range.

For faster or slower assimilation is up to you and your prioritizing. How many times and how long should you do this? Well, you should do this until you feel it is complete— that you feel a completion and knowingness within. Or another way to tell is if you are feeling like you don’t feel like doing it anymore, then you may have received all that you need. We want to send you great blessings and help you and as many to accelerate onto your timeline path, and that is what the star bathing will do.

Starseed Eyes Image

Resistance to Change and 3D Programming: Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

This is Rachel [speaking]. Thank you. Okay, I’m so glad she said that two-week thing, because I was thinking three times a week is a lot. However, I am totally going to try that. Because of course, I want it faster— give it to me faster.

Alright, so they want to really talk about this resistance to change, and they want to talk about how they would like to bring forth this month in TAG Lightworkers the attunement and the meditation and everything, for the creation of positive change. So change is the name of the game this month. They are talking about change, how we have resistance to change, how we’re scared of change, and so on.

We think, “What if we go to ascension and we lose everyone? What if it doesn’t happen the way we think, and we lose everything?” Well, all of that is programming. That’s fear programming from our 3D system here. There’s a lot of programmed information. And so we have to leave all of that behind. The programming is an old system. And so this is why we have to leave these old systems behind. They are created to keep us in the 3D. 

We have to embrace change, and we have to do all of this to go forward. And they’re telling me now that can take as long as it takes you. So if it’s going to take you 10 years to do that, then you may be kind of stuck in an ascension loop for 10 years before you ascend. Or maybe it takes you less time.

So we’ll just need to be brave. It’s very scary for all of us. We have been programmed since birth on this planet for many, many things, but especially for fear, for shame, and all kinds of things like this that keep us down, basically. So we need to uplift ourselves.

We need to embrace change. We need to be brave. We need to take a leap. We need to be the fool on the tarot card. We need to just leap and trust in our spirit guides, in the Universe, and in God— if you like the word God for the universe, or whatever you like— in your belief system. We need to trust in this— everything that’s around us, that is helping us, and in all these high light beings. We have so many spirit guides and high light beings all around us.

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

Your resistance to change is great. We see that it comes from trauma, from 3D experience, and also from programming of the 3D Elite. And it is painful to watch. We feel a great sympathy for you. And yet we also know that it is for the greatest good, for our experience. We are also proud of you for experiencing it. We are also thankful and grateful to you for experiencing it, so that we can understand it better.

In our world, it has been millennia since anything has been in the third dimension. And in fact, it’s been so long, we did not have the systems that you have on this planet, the beings who plot and scheme to create this matrix and this programming. This is quite different than the way that we experienced it. And so you have really chosen a difficult time to experience it. And yet you should remember that from our view it’s thrilling. It’s like you’re watching the best TV series you’ve ever seen— that is how we view it. We view it and think how courageous, how incredible, what would that feel like? Thank you for experiencing it for us so that we can choose to experience it when we are curious, for we are very curious beings.

And so it is very important that you remember that shame and fear, especially as it is programming, is not something to get caught up in, but remember that everything happens for a reason and to ascend these emotions to something higher, by using forgiveness techniques and love sent to yourself and others. Remember that division is what divides you and is also an illusion. And so we wish to help in this endeavor, to help you with this change, with light codes and other help, such as DNA upgrades. This is all part of what we will bring through in the attunement that is coming next week.

We are proud of you and what you are doing. I can’t say that enough. We love and adore you. And we love and adore every creature in the universe as well, even the ones who are displaying evil intentions, for they are only playing a part in this theater, in this grand scheme of learning. And so they will be transformed into higher beings of light eventually. And when they do, they will be congratulated for taking the difficult path to show us something we wanted to learn. Isn’t that something?” 

People soaring toward light amongst stars

Ascending to a Higher Light Body: Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

What are the benefits to this change? How will it help us if we embrace this change?

This is Rachel [speaking] again. Okay, so the way that this feels when I’m trance channeling the Seven Sisters, it feels like each Star Being has its own kind of personality. It’s kind of like they’re in a group, and one steps forward to speak but is speaking for all of them. So that’s kind of interesting.

Well, since change is scary, let’s ask them what are the benefits to this change? How will it help us if we embrace this change? If we really take the big step to leave our fear and guilt and shame and everything behind, to remember when it comes upon us that this is programming. This is not something to get caught up in, and to take a great leap of faith— what are the benefits, and how do we start? 

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

Of course the benefits are great, for you will ascend to a higher light body. Most of you already have access to your fifth dimensional light body. We would like you to have access to your seventh dimensional light body. This is part of what we are bringing forward, and to do that you must release this old thinking, and release any kind of following or not understanding what is the truth and what is not.

We wish to give you some help in being able to release all of this, to know that it is there, and to discern it. And the benefits will be you at a higher vibratory space. You’ll be vibrating higher. This means that you won’t get caught in these lower vibrational feelings often. You will mostly be able to see through them to step over them, if you will, saving you time and grief. And you will be more plugged in to the higher ascension timeline, working it faster, manifesting at a higher rate, bringing all into fruition that you wish in this time, for your wishes come from paths of what you are supposed to do.

You just need to get clear on your wishes. So what do you want to manifest and why? Perhaps the why means more than the what. And so you need to deeply configure that.

What are your first steps?

Light bathing, receiving ascension codes from us, allowing, asking.

If you have access to this group and can do the Pleiadian attunement that is going to be very helpful, and the meditation we bring forth. These are all steps to help you.

But also you can ask, you can connect with us, you can speak to us, you can call on us.

Now that you know we are here, these celestial beings ourselves, we are happy to lend our help and our light to you. That is how you begin. And then you learn where you are not taking a step because of fear and learning to see and avoid that trap. The more that you can do this, the faster ascension is yours, and the faster you can step out of the density of the 3D.

The higher you vibrate, the less these lower density beings can affect you in any way, the less they can do anything to throw you off track or fool you or keep you from your highest timeline. So there are a great many benefits.

PLeiadian Crystal light image

Pleiadian Crystal Stream and Regenerating the Light Body: : Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

It’s Rachel [speaking] again. Okay, well, that’s good enough for me. I want to ask them about the Pleiadian Crystal Stream. So part of this month’s offer is a meditation journey to go to a planet in the Pleiades. And there is a holy practice there of bathing, or it’s almost like a baptism, in their crystal stream. This is a practice that regenerates the light body and is a very healing practice. They show me the stream, though I’m not sure if it’s water or light; I see great big boulders of crystals there, and it seems amazing. And so I really want to know more. So let’s ask about that. 

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades

“The practice of bathing in the crystal stream is exactly what you are all wanting. It is to release yourself from all that is not serving you, from the ties of any kind of thought or program. And so it is a reprogramming if you wish, back to your original state.

The original state is of course your Higher Self— erasing any kind of programs that have attached to you in any way, and letting it go. This is a bathing rite that happens when you first come to the Pleiades. So if it is your first incarnation on our planet, each one of our planets has a crystal stream, and you would be bathed in the crystal stream. It is of light and water.

There is no translation for what it is. And it is a great beautiful feeling, and it is one that we would say is like a baptism on your planet for religious rites. We would do this for a babe who is new to our planet and also again, when the child is 10, as a rite of adulthood. It releases any programming, for it is possible to pick up errant thoughts in the 7D as well. It is in a different way— I don’t believe I can explain at this time to you, but you will understand one day.

It is not the same as how it works for the 3D mind. And so we wish to bring you there in meditation, so that you can bathe in this beautiful crystal stream to help you dissolve and release all that is not serving you. It will be a beautiful journey, and we are very elated to see it working in your life and to be able to bring this forward for you, because we are so happy to be of service.

Please call [on] us anytime. Especially if you are one of us. We help all and do not discern whether or not you’ve ever spent time on Pleiades. We don’t mind, we will help anyone who asks.

Pleiadies Pleiadian Night Image

Building a Light Barrier For Protection: Asking the Seven Star Sisters of the Pleiades

It’s Rachel [speaking]. Well, that’s nice. That’s beautiful. What they showed me is absolutely gorgeous. It does look like something between water and light, and it almost looks like starlight or stars. I can’t explain it— I guess it’s just light, but almost like little dots, like it could be stars, maybe sparkles or twinkly lights, but it’s beautiful.

The sisters have a gift for you— they want to send you a transmission to help you build an effective light barrier. This light barrier helps keep you clear from ill intention to 3D or fourth-dimensional beings who are not of our highest light and timeline. So I’ll be bringing this transition through for you now.

Seven Star Sisters of Pleiades:

It is of your highest and greatest good to build an effective light barrier around your home and yourself. And so, you may repeat this practice when you feel it is time, and each time you just imagine a dome of light around you at all times, and a larger one around your home or office or another place in which you stay for a longer time. We will imagine this as a light barrier, and we will help you keep it strong and sure. And we now transmit the light codes to help you do so through this medium.” 

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing Transmission from Seven Sister of the Pleiades is on Video at 27.32

This is Rachel [speaking]. Well, it’s really strange. I felt tingling, like tickling all inside my body in places I can’t feel, because it’s inside my body. And then I felt like it sounded really woowoo like literally, I was like, that’s not pretty. As a former professional singer, I’m like, oh, I don’t like that. That doesn’t sound pretty, but it was effective. I can feel it. I hope you feel it and that you can use that going forward. That’s a beautiful gift. And I hope to see you all in TAG Lightworkers, if you’re not already enjoying all these gifts that are given to us each month. 

Thank you so much for coming. Please like and subscribe to my videos on my YouTube Channel. I really appreciate it. Hit the bell for notifications, and I try to give as much as I can through this channel. Also, I usually send a newsletter each month. So sign up for my newsletter to keep up with what I’m posting and events coming up. Hope to see you soon, and check out my retreat in July 2022. It sounds so exciting, and I hope to see you there. Check it out on my website. Thank you so much.

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