2023 Psychic Development with the Fae Retreat Schedule

Learn More about the Retreat on the Official 2023 Retreat Page!

Hello, I really hope I’ll see you at the retreat this Spring! There are still a few spots left in the gorgeous Cabin and a few spots for those who wish to get their own cabin at the resort and come to the retreat during the day. If this calls you, please follow the links to read more, and see below for the sample Retreat Schedule!

This retreat is for beginners to advanced Lightworkers! Want to read how it can benefit you as either one? Go here.

Immersing Yourself into Fae Energy

In this Retreat, we will be immersing ourselves in the energy of the Fae. They will show us how to use our psychic clairs with them, to develop them more strongly. If you are a beginner, you will learn to sense and connect to the fae! If you are advanced, you will connect much more deeply with the fae. But beginners and advanced guests will have the opportunity many times a day to practice fae connections!

Advantages of the Non-Cabin Retreat Ticket

If you find yourself wanting to come, and a retreat ticket without main cabin sleeping quarters is all that is available… what is the advantage of this? While sleeping in the main cabin keeps you inside the group container and can feel really fun, there are a lot of advantages to retiring to your own cabin nearby.

This time of ascension is now pushing us to learn in a group, but integrate on our own. Integrating what you have learned and developed all day in the Main Cabin will be more profound once you leave the group container to integrate on your own.

When you leave the group container to go to your own space at night, you will find that you make incredible shifts. There are a few options for having your own cabin. There are some one and two person cabins as close as next door or even within a 5 minute drive inside the same resort.

If this sounds like the perfect set up for you, then contact me and let’s talk about your options. Some cabins even allow small dogs, if you don’t travel without yours.

As of March 21st, there IS still one spot in the cabin, a shared room with a lovely female from our TAG Lightworkers Membership Group. I’d be happy to do a psychic insight to test your compatibility for sharing the room, if you’d like.

Fae Events at 2023 Retreat

Here is an overview of the events for the retreat! You can see the schedule listed at the bottom of this page.

Space Clearing, Personal Clearing & Intentions on Monday

Before I ever use any space for Spiritual Work, I spiritually clear and cleanse it of all bad human energy, earthbound spirits, portals, any energy in property or grounds, etc. And I protect it! I use protection rituals that include crystals, angel fire, and Reiki, plus my own Psychic Healing techniques.

Before any of us ever set foot on these grounds, I will have cleared the worst away… but when we get there, it’s a perfect opportunity for a space-clearing lesson! Those who are Reiki Master Teachers can assist and those who are not, can learn for the future and learn a few tricks they can do themselves. This is optional if anyone is late, or needs some time to settle in.

Then, it’s so nice to just have a spiritual shamanic clearing session of everyone as we settle in. Clearing of energies for all! I do this with Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing for the group. It’s a nice relaxing state for the guests and a good time to set some intentions for the retreat such as self-care, resolving a problem, or a goal to set for one’s self.

As always, there will be catered snacks & meals to enjoy and an evening of fun relaxing together, getting to know each other more!!

Aligning with the Fae, Relaxing Sound Bath, and Divination Workshop on Tuesday!

On Tuesday we will start with a Fae Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Alignment Activation & Attunement – this will align your vibration with Fae beings who wish to connect. Once aligned we will practice sensing and connecting with the fae. Afterwards, there is a break, and lunch, with a little break after lunch. Many members of my TAG Group have experienced my Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Attunements — in fact — we have one every month in the Transformation & Ascension Group membership!

You will really feel the difference of this live attunement in the vibration of it!!

Live has a much different feel.

In the afternoon, we have a live Sound Bath with both Rachel Chamness and Elizabeth Clanton, another Knoxville sound healer. Retreat attendees will relax, while the healing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, chimes, snare drums, and more from Elizabeth will blend with the vocal Liquid Reiki Sound Healing of Rachel, channeling fae to heal and help attendees on their journey.

Later in the afternoon, after a snack and break, we have a Divination & Insight workshop. This class begins with beginner to advanced techniques of divination with pendulum and oracle cards. We will practice connecting to our Spirit Guides with divination tools, and practice using our psychic clairs. More advanced attendees will practice advanced techniques such as past life clearing, alternate life clearing, and more. Beginners will work with practice answering questions and providing insights.

Dinner and a relaxed chill vibe for the evening!

Meeting your Elemental Spirit Guide, Ancient Lore Village fun, and a Fae Fire Ceremony on Wednesday!

This day starts with breakfast for cabin guests as usual. Then we have a mid-morning activity of meditation to meet your Elemental Spirit Guide. Live meditations are really a wonderful experience! There will be Liquid Reiki Sound healing to deepen the experience, as well.

The early afternoon event is a really fun one. We will take a trip to the Ancient Lore Village, which is a fae-themed village based on the book Bokee’s Trek: Outcasts To Inner Earth. There, we have many plans! Hiking through the beautiful grounds, taking a tour in the fae-themed village, peeking in the fae houses, playing games or bonding with games and fire pit! At the fire pit, we will be calling in fire fae and elementals, while snacking on charcuterie and veggie boards and dessert.

The evening event is a fae fire ceremony. Here we will bring in fire fae of all kinds– not just fire dragons and fire salamanders, but fire fairies, Lava mermaids, and perhaps more! Here we will release blocks holding us back, and make intentions for our lives going forward. Beginners will practice sensing fae and more advanced guests may channel them or deliver messages.

Late-night fruit snack and optional divination practice on this night! Or just hanging out, and having fun.

Fae Sound Healing Connection, Spirit Circle Readings, and Trance Channeled Messages from the Fae on Thursday!

The morning event for Thursday is a fae sound healing connection. This is a very special event, where I am bringing through a new type of Fae that has just come to me last year! I met this Gwolf, when I channeled my Elemental Magick & Manifestation: A Fae Oracle Deck! And he has a special connection to fae music he wants to attune us to. I’m really most excited about this event!! It is going to be very special and Powerful! I haven’t done this with any clients yet.. in person it is really going to be something special, I can tell.

The early afternoon event is the Spirit Circle! This was one of my favorite parts of last year’s retreat! Rachel will give messages to each attendee. I padded out extra time for this one… we may eat our snack and keep going if we feel like it! Last year, we really bonded during this time. I’m excited to be able to add more time to this year’s retreat circle. We will break up into groups for the second part, where anyone who wants to can bring messages forth for each other. Each group with have an advanced medium in it, to help!

In the later afternoon, Rachel will trance channel the Fae who are here, to learn about them! Advanced mediums at the retreat who trance channel can also bring forth messages for each other. We learn so much in these sessions!!

This evening will have us handing out door prizes, with cookies and a chill vibe for whoever wants to hang out!

Friday Breakfast & Safe Home Blessing plus optional meet up nearby!

Friday’s breakfast includes all ticket holders, not just Cabin dwellers! We will have a casual gathering with a Safe Home Blessing for all attendees before we check out at 10 am. Afterward, we can choose to meet for coffee or crystal shopping for those who have time before their trip home.

Catering by Chef David

The catered food from Chef David at Family Meal is absolutely delicious. I just love to feed people well. We will have just delicious food for many types of diets – Regular, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, allergy-friendly such as gluten or dairy free — we can accommodate most diets! I know what it’s like to worry about the quality of food at a retreat and so I wanted to make sure that everyone is able to eat well!

All retreat ticket holders will have a delicious lunch, snack, and dinner offered through the hours of the retreat (as appropriate for full and part days). Cabin Members can also expect breakfast and food in the fridge, extra snacks, and leftovers. There are snacks sometimes served in the evening as well.

We will eat healthy but delicious meals, and have snacks, fruit, and desserts — whatever way you like to eat on a retreat should be covered — whether you like to indulge or eat lightly. The food was a real hit last year.

This year we are working on non-GMO and possibly Organic .. or as organic as possible. This part is still TBA, but if you are coming to the retreat and this is a concern for you, you can let me know. In face, if you’d like to book a free discovery call about the retreat with me and any concerns you have, you absolutely can.

Need more details? Wanna Join?

You can find out all about how to get into this amazing fae energy by going to the retreat page! On this page, you’ll see the fae retreat description, the same video as above with the cabin and rooms and some pictures from last year, transportation and food details & guide, room and ticket details, and testimonials from last year!

There are still a few spaces left– and more options if you’d like to book a call to discuss them!

Psychic Development with the Fae Retreat 2023 Schedule

Here is the first draft of the Retreat Schedule, for those who wish to see it! Please note that events will change time and/or expand as we get closer and the official schedule is not public for privacy reasons.


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