Are Multidimensional Healers Shamans?

Are Multidimensional Healers Shamans?

by Rachel Chamness & Olivia Paige

I have been a healer for many years and the more I learn and expand my healing abilities through courses, self-study and through my relationship with my spirit team, I have often wondered are there any similarities to the light work my students & I do, and what shamans do.  Are we— in some way— Shamans? Further in this article, I will discuss the similarities & differences between being a shaman, an energy healer, and a multidimensional healer.

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3 Types of Healers: Multidimensional, Energy Healer, & Shaman

Multidimensional Healer

A Multidimensional Healer is a healer who uses universal energy, intention, and consciousness, and multidimensionality to connect with higher dimensional & vibrational states of being. The purpose of raising their client’s vibration is to match the higher vibrational state of consciousness.  They help integrate their clients’ energies with higher vibrational energies of consciousness, self- awareness and understanding. 

A Multidimensional Healer travels to other realms where the soul is— and has been— to heal the client in more than one dimension, at a soul level. They can bring the client in touch with Multidimensional Higher Light Beings for messages, and connect them more fully to their Higher Self. The goal is to help the client transform their own energy and help them maintain the higher vibration.

Energy Healer

An Energy Healer is a healer who uses intention, attunements, and symbols to transfer Universal energy of the highest light and good into their client. The purpose is to transform their client’s energy to be more balanced and clear.  They help to raise the vibration of their client to help bring energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual homeostasis.

Energy Healers may use their own energy or light, Reiki, Light Language, Sound Healing Tools, or other types of energy work.


A Shaman uses altered states of consciousness such as Journeying to other dimensions or planes of existence to connect with spirit and find ways to help their client heal on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical, and Spiritual level. A Shaman is a medium and astral traveler, connecting the seen world with the unseen world.

Shamans can sometimes be primarily associated with being the healer within a small community or tribe, but today there are shamans all over the world. Note: There are shamans in many different cultures, and in the English language, Shaman is the word we use. I do not believe this is Cultural Appropriation because Shamanism, as I define it in this article, comes from Spirit as a gift or learned technique. I am not speaking of any one culture, but of those who bridge the unseen world to the seen world.

From, and I agree:
One of the problems with the western mind’s ability to understand getting permission, comes in some ways from our materialism. We are used to being able to buy something, or make a story about it, or copy it into a new form and do not think of that as having its own power or that the original object should be honored.

However, I think for shamanic practitioners in the US, a deeper issue is our own feelings of authenticity. For some reason, there are many people who feel that they have to belong to a traditional cultural practice of shamanism to be authentic. It seems to me, the crux of the matter is whether you believe in the power of the spirit world. Do you actually believe it is real? Do you actually believe you can receive valid instruction from it? Are you willing to take the risk of learning directly from the spirit world without the safety blanket of rules from someone else?

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Differences between the three types of Healers: Multidimensional, Shaman, & Energy Healer

The difference between all three is the title and ultimately has to do with the training the individual healer has received.  Some people channel universal energy into their client to raise their vibration and consciousness, others channel universal energy and remove attachments, trapped emotions, implants, past life trauma. Some can rewrite the souls Akashic record and bring the soul back to the highest state of being while in physical form. 

Some do this using a pendulum, their voice, intention, laying on hands healing, mediumship, bringing in light codes, journeying or with the help of light beings who exist in higher dimensions and levels of consciousness or a combination of all techniques. 

Some healers have a specialty— such as plant medicine, soul retrieval, working with Angels, chakra balancing, removing entities or past life trauma.  Some healers like to combine a variety of abilities.  Each healer will have their own way of performing the healing work they provide.  A healer may have been trained to do a certain healing process— but have been guided to do it differently through divine intervention.

A big difference between a shaman and other energy healers is that a shaman typically receives training to be able to work with energy, chakras, removing attachments & souls, soul retrieval and releasing past life trauma.  Not all other types of energy healers receive this type of training, but some do. 

I am very fortunate to have received training in many ways to facilitate healing for my client very similar to being a shaman— some was taught to me by humans and some was taught to me by my Spirit Guides and other Light Beings.

I teach my students these extra ways to help their clients in my Psychic Reiki Healing & Mediumship Courses. It used to be that Reiki students learned how to channel energy into their clients and receive attunements only, but more and more Reiki teachers are now teaching extra healing techniques so, the new healer can better serve their clients. I love to teach all that I know in my courses so that Lightworkers can further their work. Much of what I learned through Light Beings is also in my TAG Lightworkers Membership Group— extra energy modality attunements and other techniques I have been shown through the course of channeling all the offers in TAG.

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Different Healing Techniques


Going on a journey in shamanism is connecting with other realms, dimensions, or states of consciousness that requires the person to connect with these energies.  In some cultures, a shaman will use a drum, rattle or plant medicine to connect with and explore these other states of consciousness, to find answers for what can be done for their client to help them heal and to commune with spirit.  It’s like a deep meditation or trance state of being.  This is how many shamans start their healing work.  Other healers might connect to other dimensions and states of consciousness through intention, mediumship, daily practice in connecting with spirit, meditation, automatic writing, using their clairvoyance or other Clairs.


Chakras are energy centers in the body.  Everything is energy (link article related to this section) including our bodies.  We have many chakras throughout our body, but typically people talk about the seven main third dimensional chakras, the 4th dimensional High Heart Chakra, and the five main fifth dimensional chakras.  Each of these main thirteen chakras have their own association with certain body parts, emotions, color, and an energy theme.

When a person is holding onto grief or pain from trauma that occurred in this life or in past lives, it can cause our chakras to get out of balance.  When this happens the energy of your physical body can become disrupted and create dis-ease in the body, physical pain and discomfort.  Going to a healer who knows how to work with energy can bring balance to your chakras and overall state of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

Chakras can be cleared with Reiki, Light Language or Sound Healing, and other energy modalities. I find they clear more quickly with sound healing and Light Language in any form.

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Attachments & Implants

A psychic attachment can be in the form of a soul or entity that has attached itself to you.  It can also be trapped emotions or thought patterns manifested into a form of swirling energy.  When there is a soul or entity attached— it feeds on your vital force energy and tries to keep you in a low vibrational state.  The trapped emotions will do the same and create energetic blocks throughout your body system. Read more about attachments here.

Psychic implants are tiny hardware, devices, seeds, eggs, or implants in the etheric field or in your auric field. They can come from imprinting or programming from media or abusive people in your life. They can also come in the form of a limiting belief, a thought or feeling that you have been programmed to believe is true for yourself. They can be like an energetic microchip that has been placed in you by a lower vibrational energy or entity.  Depending on the healers training, a healer can remove these attachments and implants and replace them with love and light. Read more about psychic implants here.

Soul Retrieval

It is believed by many healers that our souls have lived other lives, in other bodies on planet Earth, on other planets and in other dimensions simultaneously or in the past.  With this belief comes the belief that there can be trauma from our present life and past lives that have caused a person to detach from this part of their soul— leaving their soul with missing pieces of itself. 

Where do these pieces end up?  It’s believed they are energy that has become lost in the ether, or it can attach itself to another person or situation.  During a soul retrieval you find the trauma, clear the negativity from the soul’s memory, but leave intact the soul lesson, you then retrieve and call back the piece of soul that has been lost. 

Sometimes there can be several pieces of soul missing.  The more you can retrieve pieces of your soul, the more access you have to vital force energy.  Vital force energy is the energy from which you came from, vital force energy feeds your soul’s ability to recharge and provides your body the ability to function.  Having access to vital force energy is vital for your soul’s existence.

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Similarities of the Three Types of Healers

The similarities between the three is that they all work with energy, they all are trying to raise the vibration of their client and they are all accessing information from higher states of awareness, consciousness, and vibrations.  They all go through training either from someone else or spirit led, they all work with chakras and universal life force energy.  Most importantly they all have a desire to help others heal and to be of service to others.

So are Multidimensional Healers Shamans?

From all the training I have been through, the communication with spirit, and my own experiences, I believe yes— a healer that journeys through multidimensional channels— whether it is alternate lives or planes, past lives, other universes or places— is a Journeyman or Shaman.

I believe shaman was the label given to the person who was the healer within a small community.  It could be argued that a shaman has a more well-rounded training and understanding of energy medicine, but what I think really matters, is what the healer was taught and what their abilities are as a healer. 

Though we may not call ourselves Shamen, we are Journeymen (and Journeywomen?) who travel through time and space to heal our clients and ourselves. We cross the bridge from the unseen and bring that knowledge and healing to the seen— our 3D reality. I do this with Liquid Reiki Sound Healing and Mediumship.

If you want to learn all these techniques that I use and become a multidimensional healer, I teach them in my Accelerated Channeling Mastery Program and my Psychic Reiki Healing Attunement Courses. I’d love to connect you to those teachings and teach you to follow your own Light Path in this life. if you are already attuned to Reiki, feel free to contact me to learn how to access these additional Reiki teachings.

Update 2022: My Spirit Guides have insisted that my Liquid Reiki Sound Healing and the training I give to teach others how to use it is, in fact, Shamanic and have pushed me to change the name to Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing, and to teach this as well.. so there you have it. I do feel I “walk between worlds” in multidimensional healing and am so grateful my Spirit Guides have led me on this path. I’d love to hear what you think of this article in the comments!


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