Trance Channeling at the Highest Level, Meg Heldens

Trance Channeling at the Highest Level

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Rachel Chamness

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March 24, 2021

Trance Channeling at the Highest Level

Rachel Chamness, Trance Channel Medium & Guide

Trance Channeling at the Highest Level, Meg Heldens

As a Trance Channel Medium, I bring forth many beings regularly in what you might call a full body channel.

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Learning to trance channel really changed my life. I realized I could do any kind of healing or retrieve any kind of information, just by channeling the right high vibrational Spirit.

When I first started teaching Trance Channeling Mediumship,

I just started with Level 1, teaching people to channel and connect with their most important Spirit Guides in several different ways. But my students kept asking for more levels, so I eventually made four levels of trance channeling. Meg Heldens is one of my best students, and her trance channeling is incredible. Meg is part of our TAG Team and channels every month for us.

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Meg now teaches the highest level with me: Illumined Trance Channel Mediumship, Level 4.

I asked Meg to write a little about her experience. I’d like to tell you a little of mine with this highest level of Trance Channeling. With Meg’s Sigil to connect with celebrities, I have been regularly talking to beings like Prince, David Bowie, Doris Day, and others. Some I could see before but not hear them. Now I speak with them easily.

Since I’m not a huge fan of talking to the dead on the regular, I asked Spirit to give us a way to turn this ability on or off and added it to the program. BEST. THING. EVER. 

This highest level of Trance Channeling really helps complete the professional Psychic Medium, helping them to channel all types of beings for clients, and complete the highest levels of protection and understanding. It is an honor to teach. 

PS: Meg and I had a past life together in Atlantis where we were cousins.

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Why Trance Channeling?

By Meg Heldens, Trance Channel Medium at Soul Space with Meg

Back in 2018, I was sitting in a hotel room in Vienna looking for answers. I knew I was a sensitive, a psychic, even possibly a Medium, but I had no control. Things would follow me, try to talk to me as I slept, and run through my house.

Everywhere I went I had knocking, things falling off tables

and people avoided me because they knew if they came near me something weird would happen. 

I remember when my grandmother’s brothers (the mother of my mom) in spirit used to hang out in her house the year before she died. I would see them playing cards and hear them laughing.

Furniture would move and she would get nervous. 

We were standing in the kitchen and I saw her brother George make a hush motion and he picked up a tin of cookies and threw it across the room. My grandmother screamed. It took me 30 minutes to convince her that it fell off the table by itself and she imagined it. That look of terror when she looked at me before I convinced her nothing happened solidified my decision to pretend to be normal and boring. 

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I had relatives with the same problem but they drank to dull the sound.

I remember my Dad´s mother telling me an 8 a.m. beer makes the voices go away. My father used to talk to me in his sleep and it definitely was not him talking to me, spirits would call my name and he would talk to me, his eyes open but unseeing. That was really the stuff of nightmares. I had no desire to be a drunk, so I hardly ever drank as that would cause me to see things and get scratched at night.

Back to my story. In 2018, I would often scroll this site called Lightworkers Live Feeds looking for help. This particular night, I was scrolling and I heard a voice I was used to after many years of them refusing to go away say “Stop! There they are!” 

It was a live video of Rachel Chamness and Heather Corbet talking about angel channeling.

I listened and interacted a bit. They both felt very familiar to me. I trusted them right away because I immediately saw the angels around them. False light workers don’t have a light around them. These two had a blinding white light that made me blink. 

From that point on, I worked with both of them on my spiritual journey. From one day to the next it was a massive change and one that would change my life and make my spiritual path gain focus and direction.

Today’s blog is about my journey with Rachel to Trance Channeling Mediumship. This was a long road, but a good one. First I learnt to protect myself and set boundaries. Next I learnt to get sessions and attend meditation to clear my chakras. 

After a month of working with Rachel almost daily, she told me I was meant to be a Medium and it was a gift, but I had to decide if I wanted to do it. Spirit was confused if I was a medium or not; I had the ability but was not willing to do it. I knew I wanted to talk to my own guides but was not sure about the rest. I took Trance Channeling Mediumship, level 1 with Rachel and was able to speak to my guides immediately. 

Ancestor Spirit Guide Trance Channeling  image

I could not quite figure out why I had so many Inner Band Spirit Guides.

Most “regular” folks have 5-6. I had well over 10, if not more. I needed answers, so I did the next level of trance channeling, and it was fascinating. I learnt to tell when a being was of light, and when it was a lurker who just wanted to check out what was going on. 

Sometime during Advanced Trance Channeling Mediumship Level 2, I could suddenly hear my guides in my head and get thought to thought. I would literally hear, “I am Simon, I am Ivan”, etc “please know” or “please tell”…which was very helpful. 

I also learnt exactly how much protection I have. My guards include a massive panther, a knight, as well as Brigid and Freya. I won’t even get into the angels and galactics. People would be shocked if they knew how much protection the universe sends us all.

Trance Channeling with Oracle Cards Image

In Master Trance Channeling Mediumship Level 3, I learnt to pick up oracle cards to talk to angels, fairies, all kinds of beings of light.

I learnt to tell them when I was working and when I wanted to rest. While in the Trance Channeling Courses in Level 2 and 3, I started channelling in TAG which was a great relief to my brain. If I do not channel a few times a month, the pressure builds in my head and I start to feel unwell. 

People started asking me if I would do readings so I started Soul Space with Meg.

My guides decided at this point no more freebies and no more just practicing for fun. They call this an important energetic exchange. But Spirits have started coming to me asking me to give messages for energetic exchanges. This usually means I do something for them and I usually get amazing free stuff. For instance, I won cool stuff in my local lottery and people show up at my house with house plants and all sorts of things I love.

Six months after I started Trance Channeling Mediumship Level 1, celebrities started showing up.

Trance Channeling Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence, then Amy Winehouse showed up first. I was super intimidated, so I just said hi and went on about my day. What a weird day, telling Rachel the lead singer of INXS was singing Mystify in my living room. He wanted help crossing over and I helped him. He visits me when he wants a dose of normal. I find it weird, but whatever. If the world’s hottest human wants to hang out at my house, fine. 

Then when David Bowie sat across from me in a cafe, all bets were off.

Trance Channeling David Bowie Image

I was getting a dead musician every week to talk to me. I discussed this with Rachel and she made an Illumined Master Trance Channel Mediumship Level 4 which was a top level, so I could set up more rules and boundaries, meet guides for each type of being I connect with, and I could show her a few things I learnt like crossing people over the bridge safely and hearing celebrities that have messages for humanity. Rachel and I have different styles but we work well together. I teach part of Illumined Master Trance Channel Mediumship Level 4, and would love to teach more psychic classes.

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This is my journey, I don’t think all four levels are for every single person, we are not all meant to be professional psychics.

It is a privilege and a responsibility you have to decide to accept;

but if you want to start the journey, you should. I will never tell someone what to do with spiritual classes, but can emphatically tell you that Rachel Chamness changed my life for the better. Check out her courses, and if you feel called after starting Trance Channel Mediumship with her, join us for Illumined Master Trance Channel Mediumship Level 4. We are undoubtedly weird but wonderful which is the best way to be.

Thanks for having me and I hope to see you in TAG or Ascension and 5D Daily,



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