Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

by Olivia Page & Rachel Chamness

Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

I absolutely love to use Solfeggio Frequencies for Sound Healing. I have a great set of solfeggio tuning forks by Jonathan Goldman that I use regularly, in client sessions, and in many practices of my sound healing. In this article, I’d like to teach you a bit about how Solfeggio Frequencies work for healing the body.

In the video above, you can watch as I give a short overview of how to become a Sound Healer very simply with instruments. I also explain how to use tuning forks in general. I’d like to expand on this about sound healing in general and the remarkable healing power of Solfeggio Frequencies.

Solfeggio tuning forks image

Sound Healing and Energy

All “matter” is made of energy.  Matter or energy starts at the particle level.  I want to start by explaining the connection.

Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons are particles of energy that are too tiny to even be seen with the most powerful microscope.  These particles bond together to create atoms— which bond together to create molecules— which bond together to create cells— which bond together to create what we know as matter, such as our bodies, and the chair you are sitting on.  For the bonding to occur, there has to be an exchange of energy to take place, such as one atom or molecule gaining an electron. 

Sound Waves Heal: How Energy Works

Everything is energy and everything has its own frequency, even our thoughts and feelings.  Even photons are tiny particles that are measured by their light or electromagnetic energy that interact with matter.  Some examples would be the road absorbing the sun’s rays, and it now can put off heat because of the extra “energy” the pavement absorbed.  Another example is when you get an energy healing like Reiki or Sound Healing, you are absorbing those frequencies of energy; which can in turn change the frequency that your body resonates at, thus raising your vibration. 

Energy can be described as frequency or wavelength.  Frequency is measured in hertz and wavelengths are measured in meters.  Frequency is the measurement of occurrences during one event.  For example, the common house electrical supply in the United States is at 60 hertz, meaning the current changes direction or polarity 120 times, or 60 cycles, in a second.  The wavelength is the distance between the occurrences.  

Solfeggio Tones for Healing

Acoustic Waves & Solfeggio Frequencies

Because in this article I am talking about solfeggio frequencies, we are really referring to acoustic waves.  Acoustic waves are frequencies that can be heard or felt.  Putting the pieces together, we can see that because everything is energy, it has a frequency, and that frequency can be measured.   Sound has a frequency that can be heard or felt and because sound is technically an energy exchange between two objects or people, listening to certain sounds can affect the body in different ways.

Solfeggio numerology image

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

The solfeggio frequencies are the original scale of frequencies that was created to promote the healing of mind, body, and soul.  Solfeggio frequencies are a specific scale of tones. The scale at which music is created today follows the diatonic scale.  These two scales are different and have very different frequencies.  The “C” note we know today is 512 Hz, whereas the original “C” from the solfeggio scale has a hertz of 528.  

The difference may seem small but it’s enough of a difference to affect the mind, body, and soul in very different ways.  The solfeggio tones are based on the standard Verdi tuning of instruments to 432 hz which promotes peace, harmony, and even the slowing of the heart rate.

Original Solfeggio Scale

The original Solfeggio scale included six ascending tones UT, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA.  Today there are seven ascending tones DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI.  The syllables used for the scale were taken from a hymn from Saint John the Baptist.  These tones affect the subconscious mind to promote healing, energetic balance, higher spiritual awareness & connections, and transformation.  Each tone has its own frequency and is associated with a specific color and chakra.

Solfeggio 396 hz

UT = 396 hz, transforms grief to joy and eliminates fear.  It is associated with the color red and the Root chakra. This frequency can help you release blocks that are keeping you from following your dreams. This is also a great frequency for releasing anxiety. Listen to 396 hz fork with a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing for Anxiety here.

Solfeggio 417 hz

RE = 417 hz, helps one transmute changes and challenges.  It is associated with the color orange and the sacral chakra. This frequency can remove negative energy from the body or space, and it can help you release and transform trauma. It is a powerful facilitator of change and transmutation.

Solfeggio 528 hz

MI = 528 hz, promotes miracles, and repairs DNA.  It is associated with the color yellow and the Solar plexus chakra.  Probably the most well-known solfeggio tone because of its connection to the heart, it is well known as the “love frequency”.

Because of its ability to repair DNA, this frequency can create healing for all of the chakras— especially the heart chakra. This frequency is also wonderfully used to reduce stress all over the body, and has even been proven to reduce hangovers!

Solfeggio 639 hz

FA = 639 hz, creates a deeper connection to your Higher Self and helps promote harmonious relationships of all kinds in your life.  It is associated with the color green and the heart chakra. This frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance, and love.

Solfeggio 741 hz

SO = 741 hz, helps you express your true self in healthy ways, helps you uncover solutions, is a powerful detoxifier, and can help you awaken intuition.  It is associated with the color blue and the throat chakra. 

This frequency can assist with communication, balance the throat chakra, and help cleanse and detoxify your physical environment as well as your body itself.

Solfeggio 852 hz

LA = 852 hz, brings positive thoughts, promotes intuition, and creates a deeper spiritual connection.  It is associated with the color indigo and the third eye chakra.

This frequency can transform negative thoughts and patterns into positive ones, making it ideal for dispelling fear and anxiety and connecting to higher consciousness. It can help release over-thinking and promote inner knowledge, as well.

Solfeggio sound healing image

More Solfeggio Frequencies

More solfeggio tones have been discovered for healing such as 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 432 Hz, and 963 Hz. I use all ten of these solfeggio tones in my sound healing and have a tuning fork for each one.

Solfeggio 174 hz

174 hz, reduces physical and emotional pain, promotes healing in the body and auric field, releases stress, and can help you concentrate. This is a proven solfeggio tone that helps you heal faster! It is often called an anesthetic tone and is very powerful. Listen to 174 hz here and here.

Solfeggio 285 hz

285 hz, restructures & rebuilds damaged tissues & organs. Promotes healing of emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wounds, and grounds your energy. Listen to 285 hz fork here— includes healing for wounds.

Solfeggio 432 hz – a debatable but excellent solfeggio tone

432 hz is debated as a solfeggio frequency, but I believe it is rather useful. I use it often in conjunction with 528 hz for healing. It helps balance both sides of the brain, brings in Christ Light for divine male and female energies to be balanced within, and helps increase creativity and intuition.

432 hz also is a great tone for balancing the Third Eye Chakra. It is the frequency of the most ascended tuning of the musical note A, which is well-known to have a connection with the Third Eye Chakra. While you can use the frequency of any tuning of the musical note of A to clear and open the third eye chakra, this 432 hz will be the most effective.

Solfeggio 963 hz

963 hz, helps you remember that all things are connected, and matter to spirit.  This tone is associated with the crown chakra and the color of pure white light. It can help return you to connection to Source, and enable “cellular enlightenment”. It activates the Pineal Gland and raises your vibration.

How to use Solfeggio for Sound Healing

Now that you understand how each solfeggio tone works, you can use them on yourself in many ways. You can play solfeggio healing tones in videos you may find or downloaded music, you could buy a tuning fork or bowl set that can resonate the frequencies, you can have a session with someone who uses these frequencies in healing, or you can find the tone and sing it yourself to use for healing yourself or others. I’d love to hear in the comments if you use solfeggio frequencies, and how you use them!!

Nikola Tesla image
Nikola Tesla

Solfeggio, Sound Healing, and Intention

If you notice each of the above solfeggio frequencies can be reduced to the number 3, 6, or 9.  Nikola Tesla once said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Sound is a powerful healing tool, especially when you are using your voice for pure intention.  Setting intentions before using sound for healing is a great way to promote the healing you are interested in.  As stated earlier, everything is energy, even your thoughts and feelings— so setting the intention to promote self-love will allow the tones being used to incorporate the frequency of self-love in the frequency already being used.  

The concept is very similar to Dr. Emoto’s research which showed that specific words talked into water created different water crystals.  Positive words such as love & gratitude created beautiful harmonious geometric crystals while negative words such as hate or unworthy created water crystals that were not balanced or harmonious.  

Dr Emoto water crystals love image

Conclusion: Mindfulness

We now know that there is an energy exchange between all things.  With this knowledge, it’s important to remember that every thought, feeling, and action you have affects the world around you, and learning to be mindful of these things can help you create a more desirable reality.  

Because we are all connected and everything is energy we are affected by the world around us in ways that we as humans are just starting to understand.  Listening to solfeggio frequencies can help you to feel better in your mind and body and help you feel more connected to all things and the wonderful world of spiritual awareness.

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