Masterclass Goddesses Brigid and Diana

Sacred Portals and Astral Travel

This month— in September TAG Lightworkers, Goddesses Brigid & Diana have come forward to connect. In their offers this month, they invite you to create a bridge to open what they are calling the 4th Eye.

This is for Astral Travel and working with Portals by opening and connecting your 6D Alta Major Chakra to your 5D Time Transcendence Chakra. They will also show you how Portals on Earth work, and how you can use them with Astral Travel, and how to Clear them for helping us get to 5D Earth.

The first part of the TAG monthly group‘s offers each month is always the informative masterclass. Here is where we learn a little about them, and why they have come to help us this month. As always, the TAG Lightworkers membership group is followed by an attunement, manifesting sigil, live readings, and meditation by me and several other visualizations, meditations, attunements, live readings and more by the weekly lives from mediums in TAG Team.

The Masterclass is always free and available here and on Youtube, the third week of the month, and the first week for TAG Lightworker Members.

Below are the first few channeled answers to the questions we ask. You can watch the video for the entire masterclass.

Goddess Diana and Brigid Masterclass Image

1. Where do you originate from?

This question is important for me to ask Diana because when I got the information for this month I got that Diana was coming, I realized that Diana was the Roman name for the Greek goddess Artemis. I had never known this because when I had talked to Diana or Artemis they had presented themselves in very different ways to me. So my biggest question is what is going on with that?? Is the Roman goddess Diana slightly changed and not exactly the same as Artemis and what does that mean? Does that mean there are two different goddesses? I want to know!!

Diana: I am the goddess Diana and I also have been known as the goddess Artemis. However, there is no man or human who has created me for I always have been an energy upon the universe— as all goddesses or gods. We come from Source and are a part of Source, as you are. We always have been. You may call me Artemis or you may call me Diana.

Because I have so often spoken with this medium as Diana I have come this month as Diana, and I have come to show my Artemis side as well. I have come in two forms to this medium. There was a great message in which I imparted to this medium about the moon and how I wish not to be the goddess of your planet’s moon for it is not a true moon, but it is a satellite. I am a goddess of the wild, of the hunt and of wild things, and that is how I wish to be known and that is how I come. 

Rachel: She shows me herself as I see her as Artemis and she shows me Diana and tells me that it is just the difference of looking Roman or Greek.

Brigid: I come from the spark of life which begins all. Yes, this is also known as Source, but it is how I would like to describe where my energy has begun because that is how it began as a thought or manifestation of Source. I became my own entity. My own “Light Being” as you would like me to say. Yet I am still of Source just as you are— for we are all Source and manifestations of Source. You will find Source within you if only you look, feel, and connect. 

2. Where do you exist now? Is there a name, a place, or just a frequency?

Diana: Our frequency is labeled between 12 and 13. We understand that this is the way you label dimensions, density fields or vibrations. To fit into that model we would say that right between the 12th and 13th dimension is where we resonate.

Do we exist anywhere? There is a place in which we sometimes are, which is called Olympus in history. It is a place where we gather. We would like for you to think of it as a meeting place like you would meet together in a Zoom room. Not quite the same— but that is where we would meet for discussion. However, we are just energy from source so we can be anywhere.

Rachel: The question is where do you exist now. I’m going to ask Brigid more about that part. 

Brigid: Yes, I am well associated with Earth and I have been intermingling my vibration or essence within your planet for millennia as has Diana. We are deeply resonated with your planet. We deeply care about your planet and the beings within it, and we do all that we can to help all of you remember that you are from Source and remember your true essence. 

Goddess Brigid and Diana TAG Masterclass Image

3. What is your existence like? What kind of tasks do you perform? Do you work with the leylines or other energies on earth?

Diana: I help those who call on me and I help all the beings of the wild; animals and the like. This is part of my task. I work with animals, mammals and different beings of the sea. Our work includes cleaning, filtering and helping the planet regenerate where we can. This is part of the wild for wherever we can we will grow with the trees and the plant life. We grow and grow and reclaim the wildness that was once your planet. 

Brigid: I do work with the leylines on Earth because I work with many Fae creatures and that is part of our work that we do; clearing ley lines and clearing spaces. This does bring us to the topic which is portals. We also guard portals and work with their energies These are portals to and from Earth that many beings can use to leave Earth to go to another plane of existence, another planet or to come to Earth. This is where we bring new beings to Earth.

Rachel: She shows me Diana bringing in new species of plant life and animals through the portal to Earth. Bringing in Diana to say something about this.

Diana: Yes, this is how we manifest into a third dimensional reality by bringing through these portals into Earth. So new species of amphibians, plants, or animals or fish— they are all coming in through these portals we bring them through. We use these portals ourselves to go to other places or other planes of existence such as where the Fae are especially— for Brigid.

Rachel: For those of you who have been in TAG a long time or have watched the TAG masterclass month of the ELVES, they also talked about portals and how they used them to go to different places or to come to and from Earth. 

4. Do you help other beings besides humans such as elementals or humanoids and in what way?

Brigid: Yes, I am quite known for working with the Fae and I work with many beings. For beings do not need to be humanoid for our help— and we do not distinguish a difference between humanoids and non humanoids as far as importance, for all life has importance. 

Even the shadow or dark have importance in your world— but they do not exist past the fifth dimension or they are not supposed to exist past the fifth dimension. 

This one is asking me about Atlantis and that is a very easy answer. The dimension or frequency began to lower in Atlantis before its fall. It wasn’t quite fifth dimensional at that point. Although many beings there were still vibrating at a fifth dimensional point— the planet itself and the place of Atlantis was not.

Rachel: Oh, well we always have to ask about Atlantis right? We are all fascinated with it! Why are we all fascinated by it? Because every single one of us was there— at least once. Even people that you wouldn’t think of as on the five dimensional life path. Okay, we will ask Diana.

Diana: Yes, of course we work with many, many beings– all types of beings. I help them connect to the wildness inside themselves or to working outside of the box. Humans especially are tied to a linear thinking or community way of thinking and it is very hard to change the thought process outside of normal parameters. This is definitely where I would like to come in and help. 

Goddess Brigid and Diana TAG Masterclass Image

5. Why have you come together this month and what do you have in common?

Brigid: We have come together this month to help you with this exact thing–thinking outside of the box as this medium often says. What that is, is building new neural pathways in your brain where you 3D lovers of practical thinking and scientific research— for what happens is a community gets a certain type of thinking and it becomes a rut for your whole planet— staying inside the lines. As many of you who are listening now, this is not your intention at all but yet you are still programmed and inside programming that has been on your planet for millennia and is impossible to escape.

This programming is starting to become clear especially as it is in a last desperate attempt to bring you into deeper programming. But there is programming everywhere that you look and see— and we would like you to reject this to learn to find that creative spark to help you think outside the lines. To help you understand these ways to think and to do things that exist within you. And one way we would like to show you how to do this is to find portals and to learn how to astral travel. This is what we will be connecting you to this month in the attunement, meditation, and the sigil that is available in TAG [Lightwoerkers]. This is how we will help you in many layers to think outside the box, begin to think outside the lines, and begin to do things completely differently.

Rachel: What I am seeing is- I think of Brigid as like a being who wants to bring in this creativity or to bring in this joyful presence of everyday life. To not forget about why we came into this life. It is a challenge for us to remember that we are not just these bodies. That we have come to this life to do things. That we can do them in joy or we can do them in fear or in pain. It is our choice.

And that’s one of the biggest lessons that we learn as humans here. Can we go through the same life with joy that we could also go through with pain, or with lower frequency thoughts? That’s our biggest challenge. Because we could do every single thing still with joy even if they are hard or they contain shadow work. It doesn’t matter. We can still find joy at the end of the tunnel. We can still release, cry and feel sad and still come around back to finding joy.

We don’t have to live our whole life looking at everything in the negative. We can try for— especially when we are not doing shadow work— looking at things in the positive. Yes, we have lots of tasks to do. Perhaps we’re doing too much as we learned in 2020 and maybe still. Yet we can do it all in joy. We can show them gratitude and that’s really a big lesson.

That’s kind of how I see Brigid and then Diana comes with this out of the box thinking. How to deprogram ourselves. How to get in touch with the wildness inside. So together you can see how this works and I love that they picked portals and astral travel to do this because there is a great deal of thinking outside the box for these two things, so that’s kind of exciting. I am going to ask them some questions about portals and maybe astral travel too.

6. How do you help with Ascension specifically?

Diana: I want you all to know that Ascension is assured and I want you to know that this is not a test that you can fail. Yes, many people won’t be going to Ascension but they never had any plans to go. Many people come to this Earth to be a resistance to fight against and they have no plans of Ascension. And so they won’t hear you and your pleas for understanding Ascension. This is not your task to talk other people into ascending. The planet will ascend and you will ascend. Here you are working on Ascension— and so you will ascend. If something were to happen, well as soon as you pass to the other side— you are ascended.

So you see it is a no fail option. I want you to feel very confident in this, and I want you to relax what you are doing and how you are getting there on your own journey. It could be fast and it could be slow, but as long as you are human on this Earth you have work to do on yourself. Always— You are never beyond working on yourself. I come to you to help you with Ascension with these thoughts and with other thoughts as well. 

As you get higher in the dimensional frequency in which your body will ascend to— so your vibration rising as we get closer to full Ascension— you will find that thinking the way you used to think is not going to work for you anymore. 

That is why I am here.

That is who you can call on— me— to help you resist this linear thinking.
To resist this old thinking and bring in a new way to think up things. 

When you are working your mind around solving a problem, call on me and I will help you in a way which will open your mind more.
This is all part of Ascension.

Brigid: Joy— as I spoke before. Joy and creativity. This is why you call on me. To find joy. To find humor. To find the beautiful parts of life. I send fairies to you when you are needing a reminder of that laughter and joy that fairies bring. I send other fae to you as well.

Sometimes I send animals of your Earth that you can see even more clearly the fairies or fae, and these beings can uplift you. And so can beautiful landscapes of this beautiful planet that you live on. 

Do you ever go outside to look up and say, “It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful today.” and do you need reminders for this? This is where you can call on me.

And yes, this is a part of Ascension. Joy.

Goddess Brigid and Diana TAG Masterclass Image

7. What form do you take or look like?

Diana: For as we have said— we are just formless energy— but yes we will turn ourselves into a humanoid goddess as you expect us to be.
We can easily do this in whatever form resonates with you most and that will be different for all.

When we are called upon for other creatures who are not humanoid— we resemble a pleasing form to them and that is how this works.

It does not matter if you think of me with long black hair or with red hair as this one has seen Diana and Artemis— two sides of myself— for it is a feeling— we are an energy. Just like your soul is an energy.

[Rachel: I think maybe we should replace this question because they always say that! ]

Brigid: Again, I am an energy as well and I would like you to think of me as blooming flowers, green growing vines— beautiful greenery of your planet. 

That is where you will find me, always.

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