Sovereign Self in Timeline Disruption Master Class with the Anshars

Sovereign Self in Timeline Disruption Master Class with the Anshars

Rachel: Hi everyone, I’m Rachel Chamness at Sound Waves Heal. And it’s so nice to have you here. This is the Sovereign Self in Timeline Disruption Master Class with the Anshars. That’s a whole mouthful, but basically, this is the best time to really figure out what that timeline is that it’s going to be your best life. The Anshars are here from the future, to help us get it.

So this master class of course, is private for the first three weeks for TAG members only and then I release it to YouTube, because the information is so important and everyone needs to know what’s happening in ascension. The Anshars have come to TAG before in 2019.

Timeline Disruption

And in fact, if you’re in TAG you can look by clicking the title, you’ll see the entire menu and then at the bottom would be their original attunement to the Anshars and the meditation and the manifesting from back then. And that’s important too. So we don’t want to repeat that too much, but we want them to come back and really talk to us about what they want to talk to us about, which is this timeline disruption that’s happening. I don’t know if you’ve felt it, but timelines are just out of control right now.

Have you been feeling like going inter-dimensionally and meditation or chanting even? I’m in a Kirtan band, and we had a moment where we were just all inter-dimensionally all over the place, and we came back β€” during a Shiva mantra, and it was wild. And after that, I learned a lot about how to anchor into the 4th dimension a little bit stronger, and to the positive side, of course, and talk all about that my last email, if you haven’t read it. [February 2023]

But we have some Anshars here that have come to let me trance channel them. And we have a lot of questions for them. 

TAG Anshar timeline disruption image
Anshars by

Who are the Anshars?

So who are the Anshars? If you’re new to TAG or this is first time you’re watching this on YouTube, and you’re saying, well, who are they? They visited us before in 2019, and they tell us they are future Earth beings. So in the future, which begins around 4000 or 6000 years β€” they tell me, but really they’re there at least to 7000 years in the future.

They are at a higher dimension, because we’re upgrading to fifth dimension right now. I would say they’re about sixth dimension, but we can ask them, and they are some of the humans that we become. So they are sort of like future humans, but they call themselves Anshars. And humans do become all different kinds of beings in the future, so this is just one.

They were very clear last time that they weren’t here to help us [just] to make sure we follow the timeline that goes to them. Because the way timelines work, it wouldn’t matter. Even if we decided not to, even if we just like completely blew ourselves up. There’s timelines that still go to Anshars so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, they’re really helpful beings and they’re very futuristic, and they’re really cool.

A lot of them have really strange names that end with E like EE sounding, which is odd but must mean something. So some of the Anshars that are here today are Mandee, Mix, Tigrafee and Angelee; so as you can see, they have very strange names that end with EE except for Mix. I think Mix is of a different β€” I don’t know how to say it; it’s not like a caste system or anything like that. So it’s not like royalty or something, but maybe like on some sort of committee, we’ll see. 

I asked Shannon Oliver, who does all of my [fae oracle card] drawings, all the art for my new Oracle deck to draw us some Anshars so we would have some legal pictures to use. Of course, it’s more cartoon like, but I described some of the beings that I saw, and she drew them for me in her unique way, which I love.

And Mix is this middle guy. So the way he looks to me is he is dark skinned, and his hair is kind of silvery. I actually see it like really longer, a little bit like dreads. I’m not really sure, I don’t see it that clearly, but that’s who I see as Mix; and I think that he’s on some sort of council there. I’m going to use the word counscil lightly and use it more like committee because I know there’s a lot of Psy Ops out there about Federation’s and things like that, and I want you to know that I’m just bringing in exactly what I see and exactly what I know to be true at all times. So I’m going to use the word committee so that it’s not confused with Psy Ops.

Mix the Anshar: Inner Timelines

Why the Anshars want to help us

Rachel Channeling Mix: Hello and welcome. I am Mix and yes, I am here from the future. And I want to say that we are really invested in helping you β€” not for ourselves, but because we care about you. You are a part of us and we have been hoping for the best timeline for all of you β€” and we wanted to talk a little bit about that today. How you can find your best timeline and what this means.

How to find best timeline, Inner Timelines

So if you’re not sure what it means to find your timeline, there are many, many timelines and there are many decisions that you make, which brings you to each timeline. Now, the best decisions made bring you to the best timeline. The important thing to know is that you wouldn’t know what the best decision is.

Sometimes the best decision is not one that feels like the best decision β€” for have you ever done something silly or foolish that you regretted but that ended you in a better place. And so making the best decision is difficult. The best way to make the best decision is to make sure you are energetically clear that you work on yourselves as lightworkers do – meditation, clearing everything that you can.

And that you open your psychic senses as you are supposed to be doing in this time, if they are not open already. And that you rely on that guidance from your [spirit] guides and your helpers. We are considered helpers for many of you. You’ll find us more as a helper than a spirit guide that has been with you since birth. And we like to help like other galactic beings, as you call them do. Yes, our names have meanings, but that’s not as important as the other information. So we will move on to the timeline. 

What is Ascension and the Journey? Inner Timelines

I want to talk about inner timelines. As you know, ascension is a personal journey β€” and everyone’s personal journey because we are all one β€” becomes a journey for all, a group journey. Your souls are grouping together with others who are working on their inner journey to make a group. This group is the group that will go to ascension. That’s the easiest way to put it. That is how ascension works.

So let’s talk about the inner timeline. The inner timeline is where you need to work. You can do this by getting advice from your spirit guides, making sure you are clear so that you know it is advice from your spirit guides and nothing interfering with your ascension process. For there are many fourth dimensional beings on your planet, who will do everything they can to keep this group from going to higher dimensions. And that is not to scare you, but to empower you. Empower you to learn techniques to protect yourself, and to work on yourself in this way. It is important; it is important to learn how to protect yourself.

It is important to be empowered, you don’t always need someone else a psychic, a reader, a clearing energy worker to heal you. Though it is nice to do, and helps you stay clear on your path, you also need to be empowered to clear yourself, to know when you are not clear. To protect yourself you need to learn these techniques yourself.

Your inner timeline is those decisions that you make and you will need this guidance system of your psychic clairs and knowing your guides to help you follow it. And so that is why we recommend this step; it is not an optional step. It is a step needed to go higher dimensions. For if you do not have your guidance, how will you get there? You cannot blindly find it. 

Rachel: This is Rachel. Well, yes. Oh my gosh. That’s what I say all the time. I didn’t realize it was something that is absolutely needed. Now I see how my work as a psychic mentor, teaching people to be psychic, to open their psychic senses learn how to channel healing and messages lines up with my ascension work, where I help people with ascension. That’s so aligned. So yes, I recommend 100% you learn Reiki, that you learn light language, that you learn to open your senses. And of course we do that in TAG and of course I do that and everything I do. Please please find a way to do that for yourself. 

Alright… back to the inner timeline. I just had to butt in there because I was like yeah, you’re speaking my language. Okay, that was really cool. I bringing Mix back; he feels so like kingly. I don’t know, he just has this nice air about him. 

Getting Clear & Abundance Information

Rachel Channeling Mix: The inner timeline is what you are trying to manifest, what you are wanting in your life, what is calling you. We ask that you get very clear; very, very clear on what you want. What is it that you want in this life? Not what you believe is possible. But what you want and why.

We want to talk about abundance quite a bit, for abundance is very necessary. You have been programmed to believe that abundance is wasted on the rich, is something that is not truly needed, that it is selfish to want more financial abundance, that is a Psy Op my friends. Yes, that is to trick you to not want it to reject it.

Where in your body do you reject making lots of financial money? You are on a financial slavery system. And one way to break free is to play the game until the game is gone. And we will talk about when the game is gone in a bit. But first, I want you to be clear on what you really want.

And so you need to say more than I want to make this much money. You need to know why. Why? If you took money out of it, and there is no more money in your timeline, what is it that you wanted that cost money. You must be clear in every area, and we ask you to go through this and to understand it. 

Rachel: Okay, so the Anshars have given us a lot of help this month [in TAG Lightworkers], we have some bonuses. 

BONUS: Best Timeline Journal Prompt Manifestation Worksheet: Get Clear on what you want.

Rachel: One bonus is the best timeline journal prompt. So it’s just a manifestation worksheet that talks about all the different places in your life, that you should just think about what you want, so that you can write in your journal what it is you want, and get really clear on that. 

BONUS: Manifesting Class and Vision Board Class Part 1 & 2 by Erin at Vintage Moons @erinvintagemoons

Rachel: Also, we have some help from Erin Stabile at Vintage Moons. Erin is part of our TAG team, which is the group of mediums who come to bring healing and readings all during the week in the TAG group. And this month, she’s doing some extra classes. She’s done one so far as when I’m recording this, on February 4, 2023. And the first one is the vision board class manifesting class, getting clear on what you want, so that you can start to pull your vision board together.

The next class [2/15] will be really doing that; she’s going to help you do it digitally teach you how to do it, and also help you do it if you want manually as well.

And this is all part of the Get Clear.

So the Anshars have been really all about that this is their biggest message this month, we have a lot of get clear stuff. For instance, the manifestation sigil, which is just a three minute sigil we do every month is: Get clear on what you want. In case you’re not sure you can watch this with the idea in your mind, what is it that I really want, and they will help. They’re going to help us with the inner timeline in the attunement. And then of course, even the meditation is just really anchoring in that timeline once we really know what we want, although you could do it even if you didn’t do the other things. But then you might want to do the other things and do it again. So they are really, really into this right now.

And they’re just saying, to really be sovereign in yourself, to really be your highest best self, free of all interference. So I would say being sovereign means you’re free of interference of beings and even people who try to convince you to be something you’re not β€” even the media. Really being sovereign in yourself is to really know who you are, and what you want as well. So it helps you be more sovereign. [So] that’s why we have this name for this. 

I want to bring in someone else. Let’s bring in Mandee to see what she says about timelines, timeline disruptions and maybe money.

Money Slavery image

Mandee: Money Slavery System

Rachel Channels Mandee: Hello! Yes, I would like to talk about the money in your system. It is a slavery system, for you must work very hard β€”sometimes to still remain in poverty β€” where electricity and water is not free, where basic necessities are not part of your personal rights. And so it is a slavery system made for a percentage of the population who is not even human.

And so, it is a way to keep you busy. Too busy to work on your ascension, too busy to work on your light path, too busy. And of course, it is something that effects everyone. I know the burning question, when will you be off this system? It will take a few more years. You will be coming off of it little by little if you are on your highest timeline. That is where it is tricky. I could tell you an exact date but that is only for one timeline.

Will you be on that timeline? The timeline [that works best] for yourself is an ongoing process. We understand we are not the first group of beings to come through to TAG and talk about timeline. That is because it has many parts. There are many timelines in which you are released from the slavery system of Earth’s money.

There are many timelines; which one will you pick, the one that is best for you should get you off the money system very quickly. Or perhaps there is a timeline for you, where you make a lot of money and you are able to help others make a lot of money, and you are able to live in the way that you want. And perhaps that is something you have desired a long time, and you would like to stay on that timeline a little bit longer until the money [system] is gone.

Perhaps you have a burning desire to win at this horrible system for a while before you release it. And that is fine too. So as you can see, there are many timelines. If you feel like the game is lost to you, please don’t take this to feel self recrimination.  The game is lost to everyone; there are very few that win and stay in the light. Of course, you are one who will know how to do so. You are coming from the light and you are asking for Spirit help to help you get to a manifestation of financial needs. And you have, I hope, a plan for when you do.

It is not just a basic question or longing. It is a plan of what you would do with that money. For if you don’t have a plan, you will not be able to manifest it. What would you do with more money than you can spend? Who would you help? How would you do it? This one has quite a plan to help many lightworkers; do you have a plan? Would you help conservation efforts? Would you help others? What would you do? It’s very important to know and that is about the money.

Unfortunately, a specific date cannot be given. If you manage to stay in your light, and in your plan on your path, which I believe you can, 100% do, you must only watch your energy and you will get there. Work on yourself, do not believe that there is a person who will step in and ascend you, it is all your personal work that will get you there. And it is hard work.

But remember, you came to this life to do so, you chose to do so, you want it to. So if you are feeling like it is such a horrible burden that you wish you had never done it, then you may be looking at it wrong. And it may be your light path, it may be the challenge you put forward to yourself to go through this life and to say, this is horrible. And then realize, no, I decided to do this. This is a beautiful challenge.

Are you looking at this 3D life as a beautiful challenge or are you looking at it as you are the victim of a horrible circumstance, that is two different views, which will get you into different timelines. Very, very, very important to know the difference between being a victim of circumstance and being the adventurer who will find all the little places, all the little paths that will get you out and help you to solve this mystery, to win this game, to experience this incredible Earth.

There is so much to experience to feel and to know in your timeline, in your 3D manifestation in your 4D manifestation. There’s so much there, so much love to feel, so many feelings, so many experiences that you won’t have in the fifth dimension. And so you must take advantage of that.

Rachel: Oh goodness, I have to say that there’s so much there. And I I definitely need to think more adventurous, than sometimes getting bogged down with 3D worries. That’s really important. So thank you Mandee, thank you for that. A little bit about Mandee, I think she is this one on the right here, farthest from me. That’s who I think she is. 

And we’re going to talk to Tigrafee next who is not on this representation [picture]. Tigrafee has darker skin; I think she works with Mix, I’m not sure. But let me bring her in. And I want to ask her about the green comet that’s coming by right now, in this time, when I’m recording this. [It] is the first time in 50,000 years, and I believe it’s having a real effect on us. I want to know what that is. 

green comet february 2022 spiritual
Photo of 2023 Green Comet by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Tigrafee and the 2023 February Green Comet

Rachel Channeling Tigrafee: I am Tigrafee. The green comet brings with it much ascension energy and this energy is being absorbed into your planet. So of course, this was the time always when you were going to go to the ascension timeline. And you are already on an ascension timeline if you’re watching this. You are there, you are releasing from the 3D β€” that is why you may be having a lot of shadow work being presented to you this month, in this time. Whenever you’re watching this, that may be the case.

It is happening. This Green Comet is definitely bringing it up in you. And why? Why must you go through this? It is so that you can look it in the face and release it knowing it is of a 3D energy.

This 3D energy of old dramas and old programming must be released now. And so you are being put through your paces to remove it. Yes. And as you do you are going higher and higher on your ascension timeline.

So how do you get to your highest ascension timeline? As Mix would say: first, you must follow your guidance, the guidance of your guides and helpers. And you must work on your shadow work. You must release old programming and old drama and old things and you’ll know what that is. And so here you are.

Do you see how you’re releasing it and everything released brings you higher. And you may be feeling the inter-dimensional time shifts that are happening. But it’s also happening partially because of the green comet, showing you the timelines showing you must anchor into a higher position. And so that is why we are here this month to help you anchor into the higher position to help you anchor into your timeline.

But of course you must do the work. You must know what that timeline is. And so you must do the work for the first half of this month if you’re in TAG or whenever you are working on this. Work on what it is that you need. Get clear and then anchor that in. We are happy to help, or happy to help you. We are here call on us or use the videos in TAG to do so as we are bringing this forward to be recorded to help all those who want the help. And this is a very important part of your ascension journey.

Yes, that comet, it has many energies that cannot always be explained in this dimension. But there are ascension energies to pull you, to pull you out of the 3D. And that is why if you are already shifting between timelines and dimensions that it can bring you quite high as this one experience last week. 

Rachel: Yes, I did. I did experience going very high, I think maybe 12th dimension. It was a little unsettling. And it left me feeling very nauseous afterwards. It was wild. But it was cool. It was really cool. 

Okay, they are talking fast and that’s good. Because how much time do we really have in this 3D? Maybe this will be a faster masterclass.

Okay, so we have another question, which is about the reverse spinning of the earth’s core. What is that about? Does it have something to do with Atlantis? It was one of the questions of one of the TAG members. And I think it’s a very good question. 

Earth Map earth core reversal image

Angelee and The Reversal of the Earth’s Core

Rachel: Let’s ask Angelee. So Angelee is this lady right here, right next to me? Well, that’s her representation.

Rachel Channeling Angelee: The reversal of the earth’s core, I believe you have it a little bit differently than the way it actually works. It is just a magnetization, it is just a overlay on your planet, on your space in which you live, on your plane. And so to reverse is just turning, it is turning β€” Actually, it’s not turning.

It looks to you as though it’s turning. But what it really is, is that you are coming off of the timeline. And so you are looking at it from a different perspective. So if you’re on 3D, you see it flipping/turning, if you’re on a higher timeline, you see it changing in a different direction.

Remember, every time we add a dimensional layer, there is another direction.

For instance, you are in the 3D, you cannot see so much in the 4D which adds another layer. Therefore fourth dimensional objects can appear and disappear. And you cannot see where they go because you cannot see that direction. Now imagine you’re coming up to the fifth dimension, there are many directions in which you can’t see and one is time. And so that is what’s really happening.

And it’s not much for you to worry about you are on the higher timeline. So you’re only observing how interesting it is and it won’t affect or hurt anything in your timeline. Your timeline is very safe, for it involves the reconstruction of the Earth. It involves the helping of all beings on the earth, especially animals and elementals, who live on your earth. And so you don’t need to worry about that.

It does not help anyone who’s in the negative side of fourth dimension, of course, they will be lost. They will be gone as you get higher in the fifth dimension. And that is why you’ll be away from the money system, you’ll be away from other systems of control and manipulation, the higher you go.

So to stay on your fifth dimensional timeline, you need to not be looking at the 3D timeline. You need to not immerse yourself in the worries of the 3d, you need to say to yourself, I am okay today. I have food, I have available what I need, even if you’re feeling the pinch of your financial worries, you still have what you have, and you’re still okay. And that’s the important part.

Timeline dwarves masterclass image

Speaking into Reality your 5D Timeline

Angelee continues: That is the part that you must say; worrying about the future, well, that’s going to be putting you back on the 3D timeline. The more you obsess and talk about and discuss and watch and talk and throw your face into the third dimensional timeline, the more you’re going to get stuck there. You want to stay on the higher timeline, then you just accept and release.

Okay, there is a shortage of eggs. Okay. And maybe you look, why is there a shortage of eggs? Of course, you may take that rabbit hole. Then you may say, okay, that’s happening on the 3D timeline and I exist on the fifth dimension, or that is where you wish to exist. And so you are speaking it into reality. 

Rachel: They have been talking to me a lot about speaking into reality. And so that makes a lot of sense. So yes, there’s a problem with eggs that are government subsidized. There’s a problem with the feed for chickens, keeping them from making eggs. A problem with our feed. There’s a problem with our food.

And every time I ask Spirit does this mean I need to go have a garden, start a farm so that I can feed myself every single time they say no, you do not. Every single time I’ve asked other mediums that I believe are very clear, and very connected. And they say the same thing. No, we do not. No, we do not. That is not our timeline. And so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Sovereign Self in Timeline Disruption, Anshars

Rachel: The Sovereign self and timeline disruption is really about this, this getting clear, staying clear, opening your psychic senses staying on your timeline, by not obsessing about the 3D timeline, or discussing it or feeling the horrible feelings of it in depth, reminding yourself where you are right now. And, not worrying about this future 3D timeline, which is not yours.

It’s about where we are in ascension, we’re separating, we’re getting higher, and we must adjust. We must release old programming, we need to release old dramas, and we need to release a lot of things. And that’s where we are in in all of that is how we find our sovereign self. And I believe they answered all the questions. I don’t want to make this masterclass too long, because I know that you are all very busy. However, I do want to bring Mix in one more time, because I feel like there’s something else he wants to say. 

Mix: Your Ascension Journey

Rachel Channeling Mix: Hello, I’d like to tell you that your personal journey is a beautiful gift you have given yourself. You have given yourself an incredible ascension journey. And you just need to see it that way. And if you can, then you will win all your personal checkpoints and prizes.

Yes, if you like to think of adventures, or mysteries, or winning, then add that to how you feel about your life. You’re just figuring it out. It’s a mystery. It is a path you have set out for yourself to figure out and you just have to figure it out. And hopefully that will help you keep things from getting too serious for you in your every day. As many of you have gotten the message that you’re taking things too seriously, yes, we are trying to help you release that and really enjoy this life. And we hope to help you do that this month. So we shall see you in the next offer. Thank you. 

Rachel: Okay, I think he means the next TAG offer which is the attunement, so I’m really excited to bring them in for that. That’s really fun.  And I think that’s all for today. I’m sure they’ll bring through more messages with a tag team lives and for you personally, I hope. 

February Transformation & Ascension Group Anshar timeline image

Psychic Development

Courses for Psychic Healing and Channeling: Reiki, Light Language, Trance, Channeling Mediumship

Rachel: So if you’re interested in psychic development to open up your psychic senses, I’d love to help you. I have many, many ways to do that. You can start with a free spirit guide masterclass bundle on my website if you’d like if you’re very beginner and you want to just dip your toe in and start to learn. And I have a TAG Beginner Program you can take which would help you just learn all the beginner things about ascension and light working and the spiritual path.

If you want more than that then I have psychic courses for healing and channeling Reiki. I have Reiki I and Reiki II Psychic Reiki Healing classes on my website that you can do from anywhere and get the attunement on Zoom, or in person in Knoxville. I have light language videos to attune you to light language channeling. And of course, I have my live online course Trance Channel Mediumship

And if you’re not in TAG and you’re watching this on YouTube, TAG is really the greatest place where I put all of things since I can’t possibly sell that many packages. So I put them all together at a great price. So you should check that out. 

April Psychic Development with the Fae Retreat in the Smoky Mountains of TN

Rachel: And of course, we are really coming together in April 2023, the Psychic Vevelopment with the Fae Retreat in the Smoky Mountains is going to be amazing, it’s all inclusive, you’re going to be either in the beginners, you’ll be really just learning to get those messages from the Fae elementals, like fairies, unicorns, mermaids, dolphins, et cetera.

And if you’re advanced, you’re going to be really up leveling those skills, getting a deeper, deeper connection. And we’ll also be doing some new sound healing connections with Fae that I haven’t done with anyone before, but that I’m so excited to start doing. So you’ll get the first class on that before I teach it to the world. So you’ll be ahead of the curve. I’d love to have you, there’s still some spots left.

And thank you so much for watching, and all those in TAG, we’re gonna see you next week with the attendance and don’t forget to download your manifestation worksheets and start working on your vision board. We’re going to do this together so that we can help each other stay on track. Okay, thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad to be here with the Anshars. They just feel amazing. I’d love to hear the messages that you get. You can put them in the comments below. Okay. Alright.

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Psychic Attachment or Entities in Auras
Did you ever wonder if you might have a psychic attachment or an entity in your aura, feeding off of your energy?
Have you been guided to this article because you want to understand about entities or psychic attachments that can attach to your aura? These low-level entities can feed off your energy, depleting you, and make you feel like you are not yourself.

I see these attachments often. I used to think they weren’t real. But as a psychic healer, I have realized that they are all too real. Anyone can get them and especially Lightworkers and Empaths, because we are a bright light.

8 Steps to Process Shadow Work

8 Steps to Process Shadow Work

What Is Shadow Work? And Why is Shadow Work Important?
Shadow work is when we look at the parts of ourselves that make us sad, disappointed, angry, shameful, or regretful and then we begin working on them.

2024 Smoky Mountain Lightworker Retreat

2024 Smoky Mountain Lightworker Retreat

Did you know how powerful Silent Meditation in a Group of Higher Level Lightworkers is?

In the evening, Silent meditation with the group is going to Blow. Your. Mind. This energy uplevel is going to ignite the following channeling practice. I will begin with trance channeling messages and healing. Everyone can then optionally bring any gift they possess to the mix: Light Language, Trance Channeling, Impressions and feelings they are experiencing, and more. Wow, this sort of community lightwork sharing is going to be one of your favorite parts of this retreat!

Earth Elementals Channeled Messages TAG Masterclass

Earth Elementals Channeled Messages TAG Masterclass

So I think we should just start with a little information about these guys. They are from the light, even gremlins are from the light. They are more neutral fae, meaning that they’re a little bit trickster. They can play a few tricks on you, but they do it for you to learn. It’s for your own good. It’s nothing that will hurt you or is evil in nature at all. They’re a little bit tricky and they’re really cute. And they are often helping you with electronics that are problematic, or even lawn equipment like your lawnmower or even like your refrigerator or your microwave, your toaster oven, or even your iPad, your phone.

This is the kind of thing that they help with. They’re, kind of tinkers and they can be really helpful if you get to know them. They don’t like to be seen too much. Well, I’ll let them tell you more about them, but they are not, Bad or evil, but they can be a little tricky. And I’d like to also just let you know that sometimes if you’re like, no, I’ve seen these guys and they are bad fae, I just want you to know that there are a lot of shape-shifting things out there that pretend to be fae creatures that are not good.