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Fae Elementals wish to connect to you! Here are a few ways in which you can start that connection right away!

Elemental Magick & Manifestation Fae Oracle Deck Image

Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a Fae Oracle Deck - Manifest with the Fae!

Heal with the Fae! Fae Elemental Magick & Healing Modality Image

Elemental Magick & Healing Program: Connect & Heal with Fae Elementals! - Become a Fae Healer!

22 Fae Liquid Reiki Sound Healings Image

22 Liquid Reiki Sound Healings from 22 different fae from the Elemental Magick & Manifestation Oracle Deck

Spiritual Development with the fae smoky mountain retreat image

Free Spirit Guide Class and More: Meet your Spirit Guides!

Fae Elemental Magick & Healing E-Book Image

Elemental Magick & Healing Book - Learn about the Fae & how they help!

Coming 2023

FAE TAG Group Library and Community Image

Transformation & Ascension Group Library & Community for Lightworkers - join for connections to Fae, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, & more

Elemental Magick & Manifestation Attunement Link image

Oracle Deck Attunement for the Elemental Magick & Manifestation: A Fae Oracle Deck