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A Cat Healing for You and Your Cat From Bastet

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Rachel Chamness

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February 20, 2021
Bastet Cat Healing

A Cat Healing for You and Your Cat From Bastet

This cat healing & blessing is for you and your cat. I channeled it from Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess. I asked her to give a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing to the collective, and this is what she wanted to bring through.

Bastet was an Egyptian Goddess depicted with a cat head. She was associated with the Eye of Ra, and depicted in several ways involving felines. As you know, cats were highly revered in Egyptian Times. Whether your cat is here or on the other side, this healing is for you.

My healing is called Liquid Reiki Sound Healing. It is a mix of Reiki, Light Language, and Channeling. Since I spent most of my life as a trained singer, these High Vibrational Beings that I channel use mainly singing when they come through me. So this will sound mainly like singing.

Bastet comes with this message as well:

I come to you because you know that the feline is a sacred animal. Perhaps you know that your being [cat] holds the spirit of a high vibrational being who has come here, to this Earth, to help you and to heal you. And it is their duty to do so. And they do use a vibrational frequency, that you know as purring.

And I come to you because you know this truth. That there is always a strong bond. and that your feline is more than a pet. Your feline is a friend and a helper. And so I bless you as well for knowing these truths which are dear to my heart.

Bastet Cat Healing Image

Cat Blessing is inside the video

Watch the video to receive the Blessing for you and your cat. Your cat does not need to be in your arms, or near the video to receive the blessing. Your cat can just be inside the home somewhere. This also applies to you, if your cat has passed on to the other side.

If you want to learn more about Egyptian Goddess Bastet, Isis, and Ma’at, and how they use Sacred Geometry, check out their Channeled Masterclass Here.

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