Divine Masculine Abundance Masterclass with Odin, Yeshua, and Melchizedek

💸 What is Divine Abundance? How does it line up with Divine Masculinity? How can we align with Personal Sovereignty in our everyday lives? How do we reorder our thinking to attract presence and abundance?

This month in my TAG Membership Group, we explored Masculine Divinity and what it has to do with Abundance. I am trance channeling Odin and Yeshua (aka Jesus of the Christ) and also Melchizedek also comes in. The first few questions and answers are written here, but watch the whole video above for the entire Masterclass. I really loved this one and will be doing more free style trance channeling with less question structure, like this one, whenever possible!

Definition of Source, as Odin and others will use it here— and how I use it as well— can be God, The Universe, All that Is. The Source of all that is. I hope that helps.

Abundance image

1. What is divine abundance? What does divine masculinity have to do with abundance?

Odin: Divine abundance is the knowing of the self. The power of knowing the self and knowing your connection with Source is total and complete. 

That you are cradled in the hands of Source and all is abundantly given. 

This does not come from physical power or power over others, but simply power over the self. This comes from knowing the self as a divine being and knowing yourself as your Higher Self, your Soul, and knowing that is always there. Being grounded into this feeling of knowingness is what divine masculinity is when it comes to abundance.

Rachel: I want to ask him what divine masculinity is because that seems to be what divine abundance is- let’s ask him about divine masculinity.

Odin: Divine masculinity is simply bringing through divine protection, grounding and care for those in your family or soul unit. Caring for others, supporting them, helping them come to find their soul purpose and following your own soul purpose as well.

Being deeply aware of what is happening by being deeply rooted into Source and your Higher Self. From this position— abundance is assured. You are abundant in every way when you are fully connected to Source. When you are fully connected to Source you are able to bring through what is needed such as divine protection for those that need it or a trusted ear bringing through spiritual messages. 

Galactic Yeshua / Jesus Image
Yeshua / Jesus of the Christ Light

Yeshua: Divine abundance is knowing that there is always a stream or flow for all that you need or want. The only thing that stops the flow is thoughts or learnings that are not of the highest good or that bring lower vibrational feelings. These are things that have been taught to you for Earth is a place of great deception and there are many truths that you may hold dear that are not actually truths.

That is one of my teachings I brought through— especially for my “disciples”— those that followed me and were part of my brethren everyday. There is much that you don’t know that I did bring through for Earth. 

Yes, Earth is not my beginning because I come from Source. I have been many beings and of course I am well known on this Earth as Jesus of the Christ or Yeshua.

Abundance is everywhere and it is always growing and blooming. Abundance is a way for you to understand if you are truly connected to Source or maybe not as connected as you should be. The answer is always to connect to Source— to bring yourself back to the present moment. 

On your planet, abundance is to barter in cash. So, that is what we will speak about— but of course there is abundance in many other places such as love, family, or monetary things that you enjoy.

It is a beautiful part of the 3D life to surround yourself with things that make you happy; i.e. a home, a book, a garden, etc.
That is also a type of abundance and if you have a resistance to that— it is time to release all of that. 

This teaching of the flow of divine abundance is higher than the abundance teachings that you have learned such as those that we have brought through before in this group of TAG. We will not re-discuss these problems that can keep you from abundance because it is already in the archives. Instead we want to talk about the fact that it is a great flow of energy just like the flow of Source— it is actually the same.

How does divine abundance work with divine masculine energy?

Many of the spiritual community have an aversion to money and shun money because it is a 3D manifest. It is a form of slavery on your planet— but it also is a symbol of barter and the symbol that you use. So while you wish to go to a different type of life without a currency that is controlled by banks or large corporations— that is totally understandable— but you mustn’t shun it— if you wish to have it. 

It is only another spiritual way, again, to show you whether you are in line with spirit or not. So when it is scarce, it is time to look at what is causing you to not be completely aligned with Source. 

The divine masculinity and divine abundance comes together because with great resources is great power to help others. Not just for yourself but others. That is the part of abundance that we are focusing on— the Divine Masculine Abundance. Where everyone has this masculine energy in their body. 

The energy of protection, of helping. Women— who mothers often call this the “momma bear” — the protection. Also, it is very providing. Often women provide for their families just as men do— it is not about your gender or identity. It is a knowing that all is provided for by Source. That everything that you have and that comes to you comes from Source. Even if it given to you by another, even if it is provided for, or if it is free. 

Even if it seems to come out of nowhere. Even you have to work very hard for it. It doesn’t matter how it is achieved.
The way that it is achieved might depend on the way you believe it must be achieved, through the means of the way you have done it. If you believe you must work harder than you ever have to achieve great abundance, then that is how you will achieve it or maybe it is unachievable. 

What you must learn is that it is already there.
What you must learn is that you must just open yourself to it.

This was a great deal of what I tried to teach on Earth. Open yourself. You are a part of a great Source. You are a part of God, as you wish. You are a part of it all.

Let it flow through you with an open heart. Have great intentions for what you will use your great abundance for, for I know that you a great lightworker, if you are watching. You have many plans to improve your life and the life if your family. To improve the life of those whom you love and improve the lives of others that you meet in your work and travels. And so the great divine abundance is open to you always and you may channel it. 

Odin Divine Abundance Image
Odin, the Allfather

Rachel: Okay, that makes me understand it more. Let’s bring Odin back in and we want to know about how to find personal sovereignty in our everyday lives.

Odin: Personal sovereignty-it has many layers. I want to speak first to your greatest audience, the lightworkers who watch.
Lightworkers need to understand their personal sovereignty comes from within.

You are in touch with your [Spirit] Guides and your helpers— or at least in touch with your intuition and knowing which comes from those guides, helpers and from Source. You are trusting that ability in knowing how to go very deep and receive your knowing. Whether you call it claircognizance or you call it connection to Source, this is great within you. If you feel that you are not at this level, this also applies to you— for you do have intuition that you can tap into. And when you learn more about what that intuition is, you will learn about how you are a lightworker. 

All who ascend are lightworkers. All who are working towards ascension are lightworkers. Whether they have come to a point where they feel that they can work at this level or not. So it is important for those at all levels. 

You have a knowing and it is this knowing that is your personal sovereignty. 

You are not led easily by what you watch and hear, but instead you weigh it with your own knowing. You weigh it with your own Guides and you decide whether it is true for you or not. You are not blindly following. That is not what you do.

Do you agree? If you do not agree then it is time to come more fully into this sovereignty for it is very important that you do.

Take a deep breath and be fully grounded into the earth. 

Fully connect to Source and think about what you have learned today in this master class and decide what is true for you and what resonates with you. 

Though you may love and admire us, we have not come to tell you what to do.  We have come to give you these ideas and these teachings. 

You decide. That is your personal sovereignty.

Rachel: I say that all the time. You know, I am not a guru. I don’t call myself that. You don’t need a guru. You  have your personal sovereignty and you can decide what is true for you and what is not. 

If you take some things that I say and they mean something to you— that’s fantastic. That is what I am trying to do, is to bring through a pure channeled message so that you can decide what is right for you. There won’t be anyone out here, I think, who will agree with me 100 percent or maybe only my closest soul family will agree with me 100% or 90%. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have information that you can benefit from.

I listen to many really remarkable mediums and I don’t agree with everything because it’s not all true for me. There are many timelines and we are not all on the same timeline and we are not all on the same timeline.

Now, I do believe that in TAG Lightworkers especially where we are a soul group, that we really are on the same path and that a lot will resonate. 

But, you can’t just make a decision that everything will resonate and you’re writing it down to be forever. You are writing it down, sure, or you’re listening and you are deciding— does this work for me. You’re studying the words maybe and considering— does that work for me? Does that bring something else forward for me?

It’s sometimes the beginning of a conversation between you and your Spirit Guides or between yourself and your Higher Self or you thinking with Gaia out in nature and deciding what resonates.

That’s really how I would also describe personal sovereignty.

Want to hear more? Listen to the video at the top of this Blog! Melchizedek also joins in at the end.

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  1. Tenggerion

    I truly appreciate that you channeled Odin, one of the Allfathers that are underlooked. More Allfathers, sky fathers channelings for divine masculinity, please. Why people focus on Yeshua and Mary so much? There are very wise masters on the planet besides them.

    A very interesting, hot and important topics covered here. Even the energy dominant in the entire conversation is deeply healing. Thanks a lot.

    • Rachel Chamness

      I love to channel all the Ascended Masters! Thank you for posting!


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