Meeting Merlin: The Book

THE  BOOK,  Part 2 on My Adventures with Merlin, by April Lindevald

April Lindevald speaks of her Wizard’s Book, the second part of the series My Adventures with Merlin

Meeting Merlin: The Book by April Lindevald

Books and Wizards

I mentioned in my first post having spent a lifetime reading books about wizards; famous ones, not so famous ones, even downright obscure ones. Most wizards in literature have features in common, but authors take creative liberties, and portray them as they see them in their own imaginations. Some are ancient and wise, custodians of ancient texts and traditions; some are young and just beginning their education.

They can be warriors, some healers and apothecaries. Some can transmute matter and energy in very impressive ways, and do miracles with ease. Others only handle illusions. In some books, the wizardly characters are bards, preserving history and celebrating events with music. Many are combinations of the above.

But all, except those that have fallen under dark influences, seem to be operating under an obligation to help and advise others, under a strict code of ethical behavior, concerning their powers. You know, the old Spiderman trope, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And all are presences who are generally revered and respected as wise friends to whom one can turn in a difficult situation.

I saw my soul’s leanings in all of these characterizations. But the more I read, the more I began to form my own image of what a real wizard was. Perhaps it was a composite of all I had taken in. Could be that my own intuition was forming a picture in my imagination that aligned with my heart. Or perhaps a bit of both.

Eventually, I began to feel a tickle at the edges of my mind that perhaps — I was destined to write my own wizard-centric story, featuring the mage of my dreaming.  Still, I did not feel I had anything of importance yet to say. So years went by while I did nothing to advance the idea.

Avalon Druid Merlin TAG Image

Wizards, Dragons, & a Writing Workshop

In the Summer of 2006, I was privileged to be invited to two amazing workshops, by two dear friends, both at their expense. The first was a week-long retreat at Mt. Shasta, a place widely thought to be a landing spot for galactics, and a portal to underground Lemurian civilizations, with a special vibration to match! Our group tagged along with a renowned channel of Lemurian wisdom, on adventures around the mountain, in the woods, and by streams and stones.  It was the first time I was introduced to the concept of a personal dragon, and no doubt we were surrounded the whole time by all sorts of elementals and high vibrational beings. Shortly after that heady experience, I was whisked away to Santa Barbara, California for a big Writer’s Workshop, attended by hundreds of aspiring and newly successful authors. 

That was also an exciting education, but I especially remember the very first evening, with the entire company assembled, when a keynote speaker led us through a group meditation designed to break through writer’s block. In the meditation, we were instructed to choose a mode of transportation and take it to an undetermined place, notice the surroundings, then get out and walk to an area where something was happening.  Who was there? What were they doing? Was there a conversation to overhear? We were just to observe and record, then leave by the same means we arrived with new information about which to write.

Wizard shack merlin image

Two Wizards begin a Story

Being very responsive to guided meditation, I enjoyed a vivid adventure. I chose a boat, which carried me downstream to a remote section of forest, where I approached a run-down sort of shack. Inside, two wizards, one young and one older, were arguing. The younger one was obviously the resident and something of a hermit. The older one was trying urgently to convince him to come out into the world, where he was  sorely needed, but to no avail. I came back to reality with the crowd, but that image was powerful for me, and stayed in my head from that time forward. I couldn’t help but think that it was a very odd picture to have conjured from thin air unless it was truly a part of a bigger story.

Another year went by without any writing, but I could not shake that experience from my imagination, and thought about what might have come before such a scene. Somewhere along the way, I also had a revelation about a concept — a philosophy– that I had a LOT to say about.

Violent fantasy book battle image

An Alternative to Violence

That subject was non-violence. It seemed to me that most fantasy stories let the good guys eventually triumph over the bad guys, but with the same tools the bad guys used, namely swords and armies and battles. I understood there might be times when the warrior spirit was necessary for vanquishing evil, but why didn’t the heroes and heroines use their wits, or creativity, or community and resourcefulness before picking up a sword?

This is what I wanted to write about, the template I wanted to offer to young readers, as an alternative choice. I became more and more taken with the idea, until one day, on an hour-long train ride into New York City for a job, I took out a journal and pen, and began writing the first scene. It flowed so easily, and I was so engrossed, I almost forgot to debark from the train!

Channeling Chapters of Wizards & Dragons

From then on, I was obsessed. It was a difficult time in my life, helping to care for my mother who was declining with dementia. This all-consuming task disrupted my normal routines and made me feel like I was living in a sort of gray twilight zone. But every free moment I got, I was scribbling the next chapters in my books, feeling more like I was taking dictation than creating a new story.

I came to know the characters so well that it felt as if they were real. There, existing in their own dimension, they tell me their story. I could not write fast enough to keep up with what they were recounting. I fell in love with them and could not wait each day for the magical moments I would get to escape into that fantasy world, away from the sadder one I was living in.  Sometimes I would even argue with them in my mind: “Why are you doing that? Wouldn’t it be better if…”  “Stop arguing, and just write what we tell you,” they would interrupt, and I would obey.

It took me exactly one year to the day, ten full journals, and countless purple pens to complete the journey, and then seven more years to type it out, revise and edit, and get it self-published as The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare, my 600+ page epic of wizards, dragons, water sprites, unicorns, and a struggle against evil WITHOUT violence. I am proud of the book, but feel I can hardly take credit for much of it. 

wizard book image

Are Writers Channels?

At the time, I knew little of what channeling was, but in retrospect, I am certain there was something of that involved. And also, now that I know I am aligned with Merlin, and he has made himself known as a mentor for me, I have no doubt he was behind the book all along, wanting to get his messages out to a wider audience in a form that was fun and exciting, and of course, featured two wizards as main characters!

A Sequel in the Works

Some readers have begged for a sequel, and I have been eager to re-enter that world, one I know and love, and spend time again with my friends there. At this time (November 2022), I have written several chapters, but feeling like the main thrust of this book is still not clear to me, I have once again dithered the time away, stuck in neutral. Merlin is pushing me to go back and finish the job, and assures me that all the characters are waiting patiently to reconnect with me, eager to tell more of their story. 

Merlin reminds me of all the Magical steps along the way that led me to the birthing of the first book, and coyly mentions that now that I am aware and paying attention, the whole thing could go much more swiftly. He also wants me to write a book about him, including our journey together and  some of his channeled wisdom. This very post might be part of that endeavor. Time will tell! 😊

P.S. March 2023: I have recently taken some time in a solitary retreat away from the demands of everyday life, to focus on writing, and re-acquaint myself with the world of Eneri Clare. A new story for those familiar characters (and a few new friends) is emerging slowly. It will be called, “The Dragon’s Egg.”  The trick is to find a way to bring some of the peace and space from my get-away back into my weekly routine at home, along with time to channel the tale. I am working at it, a few pages at a time, and delighting in the journey. And Merlin still wants me to write more about him. Stay tuned!

Enjoy April’s latest TAG Live, where she exclusively channels for us twice a month. This month was all about Selkies & Self-Worth.

Getting in Touch or Scheduling with April

April Lindevald is Sound Waves Heal Certified as an Advanced Master Trance Channel and a longtime TAG member. She is certified in Light Language and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing.

A spiritual seeker most of her life, she has been an intuitive counselor and tarot reader for 30 years, and brings all this talent and knowledge to host 2 lives a month on TAG with her Special Guide Merlin as a TAG Team Member.

April is a Sound Waves Heal Practitioner and you can schedule through her link at If you wish to contact her for her next tarot class, you can contact me to send her a message.

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