More Angel Numbers!

Have you heard of Angel Numbers? Angels send us little signs, like feathers, coins, and even orbs of light to help us know that they are with us, especially during our times of need. Another way that angels communicate with us is through Angel Numbers. When you start seeing the same repeating number often, make a note of the number, because it is a sign!

Some angel numbers are repetitive numbers, like angel numbers 1111 and  444. Here is a list of the meaning of the angel numbers you might be seeing as you go through ascension or as signs that can help to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Angel Numbers

111 – 
Spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Your thoughts are manifesting, so act accordingly!

222 – 
Trust! You are on the right path. Let go of fear!

333 – 
Your prayers are being answered. Believe that all will be well because this is a sign that it will!

444 – 
You are completely protected and guided by angels. The path you are being guided toward is the one you are meant to take.

555 – 
Release the old to let in the new. Big shifts and changes will happen in your life when you make room for them.

666 – 
Remember to focus on the Spiritual! Release any negative thoughts that you are having.

You are in the flow of your Divine Purpose and Light Path! Keep it up!

888 – 
Abundance! Woohoo! Do a happy dance! Good things are coming your way!

999 – 
Completion of a project or cycle is here. Time to finish things up and let go!

000 – 
You have infinite support from your Angels. You are not alone!

1111 – 
You are on the right path and are manifesting greatly RIGHT NOW!

That takes care of the repetitive angel numbers that most people notice. It’s almost like those are beginner-level obvious! When you start noticing angel numbers more often, you might encounter these angel numbers as well!

Additional Angel Numbers

144 – 
You are a Lightworker!

1234 – 
You are taking the right steps for your Light Path!

Archangel Metatron is with you, helping you pursue your Light Path.

818 – 
Be patient! Abundance is coming your way!

556 – 
Mermaids are with you, helping you manifest.

778 – 
Open your heart, take a leap of faith, trust your angels have your back!

1212 – 
Stay focused on the high vibe. You are working on manifesting Ascension.

Be true to yourself!

How many of these come up in your day-to-day life? Is there any number that you keep seeing? Put it in the comments and we’ll explore it for you!

Wishing you the biggest blessings and smoothest course,

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