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A Message from Archangel Ariel, My Master Teacher Guide

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Rachel Chamness

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March 29, 2020

Archangel Ariel gave this message in my 1st Level Trance Channel Course on March 24th. Ariel is my Master Teacher. She also shows another human side of her, who is Ruth (Biblical). 

But this channel is from Ariel in her Angel form.

I come to you now to tell you all 
that a great day is coming
when your concerns of the earth will be over
and we will rejoice together.
In the coming of the new earth,
the meeting with Gaia 
and the transition of your world
to a new vibrational height
where illusions and evil do not exist.
This is coming sooner than you think for
it will roll out in several stages
You have started the first stage
and you are not far from separating
from evil intentions and fear and confusion
We will be moving to the next phase soon enough
And there is nothing to fear
And there is nothing to worry for
It is time for rejoicing 
For breathing deeply
Feeling the present moment more often
And exiting yourself from what you call the rat race
Bringing more quiet time into your life
And bringing down the stress level
And the to-do list for everyone
It is time to go within 
It is time for family and for personal work
and we are all here for you for that —
Every one of your Master Teachers is here
at this time 
very present
This is actually the time that we have been looking forward to so long
So that we can help you in this time 
Bring your gifts forward 
and help you formulate your path in the now
and in the future as well
So much joy on this side and celebration
and if you can feel that and bring your vibration to that level
Even though a part of you will say it 
is not appropriate to rejoice at this time, it is 
It is!
We give you permission for that joy and vibration
No sickness can enter
No harming vibration can enter
And many things that you worry about in your air
cannot enter.

This was a casual channel for my Trance Channel Mediumship class that went so deep, and I wanted to share it!! We have been told this information before but it’s good to hear this confirmation.

If you are interested in learning Trance Channel Mediumship, you can find information about my next class here: Trance Channel Mediumship Class

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