Full Guide to Understanding Psychic Implants

Psychic Implants: What are they?

Answering the following questions about Psychic Implants:

🔵 Are psychic implants 3D? Can you touch psychic implants or are they psychic/energy/from a different dimension?

🔵 What do psychic implants look like?

🔵 Why would you have a psychic implant and who would give one to you?

🔵 Why are psychic implants they implanted? 

🔵 How are psychic implants attached to a person’s energy field? 

🔵 What do you do if you feel like you might have a psychic implant?

🔵 How can someone get rid of a psychic implant? Can you remove them?

All About Psychic Implants

What are Psychic implants?

What are these Psychic Implants in the first place? Psychic implants are tiny hardware, devices, seeds, eggs, or implants in the etheric field or in your auric field. 

Are Psychic Implants 3D image
Are Psychic Implants 3D?

Are psychic implants 3D? Can you see or touch them?

The answer is YES- with your clairs open, you can feel, see, or sense psychic implants in a session! I teach my students how to remove them in my Reiki 2 class. But they aren’t always 3D or even in this realm entirely. Some could be 3D -although I don’t see them physically come out when I psychically remove them. Most are 4D… so you are removing them but won’t see them appear.

I feel that Reiki healing and the opening of your psychic clairs as a Lightworker fit together. I teach them together in my Reiki courses, or you can learn psychic mediumship in a different course I teach, Trance Channel Mediumship. Once you are open to Reiki, though, you start to work with your psychic gifts, you’ll be able to do more with your clairs, like being able to identify and remove psychic implants with psychic surgery.

What do psychic implants look like?

Sometimes psychic implants look like a tiny device or tiny implants. They can look like a group of microchips. They can look like parasites or eggs.

I believe that they are there in the 3D, a lot of times, and I’m seeing them—maybe larger than they really are because I am looking at them with my clairvoyance, which makes them stand out a little more. For me, it’s like seeing an implant in someone’s energy field— seeing them a little bit larger than they really are so that I notice and remove them from the person’s energy field, which will remove them physically.

psychic implants brain image

Why would you have a psychic implant and who would give one to you?

First of all, not just psychic implants but ANY kind of hardware, device, or seed that’s in your etheric field that you didn’t put there for any purpose* is a put there maliciously. Implants are put there to keep you from living in your highest vibration, to keep you from using your gifts, or to keep you in the 3D world.

They can prolong physical pain or negative thoughts. They can keep you docile, so you follow and obey what you are told to do. Those are some of the effects you might have from a psychic implant.

If you’re trying to open your gifts or increase your abilities as a Lightworker, then you might get an implant from something/someone who is trying to keep you from doing that. That might sound wild, but that is that I am seeing it a little more often now.

*Sometimes we do put implants in our own body for good reasons, to help us navigate this 3D world, or to communicate with our Star Families.

Psychic Implants in Energy Field image

How are psychic implants attached to a person’s energy field?

Implants are attached to a person during a psychic attack. Basically, you’ll be a target if you are bright light. If you are reading this, you are likely a Lightworker who is working opening your clairs or your clairs are wide open.

Do you know how to shield yourself or how to protect yourself from any sort of psychic attack? I’m hoping that, as a Lighworker, you do. If you do not, then you are really vulnerable to implants and psychic attacks. Even if you’re really good at protection and shielding, you can still get implants. I remove them from people all the time—not just beginners, but advanced light workers as well.

Implants can also be associated with psychological warfare, like imprinting or programming. What does that mean? All the news, no matter what slant news you watch, are sharing these repetitive phrases, like, we’re all in this together. They say it over and over again, and soon people are saying it too. After a while, the message is imprinted.

You can also get implants from pharmaceuticals, whether they’re injected or they are in an IV. Even those you take them orally or prescription medicines can cause implants.

I understand sometimes you have to take your meds. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t or that you should avoid taking medication you need. You may just have to get scanned for implants and get them removed more often.

I would try to get off as many pharmaceuticals as you possibly can. Find a naturopath to work with. I’ve personally gotten off of many, many meds in my life by using different natural remedies and working with a naturopath. It’s possible for a lot of people, even if it doesn’t seem that there is a non-medical treatment for their condition. If you do take medication for a chronic illness, please consider going natural going to a naturopath for treatment.

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Reiki Hands with healing light image

What do you do if you have an implant or suspect you may have one?

The best thing to do if you feel like you have a psychic implant or if you feel like you are under psychic attack is to get a session with a psychic healer who can scan your aura for implants and remove them for you.

You might want to consider regular sessions with a Reiki healer or a psychic healer. It’s very important right now, given the current situation in the US and around the world. I’m not just saying that because this is a service I provide. I actually go to another healer in order to get my own aura cleared, because it can be very hard to clear yourself.

 I also take part in a healing exchange with other Lightworkers. I always say Lightworkers need each other.

Implant removal is something I teach in my Reiki 2 classes, and also in my Reiki 2 Refresh video course. I also remove them in both my Energy Clearing Sessions or any of my longer Light Path Healing Sessions/Readings. Even though the Energy Clearing Session is somewhat short, I get to all of your Chakras, Spiritual attachments, psychic implants, energetic cords and clean out anything I possibly can. I will also give you messages that come through while I am working in your energy field, or at the end if there is extra time.

I hope this information about psychic implants was helpful for you. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments below so I can get back to you with an answer.


  1. James

    Can you remove implants without physically seeing the person? Where I live, there are no practitioners who can help.

    • Rachel Chamness

      Hi James, yes with Reiki and mediumship I absolutely can. And I teach these techniques as well.

  2. christina decoeur

    Hi Rachel, where would we start, there are two physical implants/tags on my toes – they were placed there when I was asleep, and I was involuntarily also knocked out so she could place these electrical tags in my toes. They are portals for electricity to harass me 24×7. I need help asap.

    Thank you,

    • Rachel Chamness

      Hi Tina- I can help in a personal session, and I also teach all my techniques in my Psychic Healing Reiki Courses.


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